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Chasing a Blaze in the Northern Sky Session 6 Summary

With an entirely new group of men exploring Jotun’s Tomb, the traveling party of Matthias, Hunzuu, Hurass, Sain, Halthor, Oogi, and Jodah, begin another trek to the crow laden site ready to explore its depts with hopeful accompaniment. To add to their forces, they’ve also gained the company, of three new men. Berehal, Jolly, and Vanus. Yes, with a truly massive group it seems their journey to generate income may lead to something other than pure disappointment. But the party was well aware that for this dream to be a reality, they would need to face the looming fear of descending deeper into this den of skeletal giants, and parasitic monstrosities. None were willing to make that step however, literally finding themselves frozen in fear at the entrance to the floor below, staring at a giant of an insectoid creature floating about in a glass cylinder. With their courage gone before they even began, Hunzuu decided to take initiative, and advanced a few feet into the room. He is now dead after a swarm of ticks descended upon him from the ceiling.

With a fresh corpse giving the party the reassurance that they will no longer be ambushed, they quickly attacked the creatures, scaring them away with their blades and bows, but losing Jodah as well in the process. Soon after, they had discovered the rumored fountain that the armless Hunzuu had so desperately hoped to find in their journey. It was a peculiar structure, with an ape creature fighting a reptilian that had a liquid dripping from its jaws. As foretold, it did in fact have regenerative properties, quickly replacing Sain’s missing eye with a reptilian counterpart, and healing the remaining members. Matthias remained resolute not to fall into the temptations of the fountain however, despite being horribly wounded and cursed with the inability to run away from encounters.
But what are the odds that this could possibly be an issue in the future?

Somewhat recovered, they continued their journey, through countless halls and rooms, finding little of note along the way. Time way running short, and it was only a matter of time before they would need to leave, so with the only noteworthy thing found being a strange lever hidden amongst an alter, they had decided to save said machination for another time, and return to the surface. Unfortunately however, the tomb was determined to claim its new company, as the paths they had explored were cut off from multiple ends by large ape creatures that they were not willing to face. So desperate for a release from the tombs, they went so far as to break down a locked door as one of these great beast watched. To their surprise, it actually worked.

Freed from the beast, they advanced for the surface, but a truly gruesome sight appeared; one final obstacle to ensure they would not leave. It was the band of men that they had met yesterday. Now mangled, shambling corpses, they now marched to the party to have them join their ensemble of death. This poor group of men, so exhausted wanted nothing more than to run from the group, but unfortunately they couldn’t, as there was a certain man in their group who could not run, and leaving him behind would ensure his death. So they fought, and one by one fell to the zombified forces, until only Berehal, Sain, and Jolly remained, dragging the corpses of their former friends away to look what could from their bodies

Session 6 Downtime Events

The second night upon their return to Lestryhonia snow began to fall from the sky. The fourth night the snowfall increased greatly with a cold wind descending over the city. Then as suddenly as it started, the wind ended. Though vegetation attempted to burst through the cold ground, snowbanks grew larger and icicles began to menace from numerous buildings.

Almost dying within the Jotun's Tomb, Matthias spent a great deal of time in veneration of Hodim, Veud, and Vo. He and Halthor enacted ancient ritual under the instruction of the Priests of Ymir.

His spirit heavy with the violence he had seen Sain caroused. He threw silver at wenches and drenched his throat with wine. In his drunkenness he misheard a man insult another as an insult to him and broke his jaw. Blows were exchanged and at the end six men lay feeble and bloodied amid broken jugs of wine and mead.

During his time in Lestryhonia, Berehal was told by Oogi that he had been followed by a pair of men. He kept vigilant for the remainder of his time and seeing them again he attempted to confront them. He strode forward but seeing him approach the duo slipped away into the crowds, disappearing beneath the falling snow.

Traveling through the markets of Lestryhonia, Jolly came across a tattooed man in yellow robes who offered a gamble. Jolly approached and was told the rules of the game, both he and the robed man would pick a number and then two dice would be thrown. The number closest to the sum of the dice would be the winners. Jolly laughed and accepted betting a dagger and won. The Tattooed man scowled and from his bags gave a parcel as his prize. Jolly opened it, finding a vial of poison.

They gained the following rumors:

1) The archer Lugebrai had arrows of pure moonlight which struck his foes dead. When he was slain by his lovers hand he was laid to rest within the depths of Burial Tomb of the Tridobaktrus, his arrows in his arms.
2) On an isle to the north men worship a monstrous being. She has eight hands and five wolves heads snarl from her waist. She stands taller than the trees and rules from a throne of broken ships. She was once the consort of Ytorian emperor but was cursed by the gods to bear a terrible visage.

The Very Canon Adventures of Oogi (Campaign Fan-Fiction Authored by a Player)

The Very Canon Adventures of Oogi

“South west of Giants Drown” said the man, pantomiming the directions. “A right big tower, can’t miss it, made of stone. You’ll find Arkad there, and I bet he can forge that horn into somethin’” Oogi nodded “thank you”, before getting up from the barstool “Hey!” said the man. “I don’t give information away for free you know” “O-of course” replied Oogi, scrambling for his coin pouch “No no no, I aint need your coin, I want that good stuff” Oogi paused for a moment before nodding in understanding, pulling out a waterskin, dripping with a red oily substance. The man snaps his fingers at the bartender. “Gimme a bowl, would ya?” he says. The bartender nods, and returns with haste with a bowl awkwardly carved out of wood, he holds the bowl towards Oogi, who squeezes the waterskin. A crude chili drips out of the tip of the waterskin, into the bowl. The man shudders in anticipation, before reaching for spoon and hastily shoveling the chili down his throat. Oogi observes for a moment, eyes beaming, before stepping away. “WAIT!” shouted the man. “What? What? Can you see I’m trying to leave here, I can’t miss my party going on, probably going to explore the ruins of an ancient king said to tore the earth asunder or something. I gotta be there for it” “You can’t to Arkad. You need something” “Outstanding charisma? Charming personality? I’m sure me and Arkham can make out a deal.” “It’s Arkad, and no...I’ve heard tell you need something valuable” “I have silver” The man shakes his head, chili dripping off his chin. “I can’t claim to know exactly what he wants, but I’m going to take a guess it ain't silver.” “What do you think it is?” “Something valuable, oh HEY” the man says, snapping his fingers. “This stuff is good!” “Yeah yeah I kno-” “No, you don’t understand, we got a thing coming up in Lestryhonia called ‘The Black Pot’, and it’s…” the man pauses before reaching for a cue card, squinting at it. “It’s...non-canon” he says. “The winner receives a huge golden cooking pot lined with jewels! Surely something like that is sure to entice Arkad, the whole gimmick is that you make something in a black cooking pot provided to you by the judges, and the best pot wins. Trust me, just make some of that chunky- “It’s chili” interrupts Oogi “Yeah yeah yeah, make some chappy into the pot and I swear by the Gods you’ll win by a landslide!” Oogi nods. “Thanks for letting me know” “No problem” replies the man “You’ll find some more information on ‘The Black Pot’ on a bulletin”. The man continues to stuff his face as Oogi steps out of the tavern and into Lestryhonia.

