Friday, January 3, 2020

The Giant's Drown: Small Hexcrawl + 2 Dungeons

This pdf details the island for the past 9 sessions of the games. I will upload further island hexes as they get play-tested by myself and a few other referees. Some references of magic and magic items within correspond to a game-document that is still being play-tested but it should not be difficult to replace them with other OSR rule-sets.

The 2 dungeons within are for characters levels 1-4. The Burial Tomb of the Tridobaktrus has been previously uploaded to this blog, but the PDF should be a more useable format. It is 3 floors and has about 45 rooms. The Jotun's Tomb is 4 floors and has about 80 rooms.

The Jotun's Drown

If you use these in your games, please let me know how it goes!

Another two documents that maybe useful are the 2 primers I gave my players at the start of the game.

Campaign Primer                          Visual Summary

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