Monday, May 7, 2018


The following is a edited transcript of the game played on 5/5/18.

Oskar Son of a Lumberjack a Fighter of Short Stature and Leather Garb
Kai Stableboy from New Rind a Fighter of Androgynous Build and Fur Clothes
Franken Cadet from New Rind a Wanderer Hirsute and Lanky
Louis the Pious Son of a Shepard a Holiman with both Unkempt and poorly Shaved hair.

Jeanne a Born of Wealth from Hringepi a Scoundrel has a Scarred Face and Sunken Eyes. Jeane rests outside with the horse.


Backstory: A dozen people have gone missing, last seen in the company of dark robes figures. You have a trailed a few of those figures to this location.
Before you you large stone structure with a single entryway

Marching Order: Oskar, Franken, Louis the Pious, Kai

You walk northwards into the complex and find yourselves in a small room. Aside from the entryway you used now to the south of you there is a single wooden door to the north from the bottom of which light can be seen. The floor is slick here with what appears to be blood and against the eastern wall a large

bloodstain drips down slowly.
Room is roughly 20' tall by 30' wide
As you approach the bloodstains you can tell that they are fresh
On the eastern wall it seems as if someone's head was bashed inot the wall
You peer closley and it looks like something was dragged away from the easternwall towards the door

Oskar - I dip my hand into the largest bloodstain just in case there's something to find

The blood is lukewarm to the touch and largely cooagulated it stains your hand

Kai - Before we move I listen if we can hear anything behind the door

You listen at the door and you hear what appears to be the faint snoring of a person coming from past the door

Franken - I gently open the door enough to peer into.

You push the door open and it loudly creeks
You see a massive stone hall. There are three wooden doors here as well as two other exits. There are two doors are on the southern wall and one on the western wall. The room is filled with 5 pairs of pews and a single elevated podium. A dozen candles flicker and near the podium on a pew a figure in black

robes snores.
He has not noticed the creeking door
The other door on the southern wall is in the SW corner
The NE corner has an entryway and the Esatern wall in the middle has an entryway

Louis the Pious - I check to see where the tracks of blood lead

There are some faint drag marks towards the southwestern door, there are no blood stains

Louis the Pious - I take BV's torch from him first

Franken - I sneak up to tie up the dude, BUT I don't have my rope out until I'm close, AND I want to get a good look at it's face if possible before doing so.

Before you is a hungry and gaunt looking figure in black robes. They hold a dagger in their belt, and a few inches higher on their left arm you can see a brand of a monstrous skull burnt into their flesh. below their close cropped hair are closed eyes

Louis the Pious - I disaprove of the use of branded icons, as they are degenerate
Franken - I tie up the guy.
Louis the Pious - "Tattoos are impure" I mutter under my breath

He slowly awakens, but as he blinks his eyes you have hog tied him
He goes to shout
He shouts "Whaaaaaghga"

Franken - I use the shaft of my staff and caress his teeth meat to gag him.
Louis the Pious - My eyes slightly widen at these displays of degeneracy

The man is tied up and you are shoving your staff into his mouth

Franken - I take the dagger off of his inventory and bring it to his throat. "Woah now you silly boy, let's not do all that screaming. I just wanna talk."

The figure wimpers and gags on the wood lodged deep in his throat
He appears to be choking

Oskar - "It's the third time he's done this this week"
Franken - I gently begin to pull the staff out of his mouth as I tell him, "No screaming now, just words. Understand?"

He hacks and coughs, as he lays on the ground in the fetal position. tears running down his face

Louis the Pious - I wonder if I should cook him some eggs before deciding against it
Franken - I caress his shoulder and shush the tears a little before beginning to talk with him.
Kai - I walk closer to the two, just in case @Franken urges get out of hand again
Oskar - I listen out for signs other cultists may be investigating the shout the cultist made prior to being molested by a staff

Franken - "Sorry things got out of hand there a little, but I was just wondering. By any chance, do happen to know why there are puddles of blood outside the doorway."

He cry-sobs an answer "Why are you doing this to me..."
"What's going on?"
"What blood stains?"

Louis the Pious - I approach with Kai, leaving Oskar to watch the reaer
Franken - "It's not like I think you're a...murderer...or anything, but you can't take any chances. Why are you even here?"

"I serve Master Whitehead here"
"He took me in when he found me dying on the roads"

Franken - "Master Whitehead?"

"He taught me I had purpouse"

Kai - "And what do you mean by 'serve'?"
Franken - "Your purpose is to help me right now." "Whoever Master Whitehead is may very well be in trouble, so, if you've seen anyone come through the doors,please tell me."

"I help him work his magics and rituals. He's the one who venerates Kull Varld and teaches of him to us."
"I've just been sleeping here for a while"

Louis the Pious - I ask him when the last time he ate or had a proper sleep was

"We sometimes have people who wish to be sacrificed for the glory of Kull Valrd come here"
"I eat good here. lots of cheese and porridge"
"Usually I sleep in my bed, but the others keep bullying me so I took a nap here"

Franken - What is this Kull Valrd?
Referee - "He is the deity we venerate here"
Franken - Is he tangible.
Louis the Pious - (I cock an eye at his gaunt figure but nod sympatheticly at the mention of bullies)

"He Who Breaches the Blacked Gates"
he continues to cry
he asks "can you please not do that to me again?"

Franken - I shush him as I give his shoulders a slight rub. "No tears now."
Louis the Pious - "that's not helping!"
Franken - "It's helping ME." "So, buddy, how many bullies do you have. Rough estimate. In fact, how many guys make up your peers?"

"Like over a dozen"

Louis the Pious - I brush FrankenBV aside and whip out the bottle of alchohol. I pour a tiny, tiny amount for him

"Sometimes they leave and go on missions"

Franken - (FUCK)

"Ew what is this alcohol?"

Louis the Pious - "Here, my child, this will calm your nerves."