~Oogi and The Black Pot~

Oogi steps up to a bulletin and rips off a poster advertising The Black Pot, on it, a crudely drawn picture of a pot lined with jewels. THE BLACK POT DAY FOUR OF SPRING MONTH TWO BE THERE! FREE SAMPLING OF FIVE TIME CHAMPION ‘CRAVEN DEL’LESTHA’S FAMOUS GRUEL (Lestryhonia Market District, 12AM) “Day four of-...that’s tomorrow! I’m going to have to skip tomorrows adventure, I’m sure the team will understand, and when I come back with this golden pot, they’ll be all like ‘wow Oogi you’re actually cool and good!’” Oogi says, folding up the paper... “Why would they call a five time champion a craven?” Oogi gets to work, writing down a list of ingredients. “I’m definitely going to need mushroom powder” he mutters as he shuffles through his notes “Ah, we saw some mushrooms in the tunnels beneath Lestryhonia, very convenient. I definitely have enough beans...could never really have enough though, definitely could enhance the dish with a roux base. Maybe Bark Flour? Meat from the birds in the Tomb of Jotun are a must.” Oogi says as he walks up to a wooden stand with a disinterested looking man slouched behind it. The words “The Black Pot” are neatly engraved on a large sign above the stand. “Hi there” “Hey…” replies the man, unabashedly picking his nose “I’m to sign up for The Black Pot” The man begins to bite his fingernails. “Craven’s in it again this year” he says. “Yeah uh...okay. Well I’d still like to sign up.” The man sits up, revealing his pimpled face and greasy hair. “It’s a waste of time” he says, his voice growing more nasally. “Just give me the damn sign up sheet” The man begins laughing “H-hey! Get a load of this guy! Yondal! Yondal!” “What” groans a deep voice, as a mountainous man steps behind the stand. “Man-tits over here is going to try and beat Craven!” They both let out deep belly laughs. “By the Gods just give me the damn sign up sheet!” Oogi shouts Both men pause, before the scrawny one leans forward. “There is no sign up sheet you fucking idiot. You just show up.” The men erupt into laughter once again “F-fine! I’ll be back here at 12 tomorrow!” “Alright see you then, pork rind” “I’m going to have to pull out all the stops if I want to beat this Craven guy” Oogi mutters as he returns to the tunnels of Lestryhonia to gather mushrooms. He pulls out the map. “Wow, nicely drawn. Whoever drew this is a real artist and is loved by everyone” Oogi’s thoughts were interrupted by the skittering of a giant tick. He pulls out a throwing axe in preparation. The giant tick reveals itself, and in a flash, leaps towards Oogi’s face. Instinctively, Oogi shields his face with his hands. The tick jumps into Oogi’s hands, and it’s twitching legs flailed around searching for a solid place to latch on, it’s teeth biting mindlessly. Oogi grabs it firmly and holds it away from his face. It squirms even more, and in one swift motion, Oogi takes a hand off the tick slams it into a nearby wall, and plunges his throwing axe into the center of tick, blood drips from the wound and onto the blade. “Gods this is easier when you have like, seven human proxies”. The tick spasms a few more times before becoming limp. Lighting a torch, Oogi returns to the place where Dvain was swarmed and killed by rats. His body is no longer there, there are black feathers strewn across the floor and claw marks all over the walls. The rats that plagued the team previously seem to have all been killed. Some kind of monster roams these tunnels. Oogi steps back from the scene and into an intersection. Mushrooms are growing from the cracks and corners of the walls here. He picks them promptly, and exits the tunnels with haste. It’s nearly sunset. “Bark Flour next…” he mutters “The roux should thicken up the chili”. Oogi makes way for the tree where the team discovered eight statues with lilac gems for eyes. He makes it there in the dead of night, rain gently pittering. The bloated corpses which once hung from the tree are now gone. There are claw marks going from the base of the tree to the top. He peels off several pieces of bark from the tree. The rain begins to pour, Oogi takes shelter beneath the tree. “Claw marks again” he mutters. “Maybe something is following the team around…” He quickly jots this idea down. “Whatever the monster is, it’s claws are as fine as knives, and they seem to be extraordinarily large.” He takes a look at his reflection in his throwing axe. Oogi dozes off beneath the tree. He jolts awake during the twilight hours of the morning. The rain has died down. “OH Gods I have to get that bird meat from that tomb!” The grass is tipped with morning dew. He gets up and cracks his back, before heading to the tomb. The sky is clear, and he makes his way east without much incident. “It’s getting close to 12AM.” Oogi mutters, looking at the sky. A pillar of smoke arises, and Oogi notices a campsite near the tomb. “HALT!” shouts a voice. Oogi looks around and sees no one. “H-hello?” A large man steps out of a tent. “Who goes there?” “Uhm...Oogi.” replies Oogi meekly. “Who are you” “We are the Sons of Kronus. We’ve already sent a group of dimwitted adventurers to slay the Magi of the Trepanted Circle, so you’re going to have to-” “Uhm...I’m not here for that, sorry.” The man’s brow furrows. “Why do you wish to enter Jotun’s Tomb?” “Well I was here a few days ago and there is some birds in there, could really use the meat for a meal I’m making for The Black Pot.” “Ah, The Black Pot! You know that’s…” the man takes out a cue card and squints at the text on it. “Non-canon, right?” “Yeah yeah yeah, I know. I’m kind of tight on time here, can I go in.” “I don’t see why not. Gods be with you on your journey.” The man shrugs, and Oogi scoots past the encampment. A crashing sound lances through the tomb as Oogi enters. It sounds like someone chopping wood, suddenly a cracking sound and a slam. Oogi heads southeast, passing the disturbing statue of a giant. There are blood splatters on the walls, and arrows litter the ground. “They really cleaned house…” Oogi says as he steps forward. “Why did you make her cry!?” a familiar voice explodes through the complex. “I better get outta here fast before things take a turn south” Oogi enters the room where the party killed the giant bird. Another bird is there, pecking at the corpse of the old one. Oogi opens the door a crack, the bird spots Oogi and a stream of black vomit flies out of its mouth, to which he closes the door quickly and can hear the splatter of the vomit on the other side. Oogi opens the door again and throws his axe with all his might, it merely glances off the bird and it rushes forward with its talons outstretched. Oogi holds another axe out in from of him and the bird charges into it, it’s talons dig into Oogi’s massive stomach but the axe lodges itself in the birds throat, with a flap of its mighty wings, it retreats. Oogi pulls out his final throwing axe. The bird’s laser focused on Oogi, a blood and black bile swill drip out of it’s throat, along the edge of the axe. Oogi looks down and sees his blood piling up on his shirt. “I’m on a time limit…” “FUCK!” screams a voice from the distance, the sounds of a scuffle echo through the tombs. Time slows as Oogi winds his torso back and releases, like a spring board, throwing the axe with incredible force, and with incredible force it slams against the wall behind the bird, before limply falling to the ground. Black vomit oozes from the cut in its throat, it covers the axe and the bird rears its head up. Oogi ducks and rushes in as a stream of the vomit flies overhead. He grabs the handle of the throwing axe lodged in the birds throat and rips it forward, twisting the head of the bird 180 degrees, and with a satisfying snap, the bird falls to the ground, and blood and vomit being to pool beneath it. Oogi collects his throwing axes and begins to drag the bird out of the complex by its feet. It leaves a trail of blood behind it. “By the power of the almighty lizard queen, I strike thee down!” shouts a voice “W-what the-” Oogi looks around “I’m just leaving! Just leaving…” Oogi picks up the pace. “Lizard queen...lizard queen, I gotta write that down for the party, there’s some crazy stuff in here. I don’t remember those Kronus boys mentioning a lizard queen…” As Oogi exits the complex, he’s greeted by a Son of Kronus. “Greetings!” the man says heartily. Oogi looks up in the sky, the sun is almost in the middle. It’s almost time. “Excellent haul” he says. “You don’t wanna go in there” “We sent warriors in to slay the -” “Magi? Yeah. There’s a lizard queen in there.” “Wha...I’ve never heard tell of such a thing” “Yup. Lizard queen. I may return with my party and assist in the extermination, if your current hirelings happen to perish that is” The Son of Kronus nods “Can you help me out here?” Oogi says as it motions to the bird. “Where do you need the bird?” “I’m taking it to The Black Pot.” “Ah! Me and some boys were going to go there anyway, I’ll be glad to help you out. It’s the only time of year when we get to try Craven Del’Lestha’s gruel.” The man hoists the bird over his back and walks with Oogi. “You’ve got some stones to take on the Craven herself” says the man “Ah, she’s a girl, whats the deal with her? Why do you call her that?” replied Oogi “Well, she calls herself that. Rumor says she was banished from Hils, for what, we can only speculate. Apparently he first name was erased by the curse of a witch, and now she only carries around her family's name as a mark of shame. I can’t really confirm any of this, but she’s a strange old lady. However we appreciate her, whatever she did to get banished, it was a long time ago. She’s helped us enough, and everyone deserves a second chance. Her amazing cooking skills help too.” Oogi nods. “I’m rooting for you, second place I bet” continues the man. “Nothing beats Del’Lestha” “I’m hoping to be a challenge” Oogi and the man return to the stand. “Here for The Black Pot!” announces Oogi. The scrawny man behind the stand shakes his head. “Oh, it’s you again” he scoffs “Didn’t think you’d show. Only a few more moments and we’ll be starting” he points Oogi towards a man giving out large black pots. “Grab one of those and head to the show area. You’ll know when it starts” Oogi nods and he and the Son of Kronus part ways, Oogi grabs a large black pot and carries it and the bird to the show area. It’s a circle, marked with a yellow outline. It’s all dirt, and there are six sets of kindling in a row. “Contestants! Please place your pots on the kindling, and when I sound the horn, you may set it alight and begin cooking! We’ve supplied basic ingredients but anything not there you’ll have to bring! You’ll find your ingredients in a chest next to you!” Oogi places the bird down, and puts the pot on the wood. A few other contestants place their pots down. An old woman hobbles up to the pile of wood next to Oogi and places a black pot down. Her back arched, her nose hooked, she has long frazzled black hair and a large backpack. Her shawl is torn, and her long boney arms seem scarred. “Hey.” says Oogi. The woman ignores him, and waits patiently for the