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Chasing a Blaze in the Northern Sky Session 14 Summary

Having successfully delivered the spear and armor to Sinsin, the party only had one village left before they had completed the task given to them by the merchants, and that was finding a path to the Roxolani village. Having bought more supplies for their journey, the party set forth returning to Arthosi before traveling north to Roxolani. But deep within the woods they were traveling the party had just barely made out a conflict shrouded in the veil of night and torrential downpour, with men roaring in the distance as if they were competing with the lightning that howled across the sky.
There were more people than anyone could make out with at least fifteen men at odds with each other, though who was fighting who was ambiguous to the group. With no context, the Combative Companions were unsure who to aid, so they had quietly approached as the numbers began to dwindle away. With just barely enough light to make out part of the scene they realized they were paying witness to the horrid  sight of the walking corpses of fallen warriors attacking a group of men. The party knew that they needed to help, but as they were trying to approach the group they quickly found themselves sinking into the muck of the mire, forcing them to take a grueling path around to slowly enter the scene.

But by then, it was far too late.

The party arrived to discover the sight of sixteen Tydu slain as the undead soldiers shambled off into the darkness. Only one remained, who was going to die soon enough, but had just enough life in him to speak as the others arrived. The sorrow in his tone as he had asked the men, "Why did you not help?" shook the party, with Matthias taking his words hardest. There was nothing the party could do, as they had no way of reaching them in time, and as much as it pained the Tydu soldier, he at least understood the truth in what they had told him. His last request was that they be given a proper burial as to prevent the fate of rising from the dead, and Matthias agreed to not only do so, but return the earrings of the Tydu back to their village, and give honor to the men by telling their tale. It was a nice sentiment, and as the light of his life began to fade from his eyes, he had at least this final act of kindness to comfort him.

After burying the sixteen men, the sun began to rise, and the party continued until they finally made it back to Arthosi to get some rest. Most of them. Due to being abominable frog men Thorvid and Oogi were kept out of the village during the night, forcing them to camp outside of the palisades. It's not easy being green, or more accurately the pale, olive color that comprises their mucus covered  skin.

With another day approaching, the men set out to Roxolani, with the intent of also finding the Tydu village that from their understanding would be in the general direction of Roxolani along the shore. As they had set camp for the night however, they were approached by a small group led by a young man, roughly 15 years of age. He introduced himself as Ighan, nephew of Chief Sinsin of the Spali, and he was beyond pissed. Apparently the spear and armor that, keep in mind the party did  not need to get, were cursed items that, while imbuing the user with great power, also put them in a deep and violent rage. Not only this, but there are multiple weapons of similar caliber throughout the island. Returning the spear was the first step in what will surely be a war across the entire Island to both conquer and acquire these weapons, and basically, Ighan just showed up to call the CeeCees a bunch of assholes and blame them for what's going to happen.

Thankfully the party is going to leave soon after they find Roxolani, and Ighan basically told them to fuck off and not come back lest he sees to it that they are executed, so they all quietly agreed to just pretend this didn't happen, and ignore the problem until it becomes a much worse problem in the future.

Continuing the Roxolani, they camp for another night only for Halthor to discover a distressing sight off in the distance. Eighty feet away near the shore was a sea monster hulking about the sand, devouring people in a large group of men with it's many rows of jagged teeth and crushing them beneath its superior size. And it's at times like these were the party knows how thoroughly stupid it'd be to engage such a creature, but there were ten men fighting that thing at the time, so if everyone worked together, they could surely take it down as a unit.

The party rallied together to try and help the men...only for the men to immediately disengage when other people arrived to help, turning a 17 on 1 fight into a 7 on 1 fight with 10 glorified cheerleaders trying to protect some woman that was accompanying them. Long story short, Thorvid and Oogi are dead because the creature had a taste for frog, and it was then killed without the help of anyone beyond the party. It was a thoroughly infuriating experience for everyone, but they did their best to let it slide, as there was no point in trying to pick a fight in their current state. At the very least, the men sought to  guide the party to Roxolani, but first encountered a band of Tydu and traveled to their village. So, it almost sort of not really balances itself out.

Matthias stood at the center of the village and told the following to the Tydu:

"Brave and noble Tydu, here is the tale of strong Liktor, and his tragic death. 

Though we are but outlanders, who have only been here a short time, we have already experienced the bravery and glory of Petruha, of the Tydu. 
This brave man and his men sacrificed their lives refusing to retreat with us, to fight off a vovkulak. May his bravery be forever noted.

But that is not this sad, tragic tale. This tale begins in a dark, stormy night. Rain flew down in sheets, and the sky was ink-black as we trod forward. Through crashes of lightning, we saw a fight. Men were giving a brave account of themselves. Unable to see much more, we began to move toward it. Slowly plodding through swamps, bogs, we headed to the fight. As we got closer, we saw who these men were fighting, and our stomachs sank. These Tydu had been fighting the horrifying dead. 

We arrived too late. One Tydu warrior remained, who told us to return these earrings. Liktor, who had led his men bravely, struggled against the long-dead, but was ultimately overcome. We were too late. We buried him and his men in their own graves, deep in the ground, with a proper burial. 

In Liktor's last breaths, he asked us to return these earrings. I told him I would tell the tale of him and his men, ordinary Tydu who gave all. May all warriors like him, fighting and dying far from home, receive the same praise we now try to give Liktor, and Petruha. "

Session 14 Downtime Events

Though the Tydu were glad to learn of what befell their brethren a gloom hung over their village. Night soon fell and at dawn women wept and wailed as several men tugged upon chains to elevate a stone pillar. The pillar rose upwards, painted bright white with lime and men begin to gather brush to burn at it's base. As flames enveloped the base of the pyramid a pair of aged Tydu priests emerged and begin chanting intermittently tossing powders into the flames below the monolith. 

One of the Tydu approached the party, an ugly scar across his neck and silver hoops in his ears, and gestured to them. He spoke in a solemn tone, "You would be wary of the pillar it would not welcome outsiders much as yourselves." He continued, "It is a shard of the cage used to imprison the Nosfera. In ages past before the colorless flame fell from the sky, a great king bound hundreds of demons inside a great stone monolith. His intent was to concentrate their balefule nature as the Yayoi would spider venom. The demon that remains will drag the souls of the slain Tydu to heaven."

As the party stood at the precipice of the ceremony and as it wound down a Tydu tribesman approached with intent to join them. 

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