"Thats what the degenerates drink"

Louis the Pious - I shrug and pour it back in. More for me, yo

"They poison themselves with drink and poison their minds with writ"

Franken - "Okay then. Well, this is a little awkward. I thought that you were a killer...but maybe you secretly are...but probably not." I eye him for anything suspicious aside from the knife I already took.
Kai - "He could still be a killer. Don't be so fast with believing the first sob story he tells"
Louis the Pious - "You're not a killer, are you my child?"

"Life forces us all to do awful things"

Kai - "We should search him. But this time with Frankentsun at the other side of the room."
Louis the Pious - "Awful things? Like kidnapping innocent villagers from the nearby hamlet of what was formerly known as Dicksburg?"
Franken - Fiiine

Louis the Pious - "--I mean, Skyferla?"
Oskar - "Definitely a shining member of the Holy mateyboys here, no doubt about that."
Louis the Pious - "Please, I can tell you have a good heart. You don't kidnap people, do you, my child?"

"I mainly clean the floors here"
"And move the corpses into the charnel pit"

Kai - "You did a terrible job in the previous room"
Franken - I viciously hold back my snickers in the corner
Oskar - "Sleeping on the job? Tsk tsk."
Louis the Pious - "Well, if you didn't kidnap the villagers, who here would have, and where could we find the,?"

He continues confused sobbing "I dunno" "I just clean the rooms and mvoe the bodies"

Louis the Pious - "Tell us, and we won't tell your manager you were sleeping on the job!"
Kai - "He just talked about human sacrifices and moving corpses! Of course he's behind the kidnapping!"

He's just crying now

Louis the Pious - "This is us doing you a favor, son! Please"

like full on baby crying

Franken - I come back into the scene to use my Charisma to sooth his soul with head pats and good vibes

He visibly recoils from your advance

Kai - I put my spear (the sharp one, not the one in my trousers) to his throat. "Enough crying. Tell us what's behind these doors and where the villagers are."
Franken - I polish my borrowed staff in anticipation

"West are some chambers where rituals are worked, I think the door to the south is locked and has sacrifices waiting there, to the north are more ritual rooms, to the east is the charnel pit and where I sleep"
"Let me go please"
"I didn't deserve this
"I just wanna go home"

Louis the Pious - "Is this not your home, child? Where is home for you?"
Kai - "You're part of a murderous cult, kid. Aren't you supposed to embrace death?"
Oskar - "Yeah, yeah but are there any defenses here we should know about?"

"I'm from hringepi"

Oskar - "Booby traps or uh, y'know..."

As you all stand around the crying man you hear footsteps you turn and from the northern hallway three figures emerge


Two pinpoints of light fill the empty sockets of the skeletal figrue here. There is no flesh here only bone. A rusted blade is held tight in a single hand it's gaze unyielding and furious. behind it are two men in black robes. They hold a dagger in their left hand, and a few inches higher you can see a brand of a monstrous skull burnt into their flesh. Below their close cropped hair are the eyes of a fanatic, bloodshot and crazed.

Kai - I keep my spear close the the man's neck, silently threatening the new arrivals not to do any stupid
Franken - The antibully rangers are here to save the day.

The two men in black robes pause for a moment while the skeleton does not seem to notice

Louis the Pious - I move to plea with the two guys, not skeletal
Oskar - I ready my shield as the plea seems to have gone poorly
Louis the Pious - "I notch one of my 10 arrows and fire it at Mr Skeletal

Your arrow flies through his ribcage ineffectively

Oskar - I close in on the skeleton to take their attention and attempt to pierce its skull with my spear
Kai - I kick the tied up man to the ground and join Oskar in his attack on the skeleton, attempting to pierce its chest with my spear

The tied up man cries out in a whimper
Oskar you strike the skelton through an eye socket, cracking it open and destroying his orbital bones.
Kai you stabbed a man in black robes through the skeleton's sternum
The man screams as your spear enters his chest cavity and as it retracts red blood gushes out
He collapses to the ground while the skeleton still stands, now covered in blood with only one pin point of azure light.
The other black robed figure's face drains of color and fear is clearly visible in his eyes. he is clearly shocked at this companions death

Franken - I tell the man pointing my polished up staff, "Put down your weapon, and stay quiet."

He drops his dagger and sprints off into the northern hallway
You hear his feet stomp agaisnt the stones

The skeleton swings its sword at the face of Oskar
Oskar dips below the skeleton's blade and nimbly dodges the blow

Oskar - I attempt to decapitate the skeleton, really wishing that my good chopping axe had been on my belt
Kai - I attempt to trust my spear in the remaining eye socket of the skeleton

You completely pulverize the skeleton's skull with a series of jabs from your spear

Franken - I tear off a piece of my fabric to gag the guy and drag him along as we approach the door. I also cut off the excess rope. Ooh OOH! AND I pick up the dagger that guy dropped earlier.

The door is locked

Kai - I look at our new hostage "You've got the keys for this door? Better tell us now if you don't want to end up like your friend back there."

He frowns and shakes his head

Kai - I walk back to the corpse of the other robed figure and search him for keys or anything else of worth

On the skeleton you find nothing, on the corpse of the black robed figure you find a small pocket with 4 silver coins The black robe figure who was slain also has a knife

Louis the Pious - I grab that knife for good luck, and so I have a 1 handed weapon
Kai - I look at my other three party members and toss one coin to Oskar and Louis. Then I turn to Franken" You'll get your share after we're done here and if you managed to contain your... urges properly."
Franken - Fiiine
Oskar - I attempt to break down the door in all of my manlety glory, gesturing for Kai to join me.

You hear footsteps from the northern hallway
Four figures emerge
Each clad in black robes holding a dagger, one of them a familiar face
He shouts and points "YOU"

Oskar - "Hey guys, how's it going?"

Louis the Pious - I drop the torch and prepare to notch my bow. "Bullies shall find no salvation!"

Franken - I bring the knife to the man's neck and tell the others PUT DOWN THE FUCKING WEAPONS OR THE BOY GET IT! in a very loud wisper.

