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Chasing a Blaze in the Northern Sky Session 11 Summary

Despite being competent enough to capture a saber tooth tiger, the Combative Companions lacked the basic foresight to actually make a prior agreement to motivate their efforts in the first place. So, the party returned to the merchants for their journey to Skyfa, with a bound, and very aggressive beast on the ship and the back of the head thought that they'll deal with the whole"getting money" part at some point in the not-too-distant future.

Continuing their trend of doing work for ambiguous pay, they now have a new task given by several merchants as they enter the Island of Samarta. There are five villages on this island with them already arriving to the village of Yahzi. The remaining four villages however, they wish to be mapped out and guided to for the sake of selling their goods. Of the four villages, three exists in the general direction of east through the island's swamps. So, the party set off east in hopes that they don't somehow miss all three villages. They party also does something that they've been holding out on for a while, and makes sure that everyone, even the more miserly members of the party, have a horse to increase their rate of travel. A task tougher than they'd assume based on the natural instinct of the horses available to scatter at the sight of the frogish abominations that compose parts of the party.

Once they managed to equip the party, they set off along the eastern shores in a mostly uneventful series of days, finding nothing more than the occasional rubble of what was once a building or a stray statue. Klaatu was verbally roasted to death by someone in a group of men that they met however, which doesn’t help them in any way, but is worth noting regardless. It isn’t until their third day of travel that something notable happens as the party finds themselves ambushed in the middle of the night by a group of men claiming to be the "Sword of Marduk", which they’ve heard before as the weapon of the man they had a riddle competition with. These men do not seek riddles however, only wishing for the blood of the “unclean”, referencing the frogmen that can be found in the party.

Thinking quick, Matthias, one of the only holimen in the party, tell the men that he and his fellow holiman Halthor have come to this island in search of a cure for the condition these cult-worshipping mutants face, which manages to calm them under the assumption that the party did not make a pact with a frog demon, and were merely cursed. With them less inclined to murder everyone, they are actually willing to talk with the non-frogmen and provide some valuable information. They tell the party that there is a not too distant temple the party can reach that will “cure” the mutated condition of their party members. They give directions to the village of Athorsi. And the party learn that the Oogi, who is also one of the frogmen that they were going to kill, is considered a scoundrel with a reputation so bad that it's transitioned beyond Lestryhonia. Good thing he goes by Paul now.
With a reevaluated sense of direction the party heads to southeast Athorsi.

As they’re traveling, the party comes across a group of devils who they assume were associated with the stories they were told of devils who held the secrets of making tar, and may be able to sell them something. First impressions were poor however, as they did not take kindly to the priest, and found the worshipers of Lord Zaba to be laughable more than anything. It was clear these demons showed little interest in supplying tar with them. It did not matter however, as the party quickly learned as they approached that the pit they were gathered around did not contain tar, but rather held a men begging for mercy, that was being tortured by these devils.

Most of the others cared not for the man’s fate, but Matthias was not going to let this man be doomed to the fates of devils and made a bold gamble for his life. He was going to play a game of dice for the man’s life, and if he lost, he would denounce his fate, and submit to the will of Satan. Confident in is faith however, Matthias agreed, rolled his dice, and then promptly lost...but with the power of the lord he accidentally spilled a bottle of his holy water onto one of his dice, miraculously transforming it into a better roll before anyone noticed.

Defeated, the devils kept with their agreement, and freed the man who tells the party he’s a villager from Athorsi, and with his guidance, the party makes it to the first of four villages.

