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Rind Timberlands

Be careful in the woods north of New Rind. Stay to the roads. 

The trees here menace from numerous wild angles, each one primordial by its girth, and their limbs a tumult of bifurcated extensions.
Hex M19

Numerous trees are blackened here bearing the signs of repeated thunder-strikes.

There was once a roadside inn which operated here. Now it is a ruined place filled with signs of violence. Blood stains the wooden floors and corpses remain.

In a nearby grove stands the entrance to the burial complex of an dead king, filled with traps against intruders. There are two entrances into the complex. One is a broken roof into a hall of statues where a tribe of man-eating ghouls, each with a distended maw like that of a crocodile (the same who ruined the Inn) maintain a mockery of the king's culture. The other is an entrance which has numerous false and trapped passages. The burial chamber of the king himself was actually a prison which is now empty, but is still full of treasure. The king walks again as the king of the ghouls, two burning flames where his eyes were, with the ability to mutate those he touches into bestial creatures with a maw of massive teeth which opens from their throat to their stomach. The king fears thunderclaps and will hide back inside his coffin inside the prison during thunderstorms.
Hex M21

The forest here is marred by signs of violence and vengeance. Something here has ripped trees from the earth and thrown them elsewhere, gaping wounds where roots once grew mar the terrain. Where there is an absence of ruined forest, walls of thorns and nettles menace from all sides. The only structure remaining here is a rotted house overgrown by nettles. Characters who travel through this hex must roll twice for monster encounters and are unable to naturally gain hp while in this hex.
Hex M23

Many travelers make camp here, The remains of a fire and depressions in the earth mark this clearing as a common resting place.

Here is the deeper and darker portion of the woods where many runes repeat through the bark of the trees. The sky is absent and here and the vegetation incredibly thick. A Leshiy "That Which Thickens Bark" makes this portion of the forest it's domain maintaining numerous growths of rare lilac flowers. Those who study the runes etched on the trees here can learn the spells [Flame Giant's Boon] and [Command] and this process requires 20-intelligence score days per spell. "That Which Thickens Bark" may cast these spells freely as if rolling 3 magic dice.

The lilac flowers here can be made into the ingredients for luxurious dye. For 300 silver and  4 weeks of labor by at least 4 laborers (lower numbers of laborers increase the number of weeks needed) one could establish weekly profit of 2d4*25 silver from an enterprise which would require a minimum 10 laborers + 1 foreman.
Hex M25

While the underbrush is incredibly thick and overgrown, there is a house atop of a tree where a lone hermit, who possesses the power of prophecy and resides in solitude.

A stream emerges uphill from a massive cave system below the ground. Within the cave system is a tribe of devolved atavistic humans now more bestial than mannish and forgotten by those who live in these woods. They worship the demi-humans who used to live here. The deeper one enters, the more one finds urns of flame burning bright and illuminating the caves. Many of the tunnels are trapped and collapse behind those enter, forcing them to travel deeper into the cave system. Inside the cave system is a city which has seemingly sunk into the earth from above.

Characters who travel through this hex and have a wilderness encounter have their chance of surprise tripled.
Hex N26

Amid the trees here, there is farmland now fallow and full of cobwebs. It may make suitable shelter but would not keep out the rain. Thorns and low hanging branches menace from all sides here, as if trying to tear at those who wander.

A vast and towering mushroom stands above the trees here, a series of many spore-mounds and wide caps rising above the ground as tall as a castle tower. The fungal ridges allow one to climb into the structure 20' off the ground. Inside is entry into a fungal complex below the ground. Numerous magics still remain to force the structure to remain standing. Illusions of ancient men in armor spun from glass haunt this place, turning into a spore could if attacked. At the bottom is a large horde of silver and brass armor as well as a stone throne. There is a 2 in 6 chance that each of the spore-cloud illusions is actually a mummified warrior wandering the place guarding it.