sound of the horn. “Are you...Craven Del’Lestha?” The woman nods, and waves to Oogi. “Good luck” she says, her voice gravely and scratched In the chest, there is a bucket of water, some spices, some bases. It’s general stuff for any kind of stew. Tools too, a mortar and pestle, large wooden spoon, bowl, knife, a torch for lighting the fire among other things. Oogi waits for the horn to be sounded. He looks over to Craven Del’Lestha, who’s as still as a statue. Her backpack wiggles for a moment. “What the-” A horn blasts through the air, Oogi grabs the torch and sets the kindling alight. Pulling out the tree bark he begins to grind it into a fine flour. “You have three hours to present us with a dish! What do you think of the competition Yondal?” says an announcer. “Same old same old, it seems” chimes in another. “I hope they’ve brought something new else Del’Lestha’s gonna sweep the whole thing again!” “We got a newbie this year also! What are your thoughts on him?” “Well I think he’s in for a shock, Toka, Craven is getting right at it, pulling out ingredient after ingredient from her huge backpack! She knows exactly what she’s doing! She’s got a plan! This new contestant looks a little green around the gills if you know what I mean” “I understand completely Yondal, our other contestants are pulling out the usual stops, if newbie doesn’t pull off a miracle I don’t think he stands a chance!” Oogi tosses the newly made flour into the pot along with some butter. He turns around and chops at the bird with an axe, getting a cut of breast, he rips it up further “I don’t know what our new guy has planned but if he’s trying to show up Craven he’s about in for a nasty surprise” “Ignore them Oogi” Oogi mutters to himself, dumping some water into the pot, he begins grinding up the mushrooms in the mortar and pestle. He looks over at Craven who’s working like a machine. He dumps mushroom powder into the mix and adds beans. “He’s making some kind of bean mix! What do you think about that Yondal?” “I can't quite make out what he’s making Toka, but whatever it is, it’s going to have a kick to it, see him add those peppers and tomatoes? Going for a savoury flavor it looks like to me Toka!” “Let’s take a look at Craven and, dear Gods she’s adding mince meat! For all that is holy, who can stop this woman!?” “I can smell it from here Toka, I got a cravin’ for a craven and it look likes Del’Lesthas gonna deliver!” Oogi works up a sweat as the pot beings to boil, he tosses in onions and places a metal sheet on the top of the pot and begins to grill the bird meat on it. “We are only fifteen minutes in and the competition is heating up! But Del’Lesthas unphased! She’s an absolute monster! Our other contestants are at it, Griff’s adding, oh damn is that parsley? Holy fucking shit Yondal it’s parsley” “He better be packing more heat than parsley, Griff, a very consistent contestant. Always in the top three. He always brings his best, always a bridesmaid never a bride though, think that can change Toka?” “Potentially, we don't know what newbies going to bring to the table but he’s unlikely to kick Griff out of his spot, a stubborn guy that one and- oh, OH! Amazing play from Farsoni, he’s adding three sticks of butter! Gods he’s putting his all into it!” Oogi ignores the announcers and the cheers from the crowd to focus on his craft. He grabs a spoon and stirs gently, he scoops his grilled shredded chicken into the mix. Craven puts a lid on her pot. “Goodness gracious it looks like Del’Lestha’s finished adding ingredients!” Only half an hour in and she’s done, she has this down to a science, Yondal, a science!” “I like to think cooking’s a little art, a little science, and a lotta love” “Well said Yondal, well said” “This has to cook for a while so I better hurry up with the ingredients” Oogi mutters as he dumps spice after spice into the mix. He swiftly puts the lid on the pot. “What the- What is this!? Newbies done too! He’s clearly put in the work, he’s put in the practice! Finishing right behind Del’Lestha, can you get me this guys name? This guys amazing, Yondal” “I-...yeah, I just got word in and his name is Booger.” “Amazing job Booger! Our new guy is really showing up the competition with his prep time and planning, our other contestants seem dazed and confused by comparison!” Oogi lifts the pot lid and stirs gently before closing it again. Craven Del’Lestha walks out of the ring. “Dear lord! The absolute disrespect from Craven! She’s walking out like she doesn't even need to be here! Her pot in still in the ring, what do you think she’s heading out for?” “I’ve no idea Toka but honestly I think she has this planned. Maybe she’s off to relax beneath a tree while her gruel wins her the competition, she’s that good, and as long as she returns before the 3 hour mark, she’s still in!” The crowd erupts Oogi eyes Craven as she leaves, her backpack rustles and shutters, Oogi adds a pinch of salt before following her. “Oh- oh and Booger is stepping out too! This is unprecedented! What do you think this means Yondal!” “This is obviously about a message, Toka. Booger came in strong and isn’t going to be shown up easily, but can his bravado alone win The Black Pot!?” Oogi follows Craven behind a building, everything becomes quiet as the shadow of the building encompasses the two. “It’s not polite to stalk, young man” “Where are you going?” asks Oogi “You needn’t know” she says as her backpack wiggles some more, she puts her hands on it. “What is that? What’s going on here!?” “Back away sonny, back to The Black Pot. I’ve got some business to attend to.” she says as she darts into the woods. Oogi trails behind. “Something isn’t right here” he mutters “There’s some kind of bullshittery going on and I’m not about to lose The Black Pot to someone who pulls suspicious tactics…” He heads into the woods, there are black feathers along the ground, its quiet, a gentle breeze sways the branches of the trees. “You shouldn’t have come here, young one” says Del’Lestha, her voice seemingly coming from nowhere. “What is it!? What’s the secret!? What are you trying to pull?” A haggard Craven staggers out from behind a large tree, hands dripping with blood. Her backpack bursts open, huge black raven wings unfold, and a blast of wind swirls around the two. Craven’s hair flies back revealing a wicked smirk, razor sharp claws extend out from her fingers by at least a foot. Oogi snaps his fingers “I knew it! The secret ingredient is people! I knew it!” The wind calms for a moment “Wha-..what? By the Gods no. Criminey” replies the Craven in a cacophony of voices “But...but what about the missing corpses...and the...the claw marks and feather I saw” “I’m looking for something you have, a mystical bone that melts metal. I’ve scoured every place you’ve been to, I’ve looked through every corpse, asked every person you’ve interacted with, Ive-” “Wait...the secret ingredient isn’t people...why do you want that skull” “’s a skull.” “” “I’ve heard enough” announced Del’Lestha, as the winds picked back up. She raises a finger towards Oogi. “Now die!” Hundreds of crows seemingly appear out from behind Del’Lestha and rocket towards Oogi in a swarm of beaks and talons. Suddenly out from the swarm, Craven appears, one claw extended towards Oogis gut as she rushes forward with the winds. Oogi steps to the side and trips as Craven charges past. The crow swarm dissipates, Oogi scrambled up and wields two axes at once, Craven jumps forward and crashes both of her huge clawed hands into the ground, ripping up dirt and grass. Oogi steps back, only evading by a hair, he ratchets back and unleashes a flurry of axe swings, all to which Del’Lestha deflects effortlessly with her massive talons. The Craven’s wings whip up a gust of wind that Oogi gets pushed back by, he digs in his heels. Del’Lestha whips her claws out from the left in an attempt to slice Oogi in twane. Oogi crashes his axe into the claws, and they only barely graze him as they fly by, blood is drawn. Oogi kicks Del’Lestha in the chest, she stumbles back. As she gets her footing back Oogi jumps forward, arms outstretched, axes in both hands. Without a moment of hesitation Del’Lestha swipes away one of the axes, and the other one lodges itself firmly into her face. An ungodly shriek fills the forest as a swarm of crows surrounds Del’Lestha, and she rockets into the sky, a gust of wind pushes Oogi down as Del’Lestha’s giant wings flap in the air. She sails through the air with extreme speeds before disappearing behind the trees of the forest, on the ground, Oogi’s bloodied axe. “W-wait! I still have questions!” Oogi shouts “Why’d you leave the competition!? Why do you want the metal melting horn? Why were you in The Black Pot!? Who are you!?”. The attempts to communicate are fruitless as his shouts echo into the forest, the only thing remaining is blood stains, claw marks on the trees, and a few jet black feathers. Oogi looks directly at you. Yes you, the reader. He’s looking directly at you, and says “Wow, huh, I guess there are some open ended questions that may be resolved if I happen to go on any more wacky adventures during downtime. Maybe there is like a narrative unfolding here, maybe like if I miss our parties adventuring date it isn’t all bad because it furthers my own personal narrative, you know maybe-” A thought enters Oogi’s head. “Oh shit, The Black Pot!” Oogi leaves a trail of blood behind him as he staggers back into the ring. “Booger’s back! But where’s Craven!?” shouts an announcer “I don’t know Toka but she has 15 minutes left until the deadline, her gruel shoulda been stirred more in my opinion! Whatever she left for, it must be important!” “This is the edge of your seat action you get when you pay for a tick-blah blah blah blah” The sound faded out for Oogi, his vision blurry, his hands shaking. He looks under his shirt, the gash Del’Lestha left was deeper than he thought, and blood poured out of it like a crimson waterfall. The sky grew dark as Oogi collapsed onto the ground. … He awakens on a cot, a bandage wrapped around his wounds, caked in dried blood. “Whats going on?” he stammers “Relax, Oogi. You’ll be fine. You’re being tended to by the best apothecaries in Lestryhonia” speaks a soft feminine voice “D-did I win?” “Ahahahahahahaha- No. You threw up in the pot and tipped it over trying to steady yourself and got all your blood in your chili” “Give it a few days, and you should be up and back in action.” “What about Craven? Craven Del’Lestha” “No one knows where she is…” Oogi pause for a moment, before he gets up, and the world tilts. “Sit down, sit down” commands the voice. “Relax for a few days please, these gashes are pretty deep. Where did you get them?” “Del’Lestha turned into a giant bird monster and gouged my stomach with one of her incredibly long and incredibly sharp claws” The woman pauses for a moment. “A few days rest, then you can get back on your adventuring like nothing ever happened, alright hun?” Oogi nods before drifting back to sleep, the dream of a quick payday from The Black Pot shattered. “I guess it’s just back to regular old adventuring”