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Chasing a Blaze in the Northern Sky Session 10 Summary

With multiple overlapping goals and promises, the party set out to the ocean, serving as the escorts of several merchants traveling to Skyfa, where Matthias also promised to escort Sibe and Ria, the daughters of Koloksi the ruler of the Antrofahi Tribe. Their trip was not as simple as merely riding a boat, catching fish and surviving the terrors of sea-sickness however. The entire trip will be nearly  month's worth of time, and before they can make it to Skyfa, they will be spending a week in the Kingdom of Hamin, a land of saber tooth tigers and Krakens that harass the shorelines. Though it was no part of the agreement, the merchants did carry an interest in bringing along a saber tooth tiger, so the party agreed to attempt to capture one during the week.
Sure there were women also begging them to aid in killing the Kraken, but priorities are priorities.
Traveling deep into the woods they were warned of those who inhabited the dense foliage. Worshipers of the tigers existed in those woods and to let them know of their intents would surely lead to an assault by what could be an entire village worth of people. But the true terror of the woods was a threat no one was truly prepared for. Riddles.
As they traveled a man by the name of Marduk stopped the party demanding some form of duel if they are to pass. Unlike the others who were merely armed with the most basic iron tools they could acquire, this man was armed with a well crafted sword that could surely rend and tear the party if they were not careful. Perhaps they could overpower him if they disrespect the duel and attack him together, but with a moment of quick thinking, Klaatu suggest they duel in wits rather than brawn. Much to everyone's surprise, he agreed, and decided he would test them with a pair of riddles. Having a situation they could not stab or burn away, the combative companions had put everything they had into answering his two riddles:

I am the black birth of the bright mother,
I flee to the heavens as a wingless bird,
I make each eye weep, but not from grief
At my birth I vanish into thin air.
What am I?

When you cast your gaze to me, I cast mine to yours
Though you see me, I am blind
I am jealous that you speak, but I cannot speak.
My lips merely hang uselessly.
What am I?

After nearly experiencing a self imposed aneurysm, Klaatu guessed smoke and one's reflection accordingly, which thankfully, were both correct. The party continued their travels. Needing a place to settle for the night, the party had found a nearby village that they had hoped would harbor them. Based on the decorative saber toothed skeletons and pelts they were donning however, it quickly became obvious that the combative companions came across the very people they were warned about. Despite the tension of the encounter, they were able to hold their tongues of their plans and were allowed to stay the night in their village. They were requested to leave in the morning however, as some of their deformed, Zaba worshiping frog friends left a bad impression with their cult activities and incessant ribbiting.
So, they left and began their continued search for the tigers. After spending nearly an entire night hoping a tiger would wander into a trap they built, they eventually decided that they had spent enough time in the woods and would go find one themselves. Their search led to a cave, and after luring the great beast out with food, Oodi and Halthor proceeded to shoot it in an attempt to weaken and eventually subdue it. As this was happening however, a second tiger emerged from the cave. Smaller, weaker, definitely easier to bring, they had uncovered a saber tooth tiger still in its youth that would make their lives a whole lot easier to attempt catching instead.
Oogi shoots it in the face and it dies.
After essentially fighting a small family worth of tigers, thoroughly desecrating the traditions of the villagers that gave them shelter, the party net the original tiger and drag it away over the course of multiple days back to the boat. No one has any real experience in animal handling, but hopefully the merchants will be able to keep this great beast without someone losing their face.

Session 10 Downtime Events

The party returned to Krem's ship, their captured tiger in tow, and left to sail to Samarta. 

As thralls of Lord Zaba, Hurass and Thorvid were further changed. Hurass's left arm began to wither and it's flesh turned grey and slimy. Across several days his fingers began to bulge and ended up with thick pads like that of a frog. Thorvid's skin began to change turning cold and clamy and he began to lose his body hair. 

They traveled westward for a week and arrived at the southern shores of Samarta, docking to the port of the Yahzi tribe. 

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The Giant's Drown: Small Hexcrawl + 2 Dungeons

This pdf details the island for the past 9 sessions of the games. I will upload further island hexes as they get play-tested by myself and a few other referees. Some references of magic and magic items within correspond to a game-document that is still being play-tested but it should not be difficult to replace them with other OSR rule-sets.