Louis the Pious - I fire my bow

You arrow flies high and hits no-one

Kai - "This is what you get if you put Frankentsun in charge of dealing with one enemy"
Oskar - "Well, can't win them all." I attempt to shield bash the one cultist in the new group that's a familiar face out of frustration
Kai - I jump forward and thrust my spear towards the chest of one of the unknown faces in the newly arrived group

Oskar swings their sheild but does not clobber anyone. Kai leaps forward and shoves his spear into the chest of one the men in black robes
blood spurts from his mouth as darkness covers his eyes and he falls dead
his corpse twitches a few times

Franken - I push the hostage to the ground and attempt to attack the familiar man with a swing from my staff, one handing that bitch to ensure I still have my shield.

Your swing goes wild and over his head
The familiar face in black robes says "we must fall back and inform whitehead"
The remaining trio retreats swiftly into the northern hallway

Louis the Pious - I swap my Alchohol with my knife so that i have easier access to it
Kai - I look at my three party members and shake my head. "They're wearing the most obvious black robes, they're not that hard to hit."
Louis the Pious - I pick up the torch, speaking of which. Has it gone out?
Kai -I bend down to towards the corpse of the man I killed and search through his belongings

You find three silver coins and a dagger

Oskar - I take the dagger from the dead man and shove it in my pack
Louis the Pious - "Tell us about this master whitehad, my child. what can we expect from him?

He has a bleached face and weilds potent magics
he can make corpses rise and serve him

Franken - "Guide us to Master Whitehead."
Kai - I give Oskar an annoyed look for taking the dagger before pocketing the three silver coins for myself

I don't know where he is, but I know where his room is

Louis the Pious - "we must deal with these corpses -- who here has the strngth neccesary?"
Franken - I begin decapitating the nearest corpse.

The corpses are now headless and blood has spread everywhere

Louis the Pious - I say some prayers or whatever time is of the essence
Oskar - I  try to open the door to the west, dreading whatever may appear

You find a hallway which goes 10' west then turns north, it continues 30' north and forks east and west.
To the west is a door 10' away and the hallway continues to the east past the torch light

Kai - I look at the hostage "what's at the end of each hallway?"

"I don't know"

Franken - "What's behind the door boi"

"I'm not supposed to muck around these parts"

Franken - Well, you're not supposed to be tied up either, but we're being adventurous. Now what's behind the fucking door kid.
Kai - "Useless." I look at Frankentsun, "Why are you carrying this deadweight around still?"


Louis the Pious - "Whoa, kid!"


Louis the Pious - "I can see why this shmuck gets bullied, Wow"
Franken - Y I K E S
Kai - "Can you shut him up before he brings even more people? Or do I have to shut him up?"


Oskar - "If I give you a ration will you stop whining you cheerless git?"

"Yes please"

Oskar - "Promise? On your God or whatever."

"Yes, I'll promise i'll shut up"

You can't tell his motives

Kai - "Why are you even considering giving your rations to an insane cultist exactly?"
Louis the Pious - "Because he is a lost child, as we all are" "We must give mercy where we can"
Franken - I still have the gag from earlier. I could pop that back in if needed.
Kai - "He's lost in the head alright"

He spits at you (Franken) once you say that

Oskar - "What do they say - you catch more flies with honey than vinegar?"

Franken - I punch him in the face as hard as possible.
Louis the Pious - "Let he who has not been bullied leave the bullied to their fate. We cannot ignore him"

He yelps like a kicked dog

Louis the Pious - "Whoa, FrankenTsun, what the hey?"
Oskar - "And at least I didn't fuck his mouth with a staff for a few minutes..."
Kai - "The only thing we've caught so far is more of his friends every time he's wasting our time or shouting bloody murder."
Franken - I re-gag the kid.
Oskar - "I just pity him." "Poor bastard."

He tries to bite you but you succesfully gag him

Kai - "He's part of a cult who sacrifices innocent villagers. Save your pity for them."
Louis the Pious -"He was once an innocent. We have a duty to save him as well. We may leave him behind, but I shall not kill him"
Kai - "Don't worry, I'll gladly relieve you of that burden"
Franken - Everyone's an innocent until they live long enough to get fucking murdered.
Oskar - "Yeah people die when they're killed, we know the deal."

Muffled "But if i die I won't be eaten by the worms, there is a special place for me"

Kai - "Just say the word, kid"
Oskar - "Oh good. Fanatics with a death wish. Go on, monologue for me."
Franken - I gently ceep open the door to take a peeksie.

He tries to yell throught the gag

Kai - "No, don't. We need to hurry on before more of his friends show up. Again."

The door is Locked
Muffled “The Herald shall be unleashed”
Muffled “Oh how the sun will fall from the sky”
Muffled “We breach again the blacked gates”

Kai - I roll my eyes and plunge my spear in his throat

Muffled "GRANT US TOT-" he dies

Oskar - "Nothing personnel, kid."
Louis the Pious - I make whatever blessings I can for the poor soul
Franken - I try to resalvage the rope.
Kai - "Now, can we finally move on?"
Louis the Pious - "Shush, you are in a better place, my child, far from us" I cast Kai a dirty look but move on
Franken - I also decap him because I know I should.
Franken - ...How much inventory slots does a human skull take up.

Oskar - "Yeah might as well." I grab his head and stash it in my pack.
Franken - I stash the guys head.