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Chasing a Blaze in the Northern Sky Session 5 Summary

My players are now writing these summaries.

Despite Jotun's Tomb providing little from their initial visit, the party returns regardless, confident that they'll gain something from another visit. Descending into the unknown is Matthias, Hunzuu, Hurass, Sain, Halthor, Oogi, Jodah, and Aunil. Raiding a Tomb, it's fairly obvious that riches weren't to be stored away in a chest of silver and gemstone. They were to open coffins, desecrate corpses and do whatever we had to for the sake of income. This tomb was quick to show its deceptive nature however, as they found themselves in a room with three beautiful women, naked and chained up, adorned in jewelry and calling out for the aid of a hero. Their vivacious mounds of flesh dancing before the eyes of these men were nearly as tempting as the riches that adorned their necks, yet the party were not so easily fooled and quickly agreed that this was some form of unequivocal trap. All, but one tragically.

Sain, whose blood was quick to rush away from his head, decided to take action. He wanted to help those women, and while the others, true to their nature of being less than empathetic, were willing to let Sain walk alone into danger, Hunzuu decided to accompany his friend into what he was well aware to be a trap. Perhaps Sain would become overtaken by a demon aside from his own lust, or perhaps he'd be dragged away into an endless chasm of darkness almost as deep as the holes that he had wish to enter. Either way, Hunzuu believed someone needed to be there for him, and put it upon himself to accompany him.