The 2 dungeons within are for characters levels 1-4. The Burial Tomb of the Tridobaktrus has been previously uploaded to this blog, but the PDF should be a more useable format. It is 3 floors and has about 45 rooms. The Jotun's Tomb is 4 floors and has about 80 rooms.

The Jotun's Drown

If you use these in your games, please let me know how it goes!

Another two documents that maybe useful are the 2 primers I gave my players at the start of the game.

Campaign Primer                          Visual Summary

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Chasing a Blaze in the Northern Sky Session 9 Summary

Content with the wealth they've accumulated, a majority of the Combatant Companions made the decision to not risk their lives exploring some dungeon or death tomb, and simply settle for the week as to further tend to their bruises and mental scars. Among the many men, only a few had chosen to do anything productive with this time. Halthor, Sain, Oogie, Randon, and the hirelings Chip and some other guy Halthor failed to remember the name of. There were many task they've been given that have not been tended to, along with a multitude of personal goals.

Despite having done nothing to claim the metal melting lizard skull the party acquired, Oogie, greedy as always, claimed it regardless with plans of turning it into a great weapon for himself. He knew of a wizard in a tower not too far from Lesterhonia, so the three of them set off through the south-western swamps to find the wizard Arkad. Sure enough, they find a massive stone tower, surrounded by smaller wooden buildings, but their progress was halted as they were approached by a group of men clad in robes, who wanted to know why they were intruding in their locale. Oogi explains his quest, and having already gained something for nothing, he was sure they would turn 'his' skull into a new weapon for himself. Yet, for some odd reason, defying all odds, they expected something.
"What reason would he have to give you aid?"

Having brought nothing, and not willing to give anything, Halthor intervened telling them that Arkad could be payed in servitude, which worked in gaining regaining their waning attention. The party were told that Arkad needed aid in the exploration of the Burial Tomb of the Tridobaktrus, which thankfully they already traveled. With Sain showing them the drunkenly hobbled together construct of a map they had created, the cloaked men finally became willing to give the men an opportunity to converse with Arkad. He had offered to make Oogie's weapon, but as a cost, they would need to continue their explorations of the Tomb of the Tridobaktrus in order to find a remnant known as the ring of Kordis. Only then, would Oogie get his weapon.

The party left the tower with this information in mind, but there were still other matters to attend to. Matthias, in a drunken stupor, promised to take Sibe and Ria, the daughters of Koloksi the ruler of the Antrofahi Tribe, to Skyfa, which is the exact same location a merchant Oogi had met would travel to upon gaining enough men for support. Killing two birds with one stone, the part would return to Lesterhonia in order to accomplish both task. Unfortunately however, trouble arose on their way back.

A seemingly friendly band of traveling men passed them by the shores as they were returning, out in search of revenge for the betrayer of a friend of theirs. After asking the names of the party, they quickly realized that Oogie was one of the two men who they were after, and their moods quickly began to sour as they prepared to fight the party. Now, the group was outnumbered 10 to 5, and these men were well equipped for the occasion, but what they were not aware of was the quick wit and capacity for cruelty that Halthor possessed.

Halthor introduced the others, but never specified who was who, so almost on cue he turned to the hireling who's name he failed to remember, and told him "Oogi, who are these people, as I will not fight on your behalf."

The party quickly sacrificed their newly appointed hireling, tying and gagging him before giving him up to the rowdy men.

Despite giving up the life of another man for his safety, Oogie, greedy as always, expected some form of compensation for the party's "services".

"You want a knife in your gut?" declared a scarred man, to which Halthor told """Paul""" to shut his fat mouth.

With the party safe, they returned to the merchant, ready for a new adventure as they prepare to travel to Skyfa.

Session 9 Downtime Events

Upon their return to Lestryhonia, it began to rain.

Halthor sought to gain insight into the island of Skyfa and spoke with sailors who had traveled northwest. They spoke of men clad in scales like a fish who wore flowers as crowns and traveled to foreign lands as mercenaries.

Sain caroused amid mirth and drink, emerging unscathed.