Characters who travel through this hex and have a wilderness encounter have a 1 in 6 chance of taking an additional 1d6 damage from any damaging attack due to the thorns and branches.
Hex N24

A look-out tower rises over the glen here. A few wooden poles form a semblance of a fence around it. A few canvas tents stand here and a small fire smokes. Horses are hitched to a nearby tree and a few men talk amongst themselves here. This is Boar-hunt Glen. The site where nobles hunt boars in the woods in the summer.

A wide fissure here can be seen from a distance entering deep into the bowels of the earth. It has broken to the sealed tomb of an ancient king. There is a petrified tree above the tomb and within it the head of a vast iron axe can be seen.

The axe can be pulled out of the petrified tree if the character pulling at it can roll 2 d20's and both are lower than their charisma score. The Axe deals 2d6 damage and needs to be wielded in both hands. Once it is used to slay a living being, the spirit of the axe emerges and grants an additional +2 to hit and damage as it possesses the wielder for the duration of the combat. This possession has a 1 in 6 chance to occur during any combat and prevents the wielder from retreating from combat.

Here the North Harpy Road to Skyferla runs Northeast to Hex O25 and to the 3 Toad Hot-springs it runs southeast to Hex O23
Hex N22

The forest here is thick with the sound of predators. high past the tree cover tremendous vines each as thick as a man spiral upwards elevating a series of stones as large as a house above the trees. Beneath the tower of vines and stones is a vast clearing. During the full moon two Leshiy's "That Which Dyes Blood Red" and "That Soaks Blood Into Soil" emerge from the trees nearby and watch as creatures flock and fight to the death, their spilled blood staining the earth a permanent red. If characters happen to be here during the full moon "That Which Dyes Blood Red" will ask if they wish to fight on it's behalf. If they agree treat it as if three wilderness encounters occurred at once. If they are victorius in combat, "That Which Dyes Blood Red" will bless them by anointing them with the blood and viscera of their foes granting them a permanent +3 on reaction rolls from animals.

There are two massive earthen mounds forming a triangle with the tower of vines and stones. These are the dwelling places of the Two Leshiy and are sites where one could commune with one.
Hex N20

Past the three bridges leading into the Town of New Rind, are numerous spiked pits from previous wars. Those who leave the path into the woods have a 2 in 6 chance of falling into an old 15' pit full of wooden stakes and taking 2d6 damage. Further there is a 1 in 6 chance that the pit is the largest one which is actually 30' and contains numerous corpses of an ancient war and from them 15 Ghosts arrise and clamor for vengeance.

Beneath the three bridges leading to the town of New Rind, there is a deep valley. At the base, a flower here blooms only under the full moon, if eaten it cures any ailment.

Beneath the Arena of New Rind, there is a sealed stone door. Past it is a massive winding stair ending in a massive darkened pit. Within the pit is one of the last giants who will sell you answers to your questions in exchange for the sacrifice of any noble-born person into the pit.

Here the South Harpy Road to the 3 Toad Hot-springs runs northeast to Hex O21
Hex N18

Numerous low stone walls spread outwards from a small hill. crude sigils repeat around the hill and dwelling within the stonework are 25 Goblin Shadows and 7 Stilt Walkers.

There is the remnants of a stone tower atop the hill and below it is a deep pit. Those that descend downwards into the tower's depths find a enormous but blind serpent. He offers to seel the secret of raising the dead in exchange for a figures sanity. One is able to further continue down the stairs past the serpent's head and find a single black one-way passage. Those who enter through the passage way find themselves in the domain of the dead. A vast petrified forest where there is no sun, but only twilight and mist. Those who have died in the forest can be found wandering here.
Hex O25

There is the Dungeon of Nemir's Tomb here.

Aside from the single path meandering through the trees, the underbrush is incredibly thick and those who wander must go slowly to avoid tripping over roots or brambles.

Further away from the path is a re-opened dirt grave surrounded by the three corpses of grave-robbers all seemingly drained of fluid. Inside the grave were 7 wights which now stalk through out the area.

