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Chasing a Blaze in the Northern Sky Session 6 Summary

With an entirely new group of men exploring Jotun’s Tomb, the traveling party of Matthias, Hunzuu, Hurass, Sain, Halthor, Oogi, and Jodah, begin another trek to the crow laden site ready to explore its depts with hopeful accompaniment. To add to their forces, they’ve also gained the company, of three new men. Berehal, Jolly, and Vanus. Yes, with a truly massive group it seems their journey to generate income may lead to something other than pure disappointment. But the party was well aware that for this dream to be a reality, they would need to face the looming fear of descending deeper into this den of skeletal giants, and parasitic monstrosities. None were willing to make that step however, literally finding themselves frozen in fear at the entrance to the floor below, staring at a giant of an insectoid creature floating about in a glass cylinder. With their courage gone before they even began, Hunzuu decided to take initiative, and advanced a few feet into the room. He is now dead after a swarm of ticks descended upon him from the ceiling.

With a fresh corpse giving the party the reassurance that they will no longer be ambushed, they quickly attacked the creatures, scaring them away with their blades and bows, but losing Jodah as well in the process. Soon after, they had discovered the rumored fountain that the armless Hunzuu had so desperately hoped to find in their journey. It was a peculiar structure, with an ape creature fighting a reptilian that had a liquid dripping from its jaws. As foretold, it did in fact have regenerative properties, quickly replacing Sain’s missing eye with a reptilian counterpart, and healing the remaining members. Matthias remained resolute not to fall into the temptations of the fountain however, despite being horribly wounded and cursed with the inability to run away from encounters.
But what are the odds that this could possibly be an issue in the future?

Somewhat recovered, they continued their journey, through countless halls and rooms, finding little of note along the way. Time way running short, and it was only a matter of time before they would need to leave, so with the only noteworthy thing found being a strange lever hidden amongst an alter, they had decided to save said machination for another time, and return to the surface. Unfortunately however, the tomb was determined to claim its new company, as the paths they had explored were cut off from multiple ends by large ape creatures that they were not willing to face. So desperate for a release from the tombs, they went so far as to break down a locked door as one of these great beast watched. To their surprise, it actually worked.

Freed from the beast, they advanced for the surface, but a truly gruesome sight appeared; one final obstacle to ensure they would not leave. It was the band of men that they had met yesterday. Now mangled, shambling corpses, they now marched to the party to have them join their ensemble of death. This poor group of men, so exhausted wanted nothing more than to run from the group, but unfortunately they couldn’t, as there was a certain man in their group who could not run, and leaving him behind would ensure his death. So they fought, and one by one fell to the zombified forces, until only Berehal, Sain, and Jolly remained, dragging the corpses of their former friends away to look what could from their bodies

Session 6 Downtime Events

The second night upon their return to Lestryhonia snow began to fall from the sky. The fourth night the snowfall increased greatly with a cold wind descending over the city. Then as suddenly as it started, the wind ended. Though vegetation attempted to burst through the cold ground, snowbanks grew larger and icicles began to menace from numerous buildings.

Almost dying within the Jotun's Tomb, Matthias spent a great deal of time in veneration of Hodim, Veud, and Vo. He and Halthor enacted ancient ritual under the instruction of the Priests of Ymir.

His spirit heavy with the violence he had seen Sain caroused. He threw silver at wenches and drenched his throat with wine. In his drunkenness he misheard a man insult another as an insult to him and broke his jaw. Blows were exchanged and at the end six men lay feeble and bloodied amid broken jugs of wine and mead.

During his time in Lestryhonia, Berehal was told by Oogi that he had been followed by a pair of men. He kept vigilant for the remainder of his time and seeing them again he attempted to confront them. He strode forward but seeing him approach the duo slipped away into the crowds, disappearing beneath the falling snow.

Traveling through the markets of Lestryhonia, Jolly came across a tattooed man in yellow robes who offered a gamble. Jolly approached and was told the rules of the game, both he and the robed man would pick a number and then two dice would be thrown. The number closest to the sum of the dice would be the winners. Jolly laughed and accepted betting a dagger and won. The Tattooed man scowled and from his bags gave a parcel as his prize. Jolly opened it, finding a vial of poison.

They gained the following rumors:

1) The archer Lugebrai had arrows of pure moonlight which struck his foes dead. When he was slain by his lovers hand he was laid to rest within the depths of Burial Tomb of the Tridobaktrus, his arrows in his arms.
2) On an isle to the north men worship a monstrous being. She has eight hands and five wolves heads snarl from her waist. She stands taller than the trees and rules from a throne of broken ships. She was once the consort of Ytorian emperor but was cursed by the gods to bear a terrible visage.

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