Each head takes up 1 slot of inventory

Kai - Now that he's no longer bound I search his body again in case he had any other useful stuff on him

Two silver coins

Louis the Pious - I snatch thoise away from him. And put them in my special donations pouch. With another dirty look
Oskar - "Oh here we go, alms for the church." "That go to more booze.'
Louis the Pious - "It is the least the poor soul deserves. Now, shall we move on?"
Kai - I look at Louis "What contribution in this excursion did you bring that would make you eligible for those silver pieces?"
Franken - Guys, stop fighting over money. There will be plenty of cash if we do our job.
Louis the Pious - I bring a consceince, which is just as well, as none of the rest of you have it
Kai - "Ah. I'm sorry, I only remember all the wide-flying arrows"
Louis the Pious - I open my mouth to reply but cclose it again after a second
Franken - Guys! Stop this roast session. We need to get back to the hostages!
Kai - "Right, do your lockpicking thing"

The Lock Fails to Open

Kai - "Somehow I'm not surprised by this turn of events"
Oskar - Hoping for better luck than next time, I wave Kai over to the door.
Franken - (FrankenTsun will remember this)
Kai - "Let the real men do the work" "Or not."
Oskar - "My bad, couldn't reach the handle."
Louis the Pious - I keep the torch but arm myself with a dagger, just in case

As you walk further into the hallway four figures emerge from a door. The one at the very front is a skeleton and the three others are men in black robes
The hallway continues for another like 50' east It meets another hallway which heads north at their intersection is a door to the north

Oskar - I raise my shield and spear aloft and charge into the new pack of enemies, aiming for the closest cultist in black.
Louis the Pious - FrankenTsun takes the torch from me. I notch one of my remaining 8 arrows
Kai - I run behind Oskar's small frame, my spear over his head aimed for the second closest cultist
Louis the Pious - I fire an arrow
Oskar plunges his spear into the throat if a cultist spraying blood everywhere
Kai stabs through the spray of blood and wounds a cultist in the shoulder

The arrow goes wild Hitting non of the figrues assembeled in a striaght line in front of him
Kai - I watch the arrow go wild and roll my eyes "It's the ones in black, Louis!"

The cultists scream at the loss of one fo their own

Oskar - "Yeah, yeah we heard that like 5 minutes ago."
Kai - "Here they go again"

A cultist lunges and stabs at you, while his companion uses this distratcion to strike at you as well.
You are cut across the cheek but avoid an actual telling blow

Kai - I make sure to duck low, just in case any of the cultist's blow go over Oskar's very low head
Oskar - "ow, motherfucker”

They meance and scream yet again

Kai - "You're lucky, Oskar. Would have nicked the private parts of men of normal size"
Oskar - "Good for crawling up skirts man,"

You block both blows with your shield

Oskar - I attack the next closest cultist, angry that he almost shaved my beautiful unkempt face.

Kai - I repeat the same tactic as before, thrusting my spear over Oskar's head, aiming for the cultist behind the one Oskar aims for

In your rage you stab at where the man is not

Kai moves in close and stabs the cultist through the neck, again spending blood flying he too falls down dead

Louis the Pious - I take a good long hard look at my bow I indeed notch another arrow
Kai - "While you're supposed to learn from others, learning from Louis doesn't count, Oskar."
Franken - "do it" I whisper in his ear
Louis the Pious - And fire one of my remaining 7 arrows
Oskar - "but my fAaaaaaace”
Kai - "Don't worry, most people will look over it anyway"

You arrow flies and pins his skull to the stone wall behind him his body hangs lifelessly from the head

Franken - Good job Louis! I knew you could do it.
Louis the Pious - I look at Kai's head not two inches away from where I was aiming
Oskar - "Eye level with tiddies mate, can't complain."
Franken - It just took a couple tries.
Kai - I glance behind me with wide-eyes. "Were you aiming for their feet this time?"
Oskar - I offer Louis a crisp thumbs up.
Louis the Pious - I decide not to say anything, but take the torh back from FrankenTsu, I give a weak little thumbs up

The remaining skeleton launches itself at Oskar
The skeleton slips past your shield and strikes at thee
Oskar, You are stabbed in the shoulder and while it hurts it does not limit your fighting prowess to greatly

Kai - I aim my spear for one of the skeleton's eyes and thrust it forwards with a shout
Oskar - I swing to take the skeleton's legs off at the knee

Louis the Pious - I sit back, satisfied in the knowledge of a job well done

Your spear penetrates the skull of the skeleton shattering it the pinpoints of light go out its skeletal body falls lifeless to the floor

Franken - I try to push through the others as I announce, "Dibs on decapitatin'!"
Kai - "There we go. Good job on the defence, Oskar. Only had to duck once."
Oskar - "Well at least I'm not dead like those poor bastards, eh?”
Franken - I begin hacking up skulls.

You dismember the bodies and blood fills the floor here

Kai - While Frankentsun happily dismembers the bodies I bend down to loot their corpses
Franken - So that's 2 more skulls, right.
Louis the Pious - I restock my arrows with a very un-pious smug look on my face

Only one of those arrows is reusable

Louis the Pious - I now have 10 arrows on my best, and 6 in my bag
Oskar - I offer only a thousand-yard stare.
Louis the Pious - ah, I forgot I could get those back Cool, so that's 10 on my belt, and 7 in my bag
Kai - I give Louis an awkward pat on the shoulder. "We might make a proper archer of you yet"

There is a single door above you all

Total of 16 silver, 3 daggers, and 1 key

Kai - Happy with everyone's contribution I split the silver pieces evenly among the party I also put one of the daggers on my belt and the key in my pocket

"Let's hope this is the key for the southern door so we can get the prisoners and be out of here. Hopefully before that Whitehead fellow shows up"

Louis the Pious - I nod and, torch in hand, lead everyone back south

You all travel directly to the large room and not to the locked room on the side?

They key slides into the door easily and it opens
You push forward into a small and dirty room. Inside you find two men and six women dirtied and fearful. You peer closer and notice that one of the men and one of the women have perished some time prior, the man from a head wound and the woman from a stab wound in her chest. The remaining six people each have one foot manacled to a chain set in the wall. The corpses too are manacled to the wall. The people fearfully stare at you.

Franken - Sup?

They tremble as you approach especially since you are covered with blood

Louis the Pious - I try the key on the nearest manacle
Franken - Calm down, we're here to try and help.


Franken - This is bad guy blood by the way.
Louis the Pious - "Don't worry, we're not all like BV"
Franken - Major bad men.