He is now missing an arm after they both feel into a pit trap. There was a rumor however of a fountain within this very dungeon that could give a new limb so, Hunzuu did his best to not be deterred.

Unfortunately, they did not find any stations of limb rejuvenation. They didn't even find much in the way of treasure, only gaining a necklace that Aunil inevitably choked to death for after taking in the spores of an undisturbed coffin. But a rare instance of good fortune did grace these men in their struggle. Among the blood sucking parasites and skeleton warriors were a separate group exploring the tombs with plans of slaying "The Magi of the Trepanated Circle", a creature that no one inquired any furthur information about. The party was paid handsomely for a copy of their current map, and with this group having a goal that would have them explore this environment as well, the party began to discuss the possibility of enlisting them for help in the future. Whether or not they will become allies is only a matter of time, but these strangers were told to visit the party in Lestryhonia if they were ever interested in future work.

With what little they gained, they left the tomb through the freezing cold back to town, only barely escaping a less than ideal encounter with a pack of wolves, along the way.

Session 5 Downtime Events

Snow has ceased to fall from the sky above Lestryhonia. Snowbanks melted turning to wide puddles as large clouds spread across the sky disintegrating into thin wisps.

Following his return form the Jotun's Tomb, Jodah was approached by a large man with an ugly scar from below his left eye to his chin. His teeth revealed through the ugly gash, he introduced himself as Konig of Smarad. He claimed to be a potent fighter and offered his services as a warrior among Jodah's band of warriors.

Hunzuu searched for means of regrowing a new arm andwas assured that he could summon forth a terrible spirit and bargain with it for a new arm. He was later approached by men in white masks who introduce themselves as the Annointed of Tepes. They state they have an offer on behalf of King Huhalyn. If Hunzuu and his companions were to secure the swamps west of Lestryhonia ample payment would find itself into their hands.

Obsessed with the idea of turning that wretched horn into a weapon, Oogi searched for those who would be able to assist him. He was informed that that men with their lips stitched tight are the pupils of Ebon Pirithus. In exchange of silver they could possibly arrange a meeting with the Sorcerer himself. Oogi was further told that if he had traveled to the southwest of the Giant's Drown he would find a stone tower standing amid the swamp. The Sorcerer Arkad resides within but those wishing to gain his counsul would need to make valuable offerings.

Not overly perturbed by the past expedition Sain spent most of the week seeking solace. He was approached by a green eye child that placed a dried herb in his hand and in the voice of crows whispered "It will keep you safe from serpents." Sain gains a beneficial herb (remove poson).

They gained the following rumors:

1) A band of brigands, calling themselves the Fishers, make their home hidden amid the swamp west of Lestryhonia
2) The King of the Tridabaktrus was buried with a great deal of treasure.

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Chasing a Blaze in the Northern Sky Session 4 Summary

The murder of Vondi fresh on their mind, they set out towards the east. They are Grok, Cartivel, Matthias, Vondi, Hurass, Berehal and Oogi. They are joined by Hunzuu and Jodah.  Sweat ran down their brow as the sun's rays fell like wayward arrows.

They followed the southern shore of the Giant's Drown eastward and saw hills far in the distance. They continued towards them finding the remains of a stone road. The path of broken stones led into the hills. Flanking either side were collapsed statues of weeping armored warriors roughly three times the height of a man.

They choose to rest at the base of the hills and to the west they spied a group of figures approaching.

Hours pass and the figures arrive and with them the stench of rotten flesh. The first of the figures staggers forward an arrow stuck in his skull and his entrails dragging behind him. The second limps upon a broken leg  a bloody stump rising above his shoulders and ending in only a jaw. The third stumbles in steps, a spear still stuck in his chest, his left arm missing. The fourth limps as well, a pair of arrows visible from his chest and another from his neck. The last of the figures wears a broken helm and drags a axe behind himself.

The party enters melee and suffers no casualties. The walking corpses are dismembered and the party ascends the hill. There they find thirteen cairns, each over 40' tall. Hundreds of crows congregate at top the cairns and watch the men below in silence. The party sees a stone staircase at the base of the largest cairn and light torches and lanterns and descend.

They descend into a massive chamber, its vaulted ceiling over 20' high, bisected by a wide chasm. They choose a passage and head deeper and encounter a familiar sight. Jet-black creatures the size of a dogs appear from the darkness. Each dragging a single proboscis along the ground like an ax. They enter melee spilling the creature's ichor and slay them. Emboldened by their victory they head deeper.

They hear laughter and follow it and instead find an ugly thing. A large vulture with bulging eyes fans it's decrepit wings outwards, black bile drips from its beak and the veins in its neck spasm like dying snakes. Jodah approaches and the vulture vomits black bile upon him. He falls to the ground unable to hear and his companions charge the beast. A spear nails the vulture to the floor and it bled to death.

They continue onward and find a chamber which contains a giant made out of stone kneeling towards the west, a chain extends from its collar to the floor in front of him and his hands nailed together. They pull a lever and encounter a trio of dirty apes each the size of a child. The apes gnash their teeth and holler.

Sain steps forward and throws a dagger, it sinks into the neck of and ape and it dies. The other two apes panic and flee. Sain remarks "Tsk, nothing personal". He retrieves his dagger from the corpse and their torch light fading they return to Lestryhonia.

Session 4 Downtime Events

The hot weather of the previous week has been replaced by repeated snowfall. Men have wrapped themselves up in warm furs as the winter winds run rampant. Icicles have returned to their roosts on many ledges and piles of snow have accumulated around the city of Lestryhonia.

Berehal was approached by a bald man, with a tattoo of a snake above his left eye and missing the pointer and middle fingers of his right hand, who introduced himself as Efialtez. He said he had heard exploits of Berehal and his fellows and he and his fellows wished to join them as a retainers. The pair hung behind Efialtez and were introduced as Onetus and Korydalus. Efialtez stated that they were able men and skilled both in violence and subterfuge.

Oogi sought a means of turning the horn he had into a weapon and was informed that he should seek the aid of Ebon Pirithus, Arkad, or perhaps another Sorcerer. Others said he could call forth one of the greater spirits and bargain with them.

Matthias is inducted by the Temple of Hodim. He is further beset by  by nightmares of blood-lust and violence. He learns he has been cursed with blood-lust and is now unable to offer mercy to combatants and retreat from combat.

Matthias sought to learn the location of Hetun and was approached by a pair of men clad in white masks who introduced themselves as the "Annointed of Tepes". They explained that King Huhalyn would see them well compensated for slaying Hetun and would elevate their leader to be one of his champions.

Returning to Lestryhonia, Jodah was approached by short man with his hair set in two braids who introduced himself as Yerik. Yerik appraised him as a capable man who would not be stricken by fear and told him that he had a task for which he would be compensated. In exchange for bringing him Kordis' ring from the Burial Temple of the Tridabaktrus, Yerik would extend Jodah invitation to the ancient rites of the skinless flesh and to ride the bloody mare.