In darken palces hidden away from the sky, Oogi enacted terrible rites to prepare sorcery to drown his enemies in blood. He returned to his companions with a frog-skeleton hanging from his belt slowly dripping ichor.

As thralls of Lord Zaba Hurass, Thorvid, and Oogi further changed. Hurass's tongue grew long and dextrous now being used as a small prehensile appendage. Oogi's tongue turned thick and slimy becoming being able to choke a man to death. Thorvid awoke to find his left foot to become that of a frog and in the following days the grey slimy flesh extended upwards until it passed his knee.

As they prepared to board Krem's ship, troubling news reached their ears. Two porters talking among themselves spoke of how dozens of bodies were found strangled through out Lestryhonia. Piles of bodies were set outside homes and upon each house "Death will find you Matthias" was written. The porters continued in hused tones and spoke that each home had been ransacked and a hole leading to the Tunnels beneath Lestryhonia was found.

They gained the following rumors:

1) In ages past dragons menaced from the hills of Skyfa
2) Mercenaries from Samarta use paralytic poison in wars
3) Antrofahi Tribe killed the daughter of their chief which led to 3 months of rain and in turn the Brother's War.

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Chasing a Blaze in the Northern Sky Session 8 Summary

Having finally found something worthwhile the rotating casts of soon-to-be dead bodies decided they had enough of the terrors of Jotun's Tomb and would rather depart to a different dungeon. Wanting something familiar Matthias, Hurass, Sain, Halthor, Oogi, Thorvid, the newly added mystic retainer Randon, and a pair of hirelings that Halthor purchased only to quickly forget the names of, set out by boat back to the Burial Tomb of the Tridobkatrus. Returning to the Ziggurat the party was more powerful than they had been in a good while. A solid number of companions, strength through experience, and enough money to buy the necessities they would need for their travels.
Except rope.
Despite their lack of rope being the cause for multiple conflicts in the past, the party continued their tradition of not remembering to buy any despite their ample funds. As they passed by the desecrated corpses and disturbed sarcophagi they re-enter a familiar fog filled room and quickly found their combative companion Oogi floating away to the ceiling. Despite the efforts of three people, none were able to grab his legs as he began to frantically spasm, and with no rope, pulling him down became a non-option. After fading into the fog, Oogi's neck was gripped by a noose, and gravity began to return to his being so that he may be hanged. Thankfully, he was able to cut himself free, and after crashing back to the ground, they were able to escape.
On the bright side, at least they have rope now. A whole five feet.
Despite their being a descending stairway nearby, the party had decided it would be best to explore the first floor of the Ziggurat before descending deeper into its hold. This plan however was short lived as they were quick to find a threat they would turn away from in favor of descending. Their stopping point was a single, dark, room. Several corpses could barely be made out further in this room, and the party was certain there would be some kind of abomination of a being waiting to leap upon them if they entered. They've done this song and dance enough to recognize its motions, so Sain had grabbed a ration and tossed it into the room to see if something would respond. The ration is then swarmed by at least monstrosities crudely comparable to man, with swollen necks, slimy flesh and ghastly claws.
"We got this," says Matthias probably half drunk at the time, but surprisingly, the frail, unprotected hirelings that were bearing the light for the party were reluctant to enter the death room. Entering such a room without a source of light would be foolish, so the party descended instead. They did at least have a plan for if they entered the deeper floors. Randon had the ability to detect items within a radius based off of a specific word, and with their likely being more valuables in the deeper floors compared to the surface, Oogi had Randon use his summoning magic to produce a series of shadow wolves that would detect any "valuables" in their area. Actually traversing the area was going to be a different story however, as there seemed to be clear evidence that there were other explorers in this area that were petrified by some sort of creature. But money is money so they continued despite this threat.
Following whatever path they believed would lead to money, the party was able to uncover a sarcophagus containing a skeleton with a valuable ring upon its bony finger. It did not take well to being stolen from and began attacking Randon and Halthor, but was quickly subdued. They had then found another sarcophagus nearby, but the areas was littered with spider webs, and if there's one thing the band of men could be counted on, aside from forgetting rope, was burning any and everything they could find an excuse to set fire to. So, they decided to set fire to the webs and return after the location was nice and web-less. Continuing wherever they thought money may be, they had found a room with a series of doors. Three were locked, but three were also activated by a series of levers. The first lever revealed the corpse of a priest with a pewter chalice, a beautiful jasper necklace, and a prosthetic right hand of silver. The second lever revealed death in the form of a massive tentacle monster that eviscerated the hireling that freed it from its domain. But despite it nearly killing Halthor and Matthias, the party defeated the beast with no further casualties. The final door however, revealed the oddest discovery, with a silver orb that emitted a deep hum. Hurass touched it and after briefly seizing on the ground he claimed to have seen the face of a frog like entity he referred to as Lord Zaba, that had saw favor in him. Encouraging others to touch the orb Oogi and Thorvid partook in the experience as well, solidifying themselves into a cold with the intent of gaining great power in the not too distant future.
Running low on time the party returned to the room with the now burnt away webbing and after oppening the sarcophagus Hurass discovered a silver axe that he would later decide to keep rather than sell. With a solid haul, they returned to the surface, concluding their journey for the day.