They attempt to move away from you and The key does not fit the manacles

Kai - I pull Frankentsun back behind the rest of the party. "You go and guard the door. You're good at that"

But the wise words of Mazz echo in your ears you could always break the chain

Franken - "I'm no tank. But I'll do my best."
Louis the Pious - I beckon to Taff to try and break the chain and find a footstool to help Oskar out
Oskar - "Well yeah I'll give it a go." I grab the sweet axe that had been resting in my pack prior to this and wind up to strike the chain of the closest prisoner
Kai - I give the prisoners a wary glance "Just to be sure, you're not going to do anything dumb or annoying like running away or attacking us when we free you right?"

The prisoners merely wimper as your axe swings and strikes the chain in half

Oskar - "Don't worry guys, chains are probably easier to break than trees." "See?"
Louis the Pious - I free the nearest prisoner and check their limbs where they were manacled

There is some scaring as the flesh ash been rubbed raw red that's about it

Kai - With nothing else to do I calmly walk to the two already dead prisoners and casually search through their belongings

Nothing but their clothes and blood

Louis the Pious - "Can you stand, my child, plural?"
Kai - I shrug, "Well, it was worth a try"

the other prisoners murmur about you rifleing through their corpses and Louis helps a women to her feet

Franken - I silently judge Kai from the doorway.
Kai - I give them an awkward smile "I was just looking for some kind of identification. You know, to notify the next of kin"
Oskar - "Suuuuure."
Franken - I silently judge him even harder.
Louis the Pious - I nod sagely. "I knew you would come around, my son" "I am proud of you"
Kai - I pat Louis' shoulder again. "And that's what I do it for"
Oskar - "And this judgement from a man who molested the first guy we found earlier. For shame, the pair of you."
Louis the Pious - We free the rest of the prisoners, helping thme all to their feet

They tremble and follow your gestures

Franken - SILENT judgement. And at least the bodies I fondle aren't corpses.
Oskar - "Yet."
Kai - "Don't worry. They're practicing their stand-up routine. Life of an adventurer doesn't bring in enough money nowadays"
Louis the Pious "Come now, we can fondle later. For now, we need to get these folks out of here!"
Kai - "Anyway, are you all able to walk? We should get out before other lunatics arrive. Ones worse than the guy with the heads on his belt"

They meekly nod

Oskar - 'Yeah, Staffman and Scruffy Midget are gonna take over the world one day. You know, comedy world."
Louis the Pious - I have a hearty laugh at that one, inadvertantly proving Oskar's point
Kai - "Lead the way Oskar" and I motion for the prisoners to follow

You take the six remaining survivors out of the complex to where Mazz is sleeping on a horse

Oskar - "Yup, back to what was it, Skyferla
Louis the Pious - I sigh contentedly. "Ahhh, Skyferla
Franken - I give Jeanne a light slap. "Wake up!"
Kai - I pull Jeanne off the horse with no name before climbin on it myself. "Thanks for the help, Jeane"
Louis the Pious - We take the people back to town, the weakest ones on the horse (after I politely pull Kai off)


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10 Questions Before Play

While there are a few sets of questions for Referees to answer for their players but I've seen little of questions to give to the players. Here is a series of ten questions you can give to your players to get a sense of the game they want to experience. RPG's are ultimately a social experience so these questions can help you work together with your players.

10 Questions For Your Players

1 The thematic focus on the game I would like to play is: 

Ideally a player would provide something they want focused on in game or a genre of media such as horror.

2 The tone of the game I would like to play most closely matches: 

Ideally a player would provide an example or three of media of which matches the tone they want to play.

3 My character should be as powerful as: 

Ideally a player would provide example of a character in a work of fiction or explain the relationship of their character and the world.

4 My character should succeed due by: 

Ideally a player would provide how they overcome difficulties and obstacles in the game.

5 Combat should be: 

Ideally a player would provide adjectives or an explanation about how combat flows or how often it comes up.

6 Dungeons should be a source of: 

Ideally a player would provide nouns or an explanation.

7 Traveling through the wilderness should be: 

Ideally a player would provide an example or describe the purpose of exploring the wild.

8 Downtime in a town should be: 

Ideally a player would provide an example or describe the purpose of downtime.

9 As a player I really want to: 

Ideally a player would list two or three things here and explain why.

10 As a player I really don't want to: 

Ideally a player would list two or three things here and explain why.

I've wanted to use this image for so long

My Answers (As a Referee)

1. Exploration, the unique medium of RPG's allow their participants to gleam information from their world through play. More specifically it would be exploration of the unknown and exploration of the now ruined, which would come about from wilderness hex-crawls and dungeon-delving respectfully.

2. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. + Sunless Sea + Pokemon Gold/Crystal. Lots of exploration of dangerous areas for the promise of treasure or reward. Not hopeless, but the environment of foreboding doom and grim.

3. Player Characters are powerful through their lateral thinking and wits of the players rather than their inherent prowess of the characters. Characters can die in a random mugging, but so could a dragon. But the muggers there are the player characters.

4. Lateral thinking, trickery, wits. You are Odysseus out-witting and blinding the Cyclops, not Hercules moving a river to clean stables.

5. Combat should be short, brutish, and awful. It should not be entered into lightly, and should be cheated at in every opportunity.

6. Death, Wealth, and the Occult. These are the ruins of ancient people that you are plundering. Think of 50% Viet Cong Tunnels + 25% Museum + 25% Paris Catacombs.

7. A chance to meet and see the innumerable things hidden away from the settlements. Find a pack of wolves fighting a bear, a lumberjacks hard at work, or a dead dragon. The outdoorsmanship experience distilled to its important parts.

8. Resupply and gain information about the rest of the world to plan their next expedition. Meet NPC's. Carouse and enjoy the carousing mishap table. Learn about the culture and peoples through interacting with them.