Hurass was approached by a tall blond woman her head taller than the pair of armored men who flanked her. She introduced himself as Alais as each of the cast harsh glances around, their hands resting on the axes hanging from their belts. In a clear voice she asked if Hurass was among the men who had slain the last unicorn of the Giant's Drown. She explained how her father Kalu Wolf-toothed, Lord of Thain, sought to hire them as a guards for an expedition to Skyfa and Samarta. She explained they would be well compensated for their service and if they sought to accept the offer to travel northwest towards the Island of Thain.

They gained the following rumors:

1) To the west, from the sea rises a mountain which spews smoke.
2) Within the depths of the Jotun's Tomb is a fountain from which flows waters which can regrow a man's limb.
3) A band of warriors calling themselves the Sons of Kronus would fill the hand of any, who bings them the head of the Magi of the Trepanted Circle, with ample silver.
4) Crypt-thieves have returned from the Burial Tomb of Tridabaktrus claiming a giant spider, larger than a horse, hides within the depths.

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Chasing a Blaze in the Northern Sky Session 3 Summary

Matthias decides to take the up the offer from the man with scarred fingers to oppose King Huhalyn’s men in their attempt to map the tunnels which run beneath Lestryhonia.

They are Grok, Cartivel, Matthias, Vondi, Hurass. They are joined by Berehal and Oogi. Three hirelings: Ras, Martel, and Dwaine join them as well

They enter the tunnels beneath Lestryhonia passing through aged earthen-works supported by wood in various sages of rot and delve into the twisted tunnels. They find various exits into the city above and continue to explore. Approaching a fork in the tunnels they find an undulating mass of black hairs and thin tentacles which lets out numerous squeeks. Matthias shouts "Sc-Rat-Ter" and the squeaks suddenly cease and  out from the darkness rats swarm hundreds of red eyes reflecting the lantern light.

Oogi stands forward and waves his torch in an attempt to hold them at bay but the rats over run them. Black hairy things the size of a man's forearm each with a hairless tail equally long flash teeth as they spasm trying to draw blood. Dwaine and Ras scream as they are covered by rats.

Ras's eyes are torn out and rats swarm inside Dwains's mouth. He clutches as his throat as rats tear at his innards and collapses coughing up blood Ras stumbles blind and falls beneath the rat swarm screaming. Rats die far beneath Lestryhonia as shields are slammed down and Vondi's short spear is stabbed repeatedly. The rats, emboldened by the smell of fresh blood attempts to swarm over Ogni but he bats them aside with the torch. The Rats swarm over Vondi and Cartivel each of them slipping beneath armor and clothes to draw blood.

The party attempts to retreat leaving Cartivel behind as he searches amid the travel sack of Ras and produces the lantern oil. The rat swarm does not give chase and remain with Cartivel in the shadows the lantern oil in hand. Cartivel attempts to run back to the party but he trips over a rough stone and falls down. Matthias rushes forward to his aid and stands above him brandishing the torch like a weapon.

Cartivel rises to his feet and hoses the rats and the space in front of them in oil as Matthias tosses the torch. The rats catch aflame as the party is beset by the smell of burnt hair. The burning rats scatter.

The party continues onwards and come across a wooden door. They knock and a wooden slide set in the door opens and a pair of hard eyes beneath a furrowed brow stares out. "Who goes there?". The party claims to be explorers and begin to argue with the man. Insults quickly end when Catrivel shoves his spear through the opened slot and a scream reverberates throughout the complex. A loud crack echoes and the spear Cartivel pulls out has been cut down. Curses are shouted from behind the door as the party prepares for violence.

Then hearing a sound Vondi and Martel turn around. Jet-black and the size of a dogs a pair of insects each drag a single proboscis along the ground like an ax. Then it shuddered and skittered with surprising speed. Martel screams as the proboscis stabs through his back and the creature rolls atop of him it's back ballooning outwards as it fills with blood.

They enter melee and a giant staggers forward and stabs it's proboscis inside of Vondi's knee, slipping between his femur and tibia. He screams as his knee gives way beneath him and he fades from consciousness. Oogi throws the axe but misses the tick, the axe instead striking Martel's skull. The tick which fell Vondi strikes out but Cartivel doges the blow, while the bloated tick snus behind Cartivel and stabs it's proboscis inside of him. Oogi throws yet another axe and it strikes the smaller tick deflating as it the blood within spills out ontu the dirt floor. Hurass brings down his axe on the sole remaining tick, but it does not fall.  Cartivel attempts to dislodge the promiscuous but as soon as it was removed, the tick plunged it inside again.

Meanwhile Matthis charges through the door and finds a small chamber carved out of stone and dirt. Inside is a man, slumped up along the wall. Further in the chamber, stands a man  with scarred fingers wielding a battle axe. He grins as Matthias enters and says "Come, let us entertain the gods". He lunges at Matthias swinging his axe, the blade striking his helm and almost biting into his skull. Matthias stabs at the man, but he sidesteps the blow. Oogi enters the room to see the melee between Matthias and the axe-wielder.

Cartivel's eyes roll back into his head as he dies of blood-loss from the giant tick. Hurass's axe swings down on the tick and it is split in twain. 

Matthias blocks another axe swing. Oogi circles behind the axe-wielder and stabs him from behind. The man lets out a shout of pain. Oogi cuts at the man drawing another line of blood. Matthis slams his spear into the axe-man's belly, a splash of red falling to the floor.
Matthias attempts to draw out his spear to stab again but the man grabs hold of the spear and prevents him from drawing it out. Oogi kicks the man to the ground and he falls off the spear, his entrails spilling off of Matthias's spear. His blood spews across the floor as he dies.

They search the men and find both have rings scarred into their hands and search the room and find two chests. The first chest is filled to the brim with silver coins while in the other they find a stone idol of a dragon with a pair of sapphires for eyes, a silver necklace from which a ruby hangs, and 2 silver rings. They leave the tunnels and attempt to lie low hiding from the men with scars on their hands.

Session 3 Downtime Events

The past week has gotten hotter and hotter, till it became almost unbearable. Sweat clings to your brow and the temper of most has grown short. Blood has already split over empty wineskins. 

Returning from the tunnels beneath Lestryhonia, Hurass lost himself in intoxication, seeking to forget the violence he had seen. He was approached by short man with his hair set in two braids who introduced himself as Yerik. Yerik extended to Hurass an invitation to join him and his ilk and be learned in the ancient rites of the skinless flesh and to ride the bloody mare, but first Hurass would need to prove his worth by taking a life.

Returning from the tunnels beneath Lestryhonia, Oogi carried Vondi, his lame leg dragging behind him, towards jubilation. Amid the wooden walls of the Gib Smoke, a gathering of drunkards sat smitten by a Oogi and Vondi's recount of their deeds and cheered as they told the tale of slaying Giant Ticks. The crowd grew even larger as the duo told of their slaying of the ring fingered men and varied shouts of "Let Hetun choke on worms" repeated. Then suddenly a shout rang from the back of the gib smoke and a trio of men, each of them holding daggers with dozens of scars on their fingers. A cry of vengeance preceded violence as the trio charged Oogi and Vondi, and Oogi drew his own dagger in turn.

Violence and then three were dead. Vondi lay in a pool of blood, a dagger stuck within his chest, his own dagger deep within the the skull of one of the men. Another was slumped along the wall, his hands interlaced with his intestines. Oogi's dagger bloody, he chased after the remaining man but he slipped away into the night.