Session 8 Downtime Events

Upon their return to Lestryhonia the storms continued, and then suddenly ceased turning to sunshine. The weather stayed hot and every puddle evaporated leaving the Giant's Drown a dry and desolate place. 

Matthias sought solace in drink and excess. In his drunken state he became friends with of a man who called himself Reid of Thain. A man prone to much laughter each arm covered in tattooed ink. Matthias awoke the next morning to a pair of young girls staring at him, each wearing a crown of flowers above their braided hair. They introduced themselves as Sibe and Ria the daughters of Koloksi the ruler of the Antrofahi Tribe. They thanked him for accepting Reid's request to escort them back to the island of Skyfa.

Halthor retreated back to the Temple of Vodim where he enacted ancient rite amid the Ymirist priests and exited with 3 doses of blessed water. Later on he was approached by a familiar face. A gaunt woman with a shaved head, black lips, clad in a lack leather garb, and a single vertical scar at her brow stared, a snake biting it's own tail hanging like a necklace. She asked for his assistance in exchange for passage to the depths of the Jotun's Tomb. He was to find 6 men who were able killers and deliver them to a location within Lestryhonia.

Sain sough to find information on Lord Zaba and his enemies but was unsuccessful. Likewise Thorvid sought to find information on Lord Zaba and as he was making acquaintances he was approached by a man with long ragged hair bound by a single leather band clad in furs. He offered Thorvid a gauntlet to which a succubus was bound in exchange for ensuring a meeting would not take place. A group of men, only identified by the silver rings they wear in their ears, seek to exchange treasure for an cursed artifact with a group of barbarians near the ruins of Ketil. 

Amid the outskirts of Lestryhonia, under the cover of night, Oogi and Hurass called forth Lord Zaba into this world. Six sheep were slain and their entrails arranged in sigils between candles arranged upon the severed head of horses. Oogi and Hurass rolled their eyes back as they chanted in a tongue unheard for hundreds of years. A great crack reverberate from their bones and the blood of the sacrifices began to boil. Oogi and Hurass gazed upwards and saw a second moon and within the red mist a dark shape moved. The mist parted and within stood a frog-like thing. Beneath a frog's head with two pupils in each eye was a chest with two pairs of arms, one crossed across the chest, the other holding orbs of sulfurous flame. Lord Zaba told them the price for his knowledge and for the sorcery he would offer them. 