9. As a Referee I want players to engage with the setting and work off that logic and ask questions. Use the knowledge that the pirates of the cove will fence your stolen goods to avoid going to jail for such things. The more questions you ask the more information I can give you and the more of the same page we will be on.

10. As a Referee I don't want references to the real world by player characters/active disunity to the setting, player antagonism, and poor etiquette. If the setting is ancient rome don't reference communism. You all are a team and you work best when working together. Etiquette is self explanatory.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

62-Hex Hex-Crawl with a 1d50 Rumor Table

In the course of 5 days I have constructed this hex-crawl using the procedures outlined here and here. In this hex-crawl a sense of a "living world" was prioritized with numerous hex contents described in order to set the "scene" of game play. Monsters referenced within the Hex-crawl are all from This Bestiary. 


Monday, April 2, 2018

Constructing a Visual Summary of a Hex-Crawl Region in 30 Images

In my time running games, one of the issues I've come across is communicating setting information to the players. For my settings I usually write up a Primer(Old Setting) of 4-5 pages which provides information to the characters about the setting. These provide information their characters would already know, and can answer the more common questions about the setting. While my Primer of Valiant and the Answers to 20 Questions give the players a sense of information about the world their characters inhabit there is still a disconnect in how I see and attempt to communicate Valiant and how they visualize it. Players are loath to read information provided by the referee about the world prior to starting and most information conveyed is described as a contrast to the norm. However, the norm is rarely presented. 

A week ago I asked the players of my in-person game how they visualized the setting and the answers I got back didn't match what I was trying to communicate. We were on the same page in terms of tone and themes but there was a big divergence in what each player visualized. One player imagined the setting as a "Generic Medieval European" setting, another imagined it as "Dark Gloomy Renaissance", while the last described it as "Viking Scandinavia + Backstabbing". This made me take time to consider how I was communicating things and I thought about just showing visual elements in order to show get on the same page visually. Below is a procedure to create a "visual summary" for your players to be on the same page as you.

Author's Note: Honestly, this is kinda irrelevant in the game as it probably won't change anything now, but going forward I can see saving me a great deal of energy. 

In my opinion, the following 30 images allow a referee to communicate the vast majority of a setting which is glossed over in primers. This visual summary would allow the players to draw inspiration for their visualizations of their game from how the referee envisions it, reducing the divergence of what the Referee describes and what the PC's see. Further some each of these images answers implicit questions about the setting. The Visual Summary of my setting is present below as well

Necessary Images in your Visual Summary

People: 3 Images

1. Man 
2. Woman 
3. Child

Society: 6 Images

4. Farmer
5. Warrior
6. Sage
7. Priest
8. Merchant
9. Noble

Places: 11 Images

10. Plains
11. Swamps
12. Hills
13. Mountains
14. Waters
15. Forest
16. Village
17. Town
18. City
19. Keep
20. Ruin

Cultural: 10 Images

21. Festival
22. Wedding
23. Funeral
24. Home
25. Ship
26. Clothes
27. Coin
28. Food
29. Jewelry
30. Art

Visual Summary of Valiant





Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Bestiary of 140+ Monsters

Previously I have written posts about creating a wilderness hex crawl and populating it with dungeons. Here are monsters to fill your wilderness with.


Saturday, March 17, 2018

Where is a Nearby Dungeon in my Hexcrawl?

Below is a simple yet robust procedure for adding dungeons to your hex-crawl.

Base Chance of a Dungeon in a Hex

Each hex has a 1 in 10 chance of having a dungeon inside. Once a hex has terrain and fillings then it is simple to add a dungeon by using the existing structures within as the basis for a dungeon. If there is a ruined structure within the hex, then one can simply select one of them as leading into a dungeon. If there are no abandoned structures than one of the existing structures may be selected to having been built over a dungeon. The same could be done for existing natural landmarks or monster lairs within a hex. In this manner, hex fillings can be used as inspiration or procedural generation for the dungeon within. Four examples are given below, each drawing from a hex crawl (of 37 hexes roughly matching the expected number of dungeons) previously made.

(7,8) Swamp Hex with Ruined Church

The dungeon here could be the crypts of the church now submerged and half filled by the swamps. The church may have used an existing structure for its foundation and now that foundation is deep under the swamp. I imagien this dungeon has a level of the church, a level of the crypt half submerged by the mire, a level underneath untouched by the swamps largely empty, a level deeper still which has not been opened for a great period of time.

(5,10) Forest Hex with Great Stone Idol

This dungeon strikes me as the hidden barrow of the figure shown by the idol. Perhaps he was an ancient warrior of great renown and was interred with his slaves and treasure. Perhaps the slaves have risen as wraiths who would curse at those who seek to plunder his tomb.

(6,5) Plains Hex with Rock formation of a large cliff and numerous holes all along it each of differing size but most the diameter of a man. 

As I have recently been reminded of Junji Ito's The Enigma of Amigara Fault I would have the dungeon be similar to it. Hidden nearby is entry to a complex where once human figures have been stretched out to near impossible proportions.

(7,12) Waters hex with Harassed by Ghosts, Lunatic Sailors, and a Giant Bird

In my notes I had that those lunatic sailors are cultists who sacrifice victims to the Massive Bird and their victims are now risen ghosts. This dungeon builds itself conceptually as a complex on a cliff at the top of which a giant bird comes to roost in order to eat sacrificial victims.

Dungeons Near a Settlement

For each random NPC encountered I use the following table to determine their alignment.

NPC Alignment Table


There is a 1 in 6 chance of a NPC having a chaotic alignment and in doing so is likely to betray the characters or manipulate them into serving them. This same probability can be used to determine dungeons near a settlement. Villages roll a 1d6, Towns roll a 1d6+2, and Cities roll a 1d6+4 on the following table below. Like above three examples are given below, drawing from the same previously mentioned hex crawl.

Nearby Settlement Dungeon Table

1-5 No Nearby Dungeon
6-7Dungeon in the same hex
8As above and Dungeon 1 hex away*
9As above and Dungeon 2 hexes away*
10As above and a Dungeon 3 hexes away*

*Placement can be determined by the image below.

