Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Bestiary of 140+ Monsters

Previously I have written posts about creating a wilderness hex crawl and populating it with dungeons. Here are monsters to fill your wilderness with.



Bestiary Excel document

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Descriptions of Terrain Hex Groupings

In my hexcrawls, I name each cluster of similar terrain hexes so that they both gain more character and can be described by entities within the game. If you have a region in your games that is named then it can be discussed in greater detail than just "that forest around town". In my opinion the best way to differentiate two similar regions is by contrast to emphasize how they are distinct. The following tables can be used to swiftly characterize a terrain region, so that your forests can be different.

Further by having all of the terrain in a single region (lets say a forest) be similar you can have a succinct description of its boundaries. Further changes in this description would then be an easy way to communicate to the players the possibility of dynamic or intractable elements. These descriptions should serve to add both vivid imagery and greater intractability to a game.


The trees here 1d6, each one 1d6, and their limbs 1d6

1st 1d6

1are spread out far from one another
2grow tight enough to block your line of sight
3emerge from a thick underbrush
4are the only notable vegetation
5menace from numerous wild angles
6lack folliage and limbs near their base

2nd 1d6

1impossibly tall
2wilted and sagging
3covered in vines
4emerging from gross roots
5primordial by its girth
6seemingly covered in debris

3rd 1d6

1covered in thick and gnarled bark
2skeletally thin loom upwards
3a tumult of bifrucated extensions
4expanding outwards and upwards
5swelling with foliage
6bearing pinecones


The shore here is 1d6 covered by 1d6 the waters 1d6

1st 1d6

1curved expanse
2jagged and sharp
3the result of long stones
4a meandering slope to the water
5little more than menacing cliffs
6windswept inwards

2nd 1d6

1slowly rotting flotsam
2infinity of gray pebbles
3growths of reeds
4half-submerged trees
5eerie fog
6coarse sand

3rd 1d6

2calm and inviting
3clear and glasslike
4clouded and slurried
5expand into the horizon
6filled with fish


The valley here is 1d6 riddled with 1d6 around you 1d6 rise upwards

1st 1d6

1an expanse of now dried and cracked mud
2a elongated bowl of dust
3repeatedly rough and rocky
4a series of muddy slopes
5shallow and winding
6desolate and hot

2nd 1d6

1deep fractures with unseen bottoms
2numerous plants
3fallen rock slides
4shallow crevices half filled with water
5upturned mounds of earth
6exposed bands of stone

3rd 1d6

1steep inclined slopes
2treacherous terrain
3a few decrepit trees
4walls of stone
5half barren knolls
6craggy spires


The fields here 1d8 with 1d8

1st 1d8

1stretch out far into the horizon
2are covered in patches of tall grass
3alternates in shades of green and tan bush
4are little more than expanses of dirt
5repeat in mounds of shrubbery
6are barren and empty
7bear signs of recent flooding
8are little more than gaps between stones

2nd 1d8

1but a few trees casting shade
2moss covering each stones
3nothing shielding the sky above
4the winds howling fiercely
5an occasional tumbleweed
6infinite clouds floating
7clusters of hardwoods in the distance
8jutting expanses of stone skyward


The crags here are 1d8 from here you can see 1d8

1st 1d8

1covered by snow
2laced by numerous switchbacks
3absent foliage other than dense shrubs
4little more than sheer cliffs
5cold and windswept
6half hidden by clouds
7runious amalgams of crumbling stone
8upward stairways bordered by thick trees

2nd 1d8

1far into the horizon
2breathtaking vistas
3little through the haze
4how far removed you are from the ground
5white expanses of cotton like clouds
6a few details of the terrain below
7another summit higher still
8the shadow cast by the peak


The mire here 1d8 the horizon 1d8

1st 1d8

1is covered by swarms of insects
2crumbles rotting above sinking mud
3rises and falls amid sloping mounds
4froths foul and festering underneath
5hides gross sinkholes beneath dark waters
6slowly sinks with each step you take
7desperately clings to your feet
8is half hidden by floating undergrowth

2nd 1d8

1hidden by swaths of ugly trees
2obscured by rising fog
3unchanging as you delve deeper
4secluded from sight
5a repetition of blighted fens
6barely glimpsed through the foliage
7unseen from quagmire
8a distant escape from the grime


The waters before you are 1d6, the water's edge 1d6

1st 1d6

1deep and dark
2clear to the bottom
4full of ripples
5covered y vegetation
6silent and still

2nd 1d6

1overgrown by reeds
2hidden by fog
3rocky and uneven
4beneath numerous trees
5a muddy streak