Despite the vendetta placed on them, Matthias still traversed through Lestryhonia seeking to make allies. Taking shelter amid the Temple of Hodim, he was recognized by a priest as one of the men who struck out against the Hetun. The priest spoke praise of his slaying of thieves and that he would be worthy of obtaining the blessings of the priests and becoming a Anointed of Ymir. Further an acolyte of the Temple of Hodin, introduced himself as Halthor offered to joined Matthias as a retainer.

They gained the following rumors:

1) Hetun has placed a bounty on the men who betrayed him to King Huhalyn, trading a bag of silver for each of their heads. 
2) To an island north of the Giant's Drown, every 4th full moon a maiden is offered up to sate the hunger of the Kraken.

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Chasing a Blaze in the Northern Sky Session 2 Summary

They are Grok, Cartivel, Sain, Matthias, and Tontra the suriviors of the expedition into the Burial Tomb of the Tridbaktrus. They are joined by Wulfram, and Vondi, and Hurass.

A band of warriors who seek to find treasure to fill their hands and become important men. They seek track a pair of students of the Sorcerer Ebon Pirithus.

They travel north of Lestryhonia to the northern shore of the Giant's drown and then follow the shore west. Under the crashing thunder they continue and come across six pulsating shapes arranged around a corpse of a horse. The bloated silhouettes intermittently pulsate and the sound of suction is heard through the pouring rain. They give it a wide berth and travel further northwest.

They come across an aged tree from which 8 corpses hang and see it as a foul omen. They continue onwards and make camp amid the base of a hill taking shelter from the rain amid a few emaciated trees. At dawn the storm ends and they continue further north. They find a chasm and believing it to be the place where the two students of Ebon Pirithus went they enter.

Past the smell of ash they enter the water logged chasm. They head heavy stomps and hide themselves. They gaze further into the chasm and see a terrible sight. A horned salamander as long as two boats end to end. A pair of tusks jut out from its maw like that of a boar, and four horns emerge from its brow, two fused into a single spike. A mane of bulbous growths extends from its neck partially hiding numerous crystals the size of a man's fist embedded in its hide. Pale mist is rhythmically expelled from gaping pores as it lumbers deeper into the chasm. They grit their teeth and furrow their brows and choose to slay the beast and become immortalized in song.

They rush forth spears and axes gripped taut but half are overcome by the pale mist and feel their limbs become leaden and weak. Sain swings his axe but it glances off one of the crystals in the beast's hide.  Grok's spear slips beneath the creature's skin as unleashes a spurt of blood as he coughs. Wulfram spear likewise stabs into the beast. Vondi's arrow glances of the creature's hide. Cartivel's spear likewise draw's blood. Matthias's spear is swatted away by the creature's claw. Tontra dodges a claw and leaps upon the creature's back hacking away with his axe. Hurass's axe is brought down on the creature's side drawing blood. The creature unleashes a scream of pain and the melee worsens.

One claw draws blood from Hurass and the other draws blood from Cartivel. The creature's horn skewers Tontra, melting through his armor, shield, and helm as it passes through his body. With a twist of it's head the creature flings him across the chasm and his corpse hits the wall with a thud. The creature thrashes about. Sain narrowly dodges one claw while Grok is merely scratched by the other. Wulfram is ran through like Tontra before him. The creature's horn melting his armor as it emerges form the other side. His eyes roll back into his head as Wulfram dies. Cartivel steps forward and rams his spear through the creature's skull. The creature's eye's bulge as it twists and spasms It collapses and dies.

They find amid skeletons deeper in the chasm: a Bracelet of silver and onyx, 280 silver coins, Idol of a serpent coiled in on its own tail crafted from quartz, an orichalchum Chalice, Helm, Shield, and a satchel of 12 lapis lazuli stones. They then behead the creature and attempt to remove it's horn losing an axe in the process. They simply take it's head as a trophy and seek to return to Lestryhonia.

They return and as they pass by the tree they make out eight idols set upon the altar. They approach and find that each has a a single lilac gem set in it's head instead of eyes. They look up at the corpses and make a dash for the idols and then flee. They travel south and pass through swamps where several are beset by leeches. Blood spilt into the mire they continue on and at the outskirts of Lestryhonia they meet a man with long ragged hair bound by a single leather band, otherwise clad in fur. He sells them a pair of boots that make the wearer weightless and able to walk upon water as if it were earth, a pair he claims he won in a game of dice with an old spirit in some dark woods amid the islands of Skyfa and Samarta. They purchase the boots and return to Lestryhonia.

Upon returning to Lestryhonia they are met by a pair of men, their lips stitched together approach you, upon you offering to sell the salamander skull. Another man, his face cloaked, speaks for them and offers  300 silver for the skull with the big horn but they do not make the deal.

Session 2 Downtime Events

The past week was been dry and warm, the heat has abated and the rain has ceased.

Matthias wass approached by the same man, with the scared fingers, who explained that he has another job for him and his men if they would still seek silver. In exchange for opposing the efforts of King Huhalyn’s men in their attempt to map the tunnels which run beneath Lestryhonia, in addition to the payment of 150 silver, he would make available his associates as retainers, many of which are adapt sneak-thieves.

Following the gossip that the party had slain the horned salamander to the north, the party was approached with an offer. An incredibly tall and thin man, their heads only level to his sternum, identified himself as a student to the Sorcerer Arrkad. In a low voice he told them of an offer of employment on behalf of his master. In exchange for clearing a passage to the burial chambers of Kordis the high priest of the Tridabaktrus and returning such a map to the Tower, they would gain the sorcerer’s favor as well as 200 silver. They could also simply return the high priest's silver ring for 1000 silver.

They learn the following information about the Giant's Drown:

Travelers who traverse the Gaint's Drown report encountering the following:
Packs of wolves who will pull men off horses and devour them.
Flocks of large vultures that descend under the cover of darkness to consume both the living and the dead.
Entire camps all dead, each member drained of blood by large hole in their necks.
Spiders the size of hounds descending from the trees.
Snakes over 15' in length, with poison worse still.
Giant Apes, nearly twice as tall as a man, with pale fur and terrible fangs.
Corpses walking yet again.
Sickly man-things which stalk the swamps, reminescent of swarms of frogs

They gained the following rumors:

1) In ages past, the Giant's Drown was not desolate. After the fall of the jotun, the Tridobatrakus who lived amid the eastern swamps became a prosperous people. Their king held a blade spun from moonlight and his throne was attended by a pair of unicorns.
2) A dolorous conspiracy led to the desolation of the Tridobatrakus. Priests abandoned the shrines of Ymir's Brood to dance beneath the baleful tones of the Orange Prophet. They sang droning songs of veneration to the Immortal Coil and bathed beneath the waters of the mire transforming themselves into forms better suited to the new age.
3) A troop of thieves calling themselves The Moles, is led by a man named Hetun who guides them to enter homes at night and rob their occupants. A thief is scarred around a finger for each theft. They travel through the tunnels beneath the city, often breaking into buildings from beneath.
4) Off the northern shore of the Giant's Drown is an island covered by mist and crumbling statues. Sailor whispers of pilgrims arriving under the light of the full moon to gain enlightenment in the caverns beneath the isle.

