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Fassulian Encounters

Fassulian Encounters 1d8 + 1d20

1: Lone Travelers
1 Warrior traveling the land hoping to enact vengeance
2 Duelist seeking worthy foe to clash swords with
3 Mercenary seeking fortune by the blade
4 Sorcerer's assistant who pulled his master's grimoire off of his beheaded corpse
5 Magic-User possessing a scroll of a single spell from an ancient ruin
6 Apprentice of the Tower of Cal'Khuwa sent out for fake errand due to his annoying character and complaining tone
7 Astrologist seeking to climb tall peak in order to read the future written in the stars
8 Linguist seeking to compile means of translating one tongue to another
9 Archaeologist seeking to find fossils of ancient beasts to sell to rich folk
10 Wounded man seeking to find lost traveling companions
11 Curse-bearer seeking method to free self from doom
12 Dyer searching for means to craft new vibrant colors
13 Alchemist hunting potent herbs to distill and refine
14 Artist traveling to find beautiful maiden to act as his muse
15 Master thief for more treasure to steal
16 Monster slayer seeking to aid the weak and powerless
17 Aged magician enacting sacred rite
18 Informant of The Ravens taking notes and secrets
19 Musician playing music softly
20 Adventurer seeking location of the Lymos the Hungry City

2: Caravan
1Merchants traveling in a trail of wagons hauling common goods and ample foodstuff
2A merchant wagon train moves silks and fine clothes 
3Wagons carry leather bound tomes and texts to sell to scholars and sorcerers 
4Porters trail alongside draft animals hauling numerous clay urns scavenged from a ruin
5Porters trail alongside draft animals hauling both the weapons and armor of a band of warriors and the corpse of the monstrous lizard that slayed them are carried by the servants of a merchant
6Porters trail alongside draft animals hauling a series of strange iron staves with sharpened mouths on one end and baubels of amber glass and handles on the other (weapons of the Cold-blooded ones)
7Armored men from Phavea bearing the banner of the queen ride onwards to survey the lands for threats and dangers 
8A band of Phavean knights ride in search of the missing prince 
9The banner of Phavea is carried by a band of men hunting a criminal
10Guards travel alongside a carriage of a Phavean Noble
11Armed men travel alongside an opium peddler's wagon
12A Phavean Court wizard travels with his bodyguards
13A crowd of people shambles onwards, refugees of a village now abandoned
14A congregations of cultists are lead onwards by their master
15 A farmer herds a flock of sheep with the help of a few field hands
16Armored men with rifles march alongside wagons holding barrels of gunpowder.  Those who approach are greeted by a half-dozen rifles pointed in their direction. 
17Traveling Circus (same as in Hex5.13) 
18A band of tribesmen will charge a toll for passage in the form of food and rations
19Steeds carry minor nobility and their servants on a hunting trip
20A court attendant travels alongside a few knights, all disguised, to enact secret workings

3: Beasts
1Small scorpions the size of man's thumb swarm here
2A black viper slithers silently, it's tongue emerging intermittenly
3A giant pincer bursts from the ground as a scorpion the size of a horse emerges from its hiding place
4A herd of goats stand over the corpse of their shepherd
5A single camel with several packsaddles on it's back wanders reins still hanging from his mouth, his rider missing
6A muscle bound bull snorts and paws at the ground
7A herd of peacocks meander their feathers shimmering blue and green
8A chameleon the size of a goat shimmers into view
9White apes with a maw of broken teeth search the ground sharpened sticks and chipped stones in their hands
10Two male lions roar and shake their manes, growling at one another
11A large lion struggles to breathe here, an arrow in it's eye
12A hunting party of lionesses slowly paces forward
13Bursting from the earth is an ugly worm too rudimentary to be a serpent it spasms the it’s body out form below 
14An ugly worm, bearing a heavy stinger on it's tail bursts from the earth and unleashes a shrill scream
15A reptilian beast known as a Sickle-Claw half the height of a man, standing upon it’s hind legs and shows a maw of sharp teeth and two pairs of large claws
16 Sword-Gallop, a lizard he size of two horses standing end to end, swings it's heavy maw forward propelled on two pairs of sprinting legs
17A true terror emerges, a Horse-Swallower it’s maw is the size of a horse and it’s body the length of six horses on end, covered in heavy scales
18A band of hyenas cackles over the corpse of a ox, their faces covered in blood
19A herd of Camels meanders slowly, a single hump upon their backs. They gaze at you with contempt as they loudly chew
20A Skin-Kite descends form the sky, a terrible lizard the height of a man, a wingspan as long as a tree great flaps of skin, like a bat, beneath them