In exchange for 75s of wine Zaba will trade lore of the Land, Ages Past, and Horrors. Furhter in exchange for 225s of weapons Zaba will trade the means of preparing either sorcery: [Drowning of an Enemy in Blood] or [Resonant Tone of the Mammon Gear]

They gained the following rumors:

1) A group of men attempted to enter deep into the Burial Tomb of the Tridobaktrus and all but one were slain by hordes of beasts wearing the skin of men.
2) Far to the east is a land where men can change their form to become wolves. 

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Chasing a Blaze in the Northern Sky Session 7 Summary

Discontent with their lack of treasures, the party of Halthor, Oogi, Jorund, Grok, Jolly, Klatu, Hurass, and  Berehal, sets forth once more to Jotun’s Tomb, desperate to find something to justify the many deaths they have experienced. Despite the freezing winds and blistering snow sticking upon their face, they believe that surely, after everything they’ve gone through there must be something worth their multiple journeys. Perhaps the mysterious lever they had left behind would lead to something new, but of course, being housed in the lower floor, they expected nothing but strife and suffering to reach that destination once again. And sure enough, an opposing force was waiting for them as they reached the entrance to the stairwell.

Before them sat a ghastly beast of a man, stretched and mangled with ropey filaments of flesh from each wound, with ghostly apparitions sprouting from its tears like steam from the kettle. A true monstrosity that seemed more dead than alive. But make no mistake, it was very much alive, and in intense suffering.

This abomination towered above the party, with an obvious power far greater than what this group was willing to face, yet despite it’s overwhelming appearance, there was one soul brave enough, or foolish enough, to try and approach it. Klaatu, “Tongue of Tongues and Three-Pint drinker” came to the beast, to speak with it. And to the surprise of many, it responded.

The creature was once called Argyle, a being that lost itself within these tombs and experienced a terrible fate that it warned they may face if they continue. What was once fear and hostility slowly replaced itself with pity for the entity, and Hurass was tempted to try and help it with the use of his protection charm, but that only seemed to further agitate the spirits that inhabited it, as they began to cut and stab at its flesh with spears and swords. It was deemed best to leave the monstrosity be. They obviously weren’t helping, and if that thing were to become aggressive at their actions, it would surely attack. And the last thing anyone wanted, was something like that to attack them.
The party left…only for something like that to soon attack them.

With Hurass having used his protection charm to dispel a spirit that entered Klaatu, the party was left with no means of warding away the colossus that began charging at them through the hall. Propelled by its gangly limbs there was no feasible means of outrunning it, leaving them only able to brace themselves for the upcoming assault.

This creature made it abundantly clear how lucky the party was, that Argyle did not choose to fight.
Immediately it had ripped away at Berehal’s leg, leaving a gored stump of flesh in its place. Thankfully however, the party found a way to narrowly avoid the encounter with no lives lost, thanks to Hurass who did an overwhelming amount of the work involved in slaying it, and Oogi, who shot a couple of arrows and was happily prepared to take most of the credit.

With the party’s mobility handicapped by their now legless companion, they made the choice to return to the entrance-way leading downward, as the fountain is still available, and if they can reach it, Berehal could grow a new leg. With the time that had past, they had hoped that Argyle had left, which he did, so they finally descended into the deeper depths of the tomb. They had safely arrived, and after slowly feeding Berehal the sweet nectar of the crocodile, his leg began to slowly grow back.
As it begins to regenerate however, Argyle had wandered into to the doorway. What was once a sorrowful face that could be conversed with was now overtaken by a blind fury that the party knew would lead to their demise, so desperate to pretend death wasn’t staring them in the face, Halthor and Jolly slammed the door shut, pushing against it to keep Argyle out. Despite Argyle’s thunderous banging, the two of them were able to keep him from entering, but as they continued their efforts another figure passed through the room.

Hope began to fade from the party as they expected another monstrosity to enter, but thankfully as a mysterious woman entered the scene, she had made it clear that she had wished them no harm. She was merely some form of witch that entered the Tomb in search of a hidden sorcery that could be learned from the Brain-Grimoire that hid within the complex. To learn of the dark arts was tempting for some, but she had told those tempted that these arts are “not for the weak”, though Jolly may have had potential. She had then taken her leave, and with Argyle only being able to give an exasperated roar before leaving as well, the party continued along the walls of a massive dark room to their destination; the room with the skull pillars.