(6,5) Village of Gramling (Roll of 6 on the Nearby Settlement Dungeon Table)

While there is already an existing dungeon in this hex, I feel that the addition of another dungeon would not congest it too greatly. There is a ruined village in this hex as well and I could see that the ruin of it may have come from a dungeon below it completely unrelated to the gaping cliffs. Perhaps a great evil was trapped in the earth below and then one day a random youth from the village explored the inside and disturbed it allow it to spill outwards. This is where I would place Fungal Growths on Prison Walls.

(2,5) Town of New Rind (Roll of 8 on the Nearby Settlement Dungeon Table)

There are two dungeons here. This hex is largely absent of fillings, mainly roads and the town itself, so the dungeon within this hex may have nothing to with the actual town. However, one my rumor table I have it that "A cadet from New Rind found a silver sword, which he claims fell down from the moon". SO perhaps there was once a cult dedicated to the moonfolk and they have a temple on a hilltop which can be only be seen and entered on the night of a full moon. The other dungeon is in hex (3,4) which contains a ruined mine. Perhaps the reason the mine was shut down because it entered a cavern complex full of some foul subterranean thing which now haunts the mine.

(8,11) City of Hringepi (Roll of 9 on the Nearby Settlement Dungeon Table)

Now we have three dungeons in proximity. The first is in the actual hex itself, and in my notes there is a dungeon below the castle where the Jarl has been locked away to hide his curse. That solve the question of that dungeon.
The next dungeon is in hex (7,10) contains an old faith temple. Like the church in hex (7,8) perhaps it was built on an existing structure which is sealed away. I have no issue with reusing this idea of building on top of existing constructs. Perhaps it was sealed off due to the numerous traps and false reliquaries much like a pyramid.
The last dungeon is in hex (8,7) contains a ruined estate as well as a large camp of tribal horsemen (nomads). Off the top of my head the nomads consider it a cursed place and have placed a trio of riders nearby to monitor it. They will approach those who wander close and warn them of certain doom. I would say that the estate was the site of a Jarl's exiled son who was banished for his obsession with the occult. He became an accomplished magic user and after a failed conjuration his estate is filled with malicious magics, magical reagents, monsters, and a grotesque mockery of him.

Final Thoughts

Now we have placed a total of 10 dungeons in this hex crawl. Each is connected to the existing hex fillings and present a wide variety of interactions for those traveling through the region. One could also simply add existing modules where one sees fit. Alongside the 9 existing monster lairs, two of which have been incorporated into the dungeons, and five settlements we have a total of 15 hexes with long term emergent game play and all of this isn't even taking to account random monster encountered through travel across the hexes.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Wandering Dungeons Part 3 of 3: Death from Above (Kheldonian Dirigible Dungeons)

In a previous post the following monster was described.

Name: Kheldonian Dirigible

A vast ship of glistening iron, held aloft by numerous propellers and a gross bloated canvas sails through the air. Ugly sigils of red and black repeat along the balloon and the face of some gruesome doglike lizard intermittently spews flames outward. Numerous cannons menace from the decks, the light of the storm shining on both them and the numerous glass windows along the sides of the ship.

HD: 7
Def: 6
Dam: 3d10/3d10/3d10
Move: 9 flying
Save: 20
Morale: 12

Artillery: A Khldonian Dirigible may only fire a salvo of cannon balls every 1d4+1 rounds

Floating Doom: At half hp and 0 hp the Kheldonian Dirigible makes a morale check or else the crew decides to land it nearby and engage in combat. At 0 hp, reroll the Dirigible's hp with 1 less HD and reduce the hp of each monster encountered inside by 1.

Lair: Thick iron slabs half buried in the earth lie scattered as if remnants from some heavy rain
Spoor: The repeated clicking of steel on brass varies in sinister tempos
Tracks: A trail of dark smoke lingers in the sky
Traces1: A kaleidoscope of oil glistens in the ground
Traces2: A thick iron slab sits long embedded in the cliff side, an errant rib sticking upward at the sky

Art by Yoshitaka Amano

Kheldonian Dirigible Dungeon Layout

Once landed, the dirigible is a dungeon with 8 + 1d6 rooms inside. These rooms are arranged in three layers as depicted below.

Room Purpose

The rooms in the dungeon are as follows:
Room 1 - Maw gate into the hold of the Dirigible
Room 2 - Massive hold lit by numerous lanterns
Room 3 - Hold Passage way
Room 4 - Massive hold without light
Room 5 - Upperdeck below the cannons
Room 6 - Observation deck above the lit hold
Room 7 - Walkway deck above the lit hold
Room 8 - Walkway deck above the dark hold
Room 9 - Dirigible Deck with cannons and chains binding the balloon

Room 7 is a special case as the result rolled on the 1d6 for the number of rooms refers to how many room sevens there are in the dirigible.

Room Contents

The properties of each room are described below:
Room 1 - Contains either 2d6 Winding Men, 2d20 Lemures, or 2d8 Salamanders as well as numerous black iron rods each 5' long and 6" thick
Room 2 - Contains 2 rolls on the Kheldonian Treasure Table and either 1d4 Kirkes or 2 Wound Maws
Room 3 - Contains either 2d4 Winding Men or 2d6 Salamanders
Room 4 - Contains a Vovoma, 6 rolls on the on the Kheldonian Treasure Table, and either 4d10 Winding Men in enchanted slumber, 3d20 Dry Carapaces in chain bound sarcophagi, or a massive Cage full of 2d6 Wound Maws
Room 5 - Contains armaments for the cannons above  and 2d6 Salamanders
Room 6 - Numerous glass panels show the world outside, otherwise this area is empty
Room 7 - Walkway deck above the lit hold, those inside see what's below but those below cannot see what's above them
Room 8 - The dark hold can be seen from here and those with lights can see its contents
Room 9 - There are three operational cannons, 3d6 salamanders manning those cannons, and 1 Kamek at the helm seated in a throne. 3d6 Barrels of Blasting Powder are present in clumps equal to each of the 1d6's rolled. Each barrel can explode for 3d10 damage for all within 10'

There only wandering monsters within are 1d8 Salamanders alongside 1 Wound Maw.