4: Ghuls + Bandits
1A band of ghuls with filed teeth and brass swords laughs and screams
2A band of ghuls has enslaved men and ride on their shoulders
3Ghuls fly in the sky upon wings of feather and wax, bows and arrows in hand
4Men lost to the grinning madness unearth great stones from the earth in order to stack a ladder with which to climb to heaven
5A green-blooded Fassulian lost to the grinning madness has been imprisoned by their retinue who are to scared to spill royal blood
6 Men lost so long to the madness that they now have elongated snouts like that of a dog and heavy claws huddled around a pit communing with an awful wyrm below the earth
7A single figure struggling with the grinning madness have chained themselves to a stone, an inscription in the dirt before them to not approach
8A man hides the progression of the grinning madness with a mask, wishing to find companions who would help him free himself
9A sorcerer, lost to the grinning madness, performs a ritual that would call down an emissary from the stars
10A band of ghuls have abandoned humanity fully and turned into pale gaunt entities with claws and maws of teeth
11Men have degenerated to beasts crawling on all fours and grinding broken teeth, their eyes bleeding
12 Brigands who lay traps and hide in wait to strike from afar. They are lead by a old-man who knows how to make snakes straight to be shot as  arrows which latch on to their targets with venemous jaws
13 Brigands mummified in wraps and each wearing a brass mask, all are lepers. Their leader emphasizes non-violence and they will merely restrain and knock-out their foes
14A band of women travel clad in bands and veils. They will beg for protection and declare that they are chased by men on horseback. Both groups collude together to ensnare travelers, the women throwing incendiaries at the backs of their saviors
15Bandits returning from a Cold-Blood One Ruin, have armored themselves in serpentine armor and wield swords of quick-silver. They strike under nightfall pretending to be ancient ghosts
16 Bandits returning from a Qasiran Ruin, have found a Man-Opener, which their leader wields, and a control key to a golem which they direct onwards
17 A trio of sorcerers, surviving apprentices of the Circle of Aldha, travel upon the back of an undead Horse-swallower
18 A woman who was once beautiful but now lacks an eye, accompanied by a band of marauders, will ask victims to remove all items and leave them naked but alive
19A man pretends to be a sorcerer, paints half of his men red to appear as ifrit and attempts to extort travelers under threat of violence
20Bandits are lead by a single muscle-bound leader, as wide as two men, he hardly speaks but will invite warriors to join his band and betray their companions

5: Demons
1A man like thing crawls with chains weighing it down, its mouth replaced with a long proboscis which leaks a bright green liquid which boils as it falls to the ground
2A muscle bound man here is missing a head, instead his torse bears a wide maw and a single eye where throat would be
3 heavy cannon the length of two men standing atop another extends from the body of a lion crafted from iron where a lion's head would be, claws pacing the ground
4The restless dead still walk here, weapons still tight in their hands
5A least Ifrit, a man with skin red as blood with fires blazing instead of eyes and reeking of smoke. In his hand he holds a heavy sword and a iron sack containing a beautiful maiden
6A heavy brass urn is pulled by a Least Ifrit, inside the Urn is a bound Least Ifrit
7A Least Ifrit wanders the lands, setting fires and writing crude things in ash
8A Least Ifrit pilfering a graveyard for valuables interred along corpses 
9A Lesser Ifrit, twice the size of a man, walks ahead of a retinue of men with heavy iron collars on their necks, each bearing sacks and chests of treasure
10The corpses of a warband lie burnt and ripped into pieces, a Lesser Ifrit sitting amid the carnage and laughing
11A half-dozen maidens, chains on their ankles, follow a Lesser Ifrit riding upon a flying Carpet
12Greater Ifrit, triple the size of a man, is surrounded by dozens of men prostrating themselves in adoration, a sacrifice in a cage nearby
13Corpses slowly stumble forwards, fire burning in their skulls, a Greater Ifrit standing over hundred corpses into which he whispers flame animating them  
14Greatest Ifrit, large enough to fill the sky a student of the Black King himself free to travel from the plane of flame to the the land of the men, trading souls for three wishes
15Local Threat Table: Lesser
16Local Threat Table: Lesser
17Local Threat Table: Lesser
18Local Threat Table: Greater
19Local Threat Table: Greater
20Local Threat Table: Unique