With everything they’ve gone through, it would be no surprise for the lever to open a trap door filled with acid, or for spikes to fall from the ceiling, but despite their concerns, Halthor pulled the lever, revealing a secret compartment with more silver and jewels than they could have imagined. A haul, so great that they had to begin leaving some of their possessions behind just to carry the wealth that they had come across. Finally, after all of their time and effort, they found something worthwhile, but of course, there was still the one issue that made this discovery somewhat bitter.
They still had to leave.

Wanting to take as little of a risk as possible the group began retracing their original path only to be immediately stopped by a damn dirty ape hidden in the darkness of the room whose walls they had trace. Now, having lost his leg not even an hour ago Berehal was understandably concerned that fate would dictate he suffers once more at the hands of another beast before leaving. Fate, being the malicious mistress she was, found the premise to be so entertaining, she ensured Berehal would be torn in half before the fight was complete. He was the only one who died by the time the encounter was over, with Klaatu driving an axe into the ape’s skull before the party picked up what they could from Berehal and began a desperate scramble to escape.

Narrowly avoiding another ape who dropped from the ceiling, the party scurried to the freedom of the surface, and took off with their newfound wealth, adamant on the idea of leaving that tomb alone for a while.

Session 7 Downtime Events

At the start of the week, it had stopped snowing but remained terribly cold. As the moon began to wane, heavy storm clouds began to gather and rain began to fall. As the week continued the rain grew worse and worse with thunder and lightning driving most of the inhabitants of Lestryhonia inside away from the rain.

Halthor returned to pray at the temple of Vodim and retreated into 
Ymirist rite. He returned calm and serene the fear of death far from his mind. 

Klattu and Oogi sought to find men who would join them in their expeditions. They noticed that they were followed by several cloaked men but when they sought to confront them, they were unable to chase them down. Later on they were approached by a man with red hair tied back into a braid, and four daggers on his belt, who introduced himself as Randon. He stated that he was the survivor of a shipwreck of a conclave of sorcerers and that he had means of sorcery.

During his time in Lestryhonia Klattu was approached by a cloaked man who revealed a pair of blue tattoes on his brow as he approached. He introduced himself as Eer-Caragh. He asked Klattu to assist him in parlaying with the Brotherhood of Strangulation and end the feud between them. He said that he would give Klattu a set of ancestral armor if he would help him achieve the task.

Oogi was approached by a man wearing a pair of silver rings with an eye-patch who introducedhimself as Krem of Letsryhonia. He explained how was searching for men to help escort merchants to a distant land and asked if Oogi would help him recruit members as guards. 

Halthor was approached by a one-armed woman flanked on either-side by burly men. She introduced herself as Atha of Ketil and said she spoke on behalf of Nonose. She said she knew of Halthor and his companions assistance to the Sons of Kronus earlier and that Nonose would compensate them with a scroll of aged sorcery unearthed by a previous expedition into the Jotun's Tomb.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Chasing a Blaze in the Northern Sky Session 6 Summary

With an entirely new group of men exploring Jotun’s Tomb, the traveling party of Matthias, Hunzuu, Hurass, Sain, Halthor, Oogi, and Jodah, begin another trek to the crow laden site ready to explore its depts with hopeful accompaniment. To add to their forces, they’ve also gained the company, of three new men. Berehal, Jolly, and Vanus. Yes, with a truly massive group it seems their journey to generate income may lead to something other than pure disappointment. But the party was well aware that for this dream to be a reality, they would need to face the looming fear of descending deeper into this den of skeletal giants, and parasitic monstrosities. None were willing to make that step however, literally finding themselves frozen in fear at the entrance to the floor below, staring at a giant of an insectoid creature floating about in a glass cylinder. With their courage gone before they even began, Hunzuu decided to take initiative, and advanced a few feet into the room. He is now dead after a swarm of ticks descended upon him from the ceiling.

