Hexcrawl Part 1

Hex Contents

8,13 Vast and Empty Ocean

7,12 Coast: Campsite, Ruined Bridge, Seascape Road to Hex (8,11) and Northward to Jasp

9,12 Coast: Hunting camp, Ruined farmland, Teal River flowing from Hex (9,10) meeting the Sea

6,11 Swamp: Mixing site of the Ivory and Bone Rivers, Ruins of great castle underneath the mire, Bone River Flowing Northwest, Ivory River Flowing North

8,11 Coast: Hringepi, Harpy Road to Hex (7,10), Seascape road to Hex (7,12)

5,10 Forest: Pond formed by the Ivory River, Ivory River flowing from Hex (6,11), Great Stone Idol, Bridge over the Ivory River

7,10 Swamp: Ruined Mine, Waterfall, Old Faith Temple, Harpy Road to Hex (6,9) and Hex (8,11)

9,10 Hills: Well, Ruined Farmland, Teal River flowing from Hex (9,8) to Hex (9,12)

4,9 Forest: Skyfrela Village, Tradig post, Fountain

6,9 Swamp: Ruined Bridge, Mine, Roadside Inn, Harpy Road to Hex (8,11) and Hex (5,8)

8,9 Swamp: Bridge, Waterfall, Estate

3,8 Forest: Ruined Trading Post, Ruined Trading Post, Ruined Bridge

5,8 Plains: Campsite, Wellspring to the Caged Pond, Ruins of a once Vast Citadel, Harpy Road to Hex (6,9) and Hex (4,7), Rind Road to Hex (5,6) and missing to Hex(4,7), Helm Road missing to Hex (5,6)

7,8 Swamp: Ruined Bridge, Ruined Church, Ruined Trading Post

9,8 Swamp: Well, Ruined Farmland, Teal River Flowing from the Southeast to Hex (9,10)

2,7 Forest: Stream, Roadside Inn, Ruined Farmland

4,7 Forest: The Oubilette, Caged Pond, Ruined Estate, Huge stone monoliths rising out of the ground like some vast hand all covered in green moss, Harpy Road to Hex (5,8) and Hex (3,6), Rind Road to (5,6) and missing to (5,8)

6,7 Swamp: Well, Ruined Mines, Runined Trading Post, Once prosperous town now submerged underneath the mire, Harpy Road Missing Section from Hex (6,5)

8,7 Plains: Ruined Estate, Ruined Trading Post, Ruined Mine

1,6 Forest: Roadside Inn, Roadside Inn, Bridge

3,6 Lake: Stormhelm Lake, Fountain, Ruined Trading post, Ruined Mine, Harpy Road to Hex (4,7) and Hex (3,4), Rind Road to Hex (2,5) and Hex (4,5)

5,6 Plains: Rind Road to Hex (5,8) and Hex (4,5), Helm Road to Hex (5,4) and missing to Hex (5,8)

7,6 Plains: Waterfall, Ruined Roadside Inn, Ruined Trading Post

2,5 Forest: Town of New Rind, Rind Road to Hex (3,6), Western Road to Hex (1,4), Sunflower Road to Hex (2,3)

4,5 Forest: Lumberyard, Farmland, Rind Road to Hex (5,6) and Hex (3,6)

6,5 Plains: Village of Gramling, Ruined Village, Ruined Bridge, Harpy Road to Hex (5,4) and Missing Section to Hex (6,7), Rock formation of a large cliff and numerous holes all along it each of differing size but most the diamater of a man

1,4 Forest: Stone Idol, Campsite, Western Road to Hex (2,5) and Southwest to the City of Realm

3,4 Forest: Ruined Estate, Ruined Estate, Ruined Temple, Harpy Road to Hex (3,6) and Hex (4,3)

5,4 Hills: Well Spring of the Indigo River flowing to Hex (5,2), Ruined Temple, Ruined Church, Harpy Road to Hex (5,2) and Hex (6,5), Helm Road to Hex (5,2) and Hex (5,6)

7,4 Plains: Ruined Church, Ruined Bridge, Ruined Roadside Inn

2,3 Forest: Waterfall, Farmland, Sunflower Road to Hex (2,5) and South to Rasa

4,3 Hills: Ruined Farmland, Bridge, Harpy Road to Hex (3,4) and Hex (5,2)