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Chasing a Blaze in the Northern Sky Session 1 Summary

They awaken beneath the sound of thunder on the shores of a ruined island. They hack water out from their lungs and arise fromt he wreckage of a ship. Waves crash as they gaze northward and see a stone ziggurat with a pair of stone double doors before them. They enter the Burial Temple of the Tridabaktrus.

They are Grok, Cartivel, Sain, Gento, Stross, Matthias, and Tontra. The survivors of a sunken ship, would be mercenaries who seek the fill their hand with treasure.

The seven approach the zigurrat and note a dead man by the doors, a hole in his skull leaking blood. They search the corpse and find his intestines pulled out from his stomach. Undisturbed by the death they remove a trio of torches from the man an enter into the complex hiding from the storm.

They search the complex finding a room with a jeweled idol and a pool of water from which four skeletons rise. The seven engage in melee and  a before the skeletons are slain they rip out one of Sain's eyes from his head. They loot the stone idol of a snarling monstrous figure that has two jade ingots for eyes and holds a a fist sized topaz within it's grasp. They leave Sain out in the rain and return to the depths of the complex.

They encounter a lever which they pull to open a to reveal a room of worship. A basalt altar stands before a massive pit. In the southeastern and southwestern corners of the room stand a pair of frog-headed statues which hold massive goblets of flame. Beyond the pit, on the southern wall is a mosaic of a a dark spiral.

They enter and suddenly both of the pools of flame extinguish themselves. From behind the altar arise two skeletons clad in rotted robes, their eyes burn two pinpoints of fire. They enter melee but Stross is slain, a skeleton sinking it's teeth in his neck and ripping out his throat.

They investigate the pit and Gento climbs into the pit secured by a rope. The rope descends half-way into the pit and Gento's torch illuminates hundreds of broken skeletons line the bottom of this massive pit. Then suddenly they hear foot steps behind them and see four pairs of red eyes in the distance past the altar.

Gento scrambles out of the pit as the others confront the eyes. A torch reveals four cloaked figures and one of them rushes forward. Grok thrusts his spear and Tontra tosses an axe but the figure makes it to lever. A green arm emerge from the cloak as an arrow reveals the figures head. A frog's head sits where a man's would be, a thin gray beard hanging form it's lips. It's mouth opens to unleash a cackle as it pulls on the lever and the stone door begins to descend.

They rush forward but the stone door is closed trapping them within the room of the altar and the pit. They search the room, and hear numerous foot-steps from within the pit below. Then numerous howls echo upwards that sound like those of men who have had their families slain. Along the southern wall they notice a small gap along the wall and tapping on it they find that there is a portion of the wall which is hollow. They open the secret door and find another room, finding a stile of a horned man wielding a shield is flanked by a pair of mummified men.

They explore further and find a rusted key with a triangular end and continue onward until they find a room with a pool in which a disemboweled corpse floats, it's intestines spreading outward. Continuing their search they find another entrance into the complex and then travel deeper. They reach a room a room filled with fog where a corpse of a man in a ruined leather jerkin hanging from his neck on a rope. His face bloated and his eyes almost bulging out of his face.

Unfazed they continue and find a room with a pool 10' covered by algae. Slumped nearby is skeleton around which white vapors float. Suddenly Gento dives into the pool and extinguishes their torch. The party struggles to light another torch and when they do they find a trepanted skeleton standing pointing a finger at Gento who is now attempting to drown himself. They engage in melee again and are able to slay the skeleton and keep Gento from drowning himself.

They continue searching the complex and upon finding two statues of frog-headed men facing each other, on opposite sides of a stair well choose to return from whence they came. They continue onwards until encountering Stross' corpse in their path. Stross' corpse attacks and Gento's face is ripped off and he dies. The remaining five dismember Stross' corpse and exit the complex finding the storm dissipated and a ship at the cove of the island. They speak with a man at it's helm and learn he ferried others here to search through the complex. He offers to take them to safety and they take him up on the offer.

They travel north, hours later passing by a wide stretch of swamps. They follow the shore and by nightfall they arrive before a sprawling city. They see concentric walls extend outwards engulfing countless wooden homes and deeper still wooden battlements that surround the center of the city where a single stone castle stands. They exit ontu the rocky shores of the Giants Drown and find themselves in the city of Lestryhonia.

Session 1 Downtime Events

The night after they arrive in Lestryhonia, rain began to fall. The few days grew progressively warmer and warmer. The sky has been covered in black clouds and torrential rain repeats in spurts. Lightning flashed across the sky, as the humidity worsened with each passing moment. Thus a waterlogged and muggy week passes since they arrived in Lestryhonia.

On the third day, Matthias was approached by a hairsuit red-haired man with scars on all of his fingers. Matthias was told that he seemed a capable man and an offer of employment was extended. 100 silver would find itself in his hands if he tracked a pair of students of the Sorcerer Ebon Pirithus as they traveled northward and reported on their goals.

On the 5th day, Cartivel was approached by a veiled woman followed by a half-dozen muscle bound men. The woman approached him and placing her hand on his chest she spoke "Your eyes hold countless tragedy past and yet many more to come. Here keep this." as she pressed a protection charm into his hand.

They learn the following information about the Giant's Drown:

1) Within the battlements and concentric walls of the city stands Castle Ettin. A stone fortification of ages past, methods of its construction now lost to masons, looms over the city. Inside King Huhalyn sits upon the Throne of Ribs. The castle is fortified against siege and men travel away from Castle Ettin to serve as his eyes and ears. He is attended by a Cabal of Sages "Annointed of Tepes" who possess means of laying curses and divining the future.
2) King Huhalyn is not the only man to wield power and influence within the city. He bears distant blood relation to Soot-Faced Lahar, whose forged iron find it's way into the hands of those who would shed blood.
3) Three temples stand at the heart of Lestryhonia consecrated to the gods Hodim, Veud, and Vo, the Ymirist trinity. Incense flows from the censers of the priests of Ymir as they emerge from their temples, a vertical scar across their faces, only a single eye remaining.
4) In the northeastern portion of the city rises a stone tower and within the sorcerer Ebon Pirithus remains. Bands of armed men escort the pupils of Ebon Pirithus, the lips of each stitched tight to keep his secrets, as they work towards his machinations.
5) Numerous cults are known to be within the city but the greatest are those to Nor-Volsuth and Dyspatur.
6) Traveling west from Lestryhonia one would encounter swamps and further still, the Tower of Arkad, the domain of another sorcerer.
7) Off the northwestern coast of the Giant's Drown is the village of Thain, rules by Kalu-wolf toothed.
8) The northern reaches of the Giant's Drown are left uninhabited save for a terrible monster.

They gained the following rumors:

1) North of Lestryhonia is an island covered in mists and crumbling statues. Hidden beneath the island is means to gain the wisdom of the ancients.
2) Among the hills, past the weeping men, are a series of standing stones. Beneath them are the ruins of the ancient jotun who made this island their home.
3) North of the swamps, a cult meets under the cover of darkness to worship an ancient tree which grows above the grave of a cyclops.
4) At the bottom of the Burial Temple of the Tridobatrakus, an ancient king lies buried alongside his enchanted sword.