With a fresh corpse giving the party the reassurance that they will no longer be ambushed, they quickly attacked the creatures, scaring them away with their blades and bows, but losing Jodah as well in the process. Soon after, they had discovered the rumored fountain that the armless Hunzuu had so desperately hoped to find in their journey. It was a peculiar structure, with an ape creature fighting a reptilian that had a liquid dripping from its jaws. As foretold, it did in fact have regenerative properties, quickly replacing Sain’s missing eye with a reptilian counterpart, and healing the remaining members. Matthias remained resolute not to fall into the temptations of the fountain however, despite being horribly wounded and cursed with the inability to run away from encounters.
But what are the odds that this could possibly be an issue in the future?

Somewhat recovered, they continued their journey, through countless halls and rooms, finding little of note along the way. Time way running short, and it was only a matter of time before they would need to leave, so with the only noteworthy thing found being a strange lever hidden amongst an alter, they had decided to save said machination for another time, and return to the surface. Unfortunately however, the tomb was determined to claim its new company, as the paths they had explored were cut off from multiple ends by large ape creatures that they were not willing to face. So desperate for a release from the tombs, they went so far as to break down a locked door as one of these great beast watched. To their surprise, it actually worked.

Freed from the beast, they advanced for the surface, but a truly gruesome sight appeared; one final obstacle to ensure they would not leave. It was the band of men that they had met yesterday. Now mangled, shambling corpses, they now marched to the party to have them join their ensemble of death. This poor group of men, so exhausted wanted nothing more than to run from the group, but unfortunately they couldn’t, as there was a certain man in their group who could not run, and leaving him behind would ensure his death. So they fought, and one by one fell to the zombified forces, until only Berehal, Sain, and Jolly remained, dragging the corpses of their former friends away to look what could from their bodies

Session 6 Downtime Events

The second night upon their return to Lestryhonia snow began to fall from the sky. The fourth night the snowfall increased greatly with a cold wind descending over the city. Then as suddenly as it started, the wind ended. Though vegetation attempted to burst through the cold ground, snowbanks grew larger and icicles began to menace from numerous buildings.

Almost dying within the Jotun's Tomb, Matthias spent a great deal of time in veneration of Hodim, Veud, and Vo. He and Halthor enacted ancient ritual under the instruction of the Priests of Ymir.

His spirit heavy with the violence he had seen Sain caroused. He threw silver at wenches and drenched his throat with wine. In his drunkenness he misheard a man insult another as an insult to him and broke his jaw. Blows were exchanged and at the end six men lay feeble and bloodied amid broken jugs of wine and mead.

During his time in Lestryhonia, Berehal was told by Oogi that he had been followed by a pair of men. He kept vigilant for the remainder of his time and seeing them again he attempted to confront them. He strode forward but seeing him approach the duo slipped away into the crowds, disappearing beneath the falling snow.

Traveling through the markets of Lestryhonia, Jolly came across a tattooed man in yellow robes who offered a gamble. Jolly approached and was told the rules of the game, both he and the robed man would pick a number and then two dice would be thrown. The number closest to the sum of the dice would be the winners. Jolly laughed and accepted betting a dagger and won. The Tattooed man scowled and from his bags gave a parcel as his prize. Jolly opened it, finding a vial of poison.

They gained the following rumors:

1) The archer Lugebrai had arrows of pure moonlight which struck his foes dead. When he was slain by his lovers hand he was laid to rest within the depths of Burial Tomb of the Tridobaktrus, his arrows in his arms.
2) On an isle to the north men worship a monstrous being. She has eight hands and five wolves heads snarl from her waist. She stands taller than the trees and rules from a throne of broken ships. She was once the consort of Ytorian emperor but was cursed by the gods to bear a terrible visage.