6: Spirits
1A large ogre which wishes to dine on the flesh of fellow travelers, hides within the guise of an elderly woman
2A clockwork automaton which feasts on coals rather than food wrapped in a cloak attempts to pass as a man. 
3Queen of Songbirds and a dozen of her fellow birds, hiding within fine silks and masquerading as a maiden, are sought after by a band of Ghuls and a band of Demons.
4Lamassu, with the head of men upon the body of a lion and wings of a bird, which falls from the sky upon travelers to cast judgement upon those who are aligned with chaos
5Assur, bearded man clad in silver scalemail, upon two pairs of wings, a bow in his left hand descending from the heavens As a herald with holy decree to command ontu men
6Within a smoking crater lies a screaming man thrice the normal height with the skin of pearls, his eyes removed from his skull and two great wings upon his back broken
7A tetragram of orbs of flame, an emmissary from another sphere, slowly pulsates and floats above the ground
8Pale flesh of man bloated to the size of a house roars, rather than a face a flat surface can be seen, each arm replaced with blind serpent stretching outwards, rather than a sex a massive vertical maw which opens up to a blazing furnace
9A shimmering bird descends from the heavens it lands and you can now see that it is the size of two horses and speaks like a man
10A phoenix falls from the sky in a plume of flame
11 Beur, lion which has five legs arranged in a circle, spinning like a wheel and breathing out flame, rolls 
12Griffon, a lion with an eagles head and wings screams
13Manticore, a lion with the face of a man, wings of a bat, and tail of a scorpion.
14Leng-man - Guant figure clad in robes which seeks to acquire human blood. It has two pairs of arms and is deahtly pale. Beneath the robes are several faces weeping. It is able to exit into the dream-lands and when it does so it summons a copy of 1d4 party members. 
15Cold-Blooded Vestige - A transparent figure, only seen because of the displacement of it's sillouete and a pair of serpentine eyes. It is immune to physical damage. It is able to poison by summoning serpents to cover it's enemies. 
16Spirit of Famine - An amalgamation of numerous starved figures crawls like a misshapen insect. Many heads atop of the abomination moan and weep. All rations will spoil in it's presence and it will attempt to eat people. Those who stand in the presence of the spirit must save or be overcome by hunger and paralyzed. This creature moves slowly half the speed of an unarmored man. If it is able to strike it's target and deals 4 or more points of damage, it will drag the target beneath it and deal 1d12 damage to it as it attempts to tear it into swallowable pieces.
17Maiden of the Sky - A beautiful woman is covered in pearls the size of a man's fist and walks without sound. She is able to telepathically communicate with every being and spells have a 5 in 6 chance of dispelling themselves in her presence. 
18Shaitan - An ash skinned giant clad in golden jewelry, a heavy mace in his hand, his lower body a gout of great flame. He leads a procession of chained corpses into a fissure of the ground.
19Marid - A jade skinned giant in opulent robes, a heavy grimoire slung over his shoulder, his lower body a silent waterfall of green water. He plants trees and conjures them to grow.
20Djin - A azure skinned giant, with hair and eyes which shed light as the full moon, his lower body a pillar of hundreds of twinkling stars.

7: Conflict of - Roll again twice

8: Corpse of a - Roll again 

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