Bestiary of a Kheldonian Dirigible


This is a horse sized man with iron skin and the corpulence of a water ballon. Where a man's face would be instead gold etchings present a crude frowning face. If an individual comes within 10' it suddenly awakens and screams tears of gold. A voice like wind chimes begs everyone to get away. in 1d6+1 rounds it explodes for 7d10 damage to everything within 20' If the Kheldonian Dirigible is in the air when this happens it will come crashing down.


The figure before you stands in shimmering chain robes holding an iron sword. Rather than a face he has the beak of a bird and three large horns. Wings too small to elevate his body can be seen behind him. A matted mess of black hair falls from below the golden crown he wears.

HD: 5
Def: 2
Dam: 1d6 (sword)
Move: 12
Save: 13
Morale: 17

Summon Assistants: Every 1d6+1 rounds of combat a Kamek may summon either 1d6 Winding Men, 2d8 Lemures, 2d4 Salamander, or 1 Wound Maw

Winding Man of Asphidonkhelon

A mannequin of brass and iron stands a little taller than a man. Numerous clockworks can be seen in his innards ticking and tumbling. Rather than a face a single flat slab tops his shoulders. He wields a two headed axe in his hand.

HD: 2
Def: 2
Dam: 1d8 (axe)
Move: 6
Save: 5
Morale: 20

Varying Tempo: After the first 1d4-1 rounds of combat a Winding Man's Movement becomes 13 and they gain the Tightly-Wound property below as they begin moving much more quickly.

Tightly-Wound: If a Winding Man takes more than 4 damage from a single source it has a 25% chance of unwinding. The Winding-man explodes damaging all within 5 of it for half of its remaining HP.

Dry Carapace of Asphidonkhelon

A mummified corpse twice your height looms above you. A contraption in between a beartrap and a conch shell covers his corpus. A thin spear rests in his hands

HD: 1
Def: 3
Dam: 1d6 (spear)
Move: 11
Save: 6
Morale: 20

Bound within a shell: Unless the mummified head is seperated from the body the Dry Carapace re-animates in 1 turn.

Wound Maw of Asphidonkhelon

A gaggle of daggers emerge from a sphere making an ugly mouth. A trail of chain follows an eyeless face which thrashes around. A thick chain the thickness of your arm extends from the orb.

HD: 4
Def: 6
Dam: 3d4 (bite) + attach
Move: 9
Save: 6
Morale: 20

Gator Roll: If attached the Wound-Maw thrashes dealing 1d8 damage to its target.

Obidient: If someone holds the end of the chain of a Wound Maw it becomes complient and subservient to them. Someone holding onto an end of a chain for over 1 hour may make a charisma check in order to have the Wound Maw recognize them as their master

Kirke of Asphidonkhelon

The object before you violently shudders and suddenly turns into an ugly shade of yellow. The yellow shudders again and unrolls into a nearly translucent centipede the size of the object.

HD: 1d4
Def: as HD
Dam: 1d8+HD
Move: 9
Save: 12
Morale: 15

Mimicry: Each Kirke may assume a form of an object indefiently. Once touched by a PC they animate and deal damage.

Lemure of Asphidonkhelon

What can best be described as the pencil sketch of a man poorly erased meanders towards you. The figure appears ragged and grieving as it limps towards you.

HD: 1
Def: 0
Dam: 1d2
Move: 12
Save: 3
Morale: 4

Pathetic: Each Lemure that deals damage attaches to a target and drains 1d100 XP every round that it is attached. Damage to that lemure in excess of its hp deals that much damage to their attached target.

Salamander of Asphidonkhelon

A black salamander with numerous yellow splotches stares at you with dark unmoving eyes. Upon two iron boots it stands a head taller than you and holds a single double headed axe in its hands. Thin veins of bright red repeat through its body periodically flashing.

HD: 2
Def: 6
Dam: 1d8 (axe)
Move: 10
Save: 8
Morale: 12

Ov Flame: Salamanders of Asphidonkhelon take no damage from sources of flame, further when one dies its body turns into black oil that spreads 5' and lights on fire in 1d4-1 rounds.

But taller than you

Kheldonian Treasure Table (1d6)*

11d4 Steel barrel of Naphta (worth 400 silver)
21d4 Steel barrel of Naphta (worth 400 silver)
33d4 Bundles of silk each (worth 100 silver) 
42d6 chests full of 300 silver coins each
A cannon, 20 cannon balls, manual of usage, and 4 barrels of blasting powder deals. Cannons deal 3d10 damage every 1d4+1 rounds and each barrel of blasting powder can be used for the firing of 5 cannon balls.
6Roll Again with a +6 to the roll
7Massive Stone Cube 10' by 10' by 10', if the blood of 20 HD of sacrifices are splashed against it the cube animates as a trap for 100 days. It may move 200' in 1 round every 3 rounds and anyone in it's way must save or be turned to bloody pulp.
8A suit of black armor etched with demonic figures and a black double headed axe. Armor as plate but you take 1 point less of damage from any source, Axe deals 1d8 damage and deals an additional 1d8 damage on a roll of 8
9 A green morel bound in a thin glass sphere, if one breaks the sphere, the next time they would die they instead would restore to the state they were in when they broke the sphere
10An iron scepter with a red jewel on its end which can be evoked to turn any male of royal blood into a local animal. Contains 1d8 charges
11A golden arm band, one who wears it can control their charisma score in HD of Lemures, Dry Carapaces, or Winding men
12A beautiful maiden, the female heir to a throne, is bound in rope and gagged

*If you roll a previously rolled value simply roll again, unless it is a 6.