6,3 Plains: Farmland, Estate, Estate

3,2 Hills: Wellspring to Thor's Tears River flowing South, Ruined Village, Ruined Estate

5,2 Mountains: Village of Wercheg, Ruined Bridge, Indigo River flowing from Hex (5,4) to Hex (5,0), Harpy Road to Hex (4,3) and Hex (5,4), Helm Road to (4,3)

4,1 Lake: Boatbreak Lake, Ruined Estate, Mine, Roadside Inn, petrified remains of some great boat battle beneath the waters

6,1 Mountains: Ruined Trading Post, Ruined Trading post, Ruined Farmland

5,0 Mountains: Indigo River flowing from Hex (5,2) to the Southeast

Monstrous Lairs

Hex (8,13) - Lair of a Large Clan of Atavistic Merfolk Raiders

Hex (7,12) - Shipping Lines harassed by Ghosts, Lunatic Sailors, and a Giant Bird (Cultists who sacrifice to Massive Bird and their victims)

Hex (4,9) - Lair of Krovkulaks

Hex (6,9) - Lair of Krovososes and Lair of

Hex (8,7) - Large Camp of Tribal Horsemen

Hex (4,7) - Site of 9 Giant Elk murdered in some foul ritual

Hex (5,6) - Lair of particularly cruel wolves

Hex (7,4) - Rampaging Derelict Ironsmoker

Hex (4,3) - Haunt of a Vendigo

Rumor Table 

-1d4 + 1d10
1 Hringepi1 - You can buy Mercenary believers of the Old Faith whose morale will not break.
2 Hringepi2 - Craftsmen can make you a prosthetic clockwork limb to replace a missing one.
3 Hringepi3 - A council of old men seek to replace Fyrtarn the rightful Jarl.
4 Hringepi4 - No one remembers the last time that they had seen Fyrtan the Jarl.
5 New Rind1 - Every first of the month tournaments are waged with honor and glory to be obtained
6 New Rind2 - Drunks fill the streets and harass all who pass
7 New Rind3 - An academy of instill virtues of knighthood and martial mastery
8 Gramling - Cadets from New rind have a habit of harassing this village
9 Wercheg - A Travler in a great Blue Coat has been seen traveling through the lands offering exotic goods
10 Skyfreta - A maiden of incredible beauty fends off many suitors
11 A keep known as the Oubliette rises near the Caged Pond
14 Creatures said to be able to vanish from sight, menace travelers who cross the Harpy's Mire
15 Ghosts are said to haunt the Rind Timberlands
16 Storms dance across the tops of the Skystab Mountains
17 Zeugolodons rage across the Glimmer Sea
18 Giant shadows are said to dance under standing stones out along Thor's hills
19 Vicious Creatures have been seen rising out of the Sea
20 Those who walk the Seascape road speak of an aboorent Cult
21 Something menaces within the Hinterlands, spreading disease.
22 Some Vicious monster has been killing travlers Deep in the Harpy's Mire.
23 A horizon of yurts strech across the plains, home to a tribe of nomads
24 Numerous animals have been found mutilated in the Rind Timberlands
25 The Howling of wolves is often heard along the Helm Road
26 A Black Construct of Iron and Billowing smoke rampages across the plains near the Skystabd Mountains
27 Someone haunts Thor's Hills ending the lives of men by single axe blow.
28 Two tribes met in bloddy battle upon Boatbreak lake, their remains are petrified below the waters
29 Holes the size of a man dot the cliffs near Gramling
30 There is an entire submerged Town beneath the Harpy's Mire, still full of wealth and treasure
31 Those who travel by the harpy road can often see the Ruins of Old Golgath
32 A massive Mossed Cromlech rises in the heart of the Rind Timberlands
33 Northwards up the Seascape Road lies Jasp, a town where wizards learn within a volcanoe
34 Westwards along the Western Road lies the city of Realm, a place of opulence and excess
35 Southwest along the Sunflower Road is the Sea and the town of Rasa
36 A cadet from New Rind found a silver sword, which he claims fell down from the moon
37 A red haired man with many silver rings and a massive sword, has been known to cause tragedy often
38 White Haired sorcerers have descended from the cruel city of Ozborn in search of something
39 Travelers speak of pale eyes and raven feathers meancing from the shadows in the trees
40 Elders speak that the worst of winter is yet to come

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