Here the North Harpy Road to Skyferla runs southeast to hex P24 and to the 3 Toad Hot-springs it runs southwest to Hex N24
Hex O23

Numerous trees here bear tusk marks at their roots. A herd of 10 Boars meanders throughout the undergrowth.

Past the trees is a ruined church of a broken roof and shattered walls. Within the church basement is a 10 HD undead with only 10 hp bound in chains and surrounded by 10 silver idols of saints. Those who meet the undead's gaze must save or become possessed, the entity can only control one being at a time. Those possessed are told to break the chains so the creature can leave. If spoken to and asked to remove the Idols, it will enthusiastically scream yes! Once out of the presence of the idols, the creature's hp is re-rolled as if encountered and is able to compel creatures to throw themselves on their swords.

Here the North Harpy Road to Skyferla runs Northwest to hex N24 and to the 3 Toad Hot-springs it runs southeast to Hex P22
Hex O21

This segment of the forest is marked by small yellow mushrooms and increasingly congesting spider webs. Those that venture further into the woods may find numerous corpses trapped in spider webs hanging down from trees. Spider webs the size of horses repeat among the trees here, thickening where they completely cover the ruins of a village. The village spreads out from a depression in the woods, where an abandoned mine is hidden by foliage and walls of spider silk. The mine is fulled with massive cobwebs and from this mine 14 man-eating spiders, each able to speak as if men, emerge to hunt. If one investigates the mine, past the numerous cables and gears mobilizing the exit of earth upwards and stone statues of men, one may a dozen opals, each the size of a fist, arranged in a helix by webbing. Here a massive 6HD man-eating spider is worshiped by the other, upon one of it's mandibles it wears a ring which casts [Stone to Flesh]. It has 2 magic dice for purposes of casting. The ring allows the wearer to cast [Stone to Flesh] as a scroll, but the magic dice gained from the ring returns on rolls of 1-3.

Here the South Harpy Road to New Rind runs southwest to hex N20 and to the 3 Toad Hot-springs it runs southeast to Hex P20

Here the Helm River runs south to Hex 019 from Hex P22
Hex O19

Amid the trees here is a ruined village. Within the village are a few erected tents where 20 bandits make their base. They patrol the woods here, trying to rob those who pass by. There is one house in the village which they have found up by chains and nailed boards to, as if to prevent entry. If the house is entered the character with the lowest constitution, begins to hear whispers in their ears urging them to jump into a nearby pit within the center of that house. The pit is 50' deep and the character takes damage as they would from falling. If the character survives they find a skeleton bearing a sword and a sack of 58 golden coins, each worth 10 silver and each bears an awful grimace.

Here the Helm River runs southeast from Hex O21 to Hex P18
Hex P24

Preceding the village of Skyfrela, numerous trees have been cut down creating a wide berth between the trees and the wooden fence around town.

Deep in the forest is a a looming phosphorescent fungal growth larger than most houses which dwarves the surrounding foliage and trees. Inside is the Tribe of Fungal-Fellows. Men clad in clay masks in gray woolen cloaks who are known throughout the land as proficient assassins. These are demihumans who are actually mushrooms hidden beneath the robes who can split themselves into copies. Entry into their domain is limited by a single pass which is manned by three such masked figures.

Following numerous claw marks on trees is a wide pit from which rancid stench emerges. within dwell 7 Korvkulaks.

Here the North Harpy Road to the 3 Toad Hot-springs runs northwest to Hex O25


[Blood to Stone/Stone to Blood]
R:10' T:being  D: instant
Target must save or turns to stone. If [dice] is less than HD of target, the process takes 1 turn and the target gets an additional save attempt.
The reverse of this spell cures petrification of [dice] HD of creatures or may be used to turn unworked stone into blood.

[Flame Giant's Boon]
R:touch T:being  D: [sum] turns
Target's flesh receives no damage from sources of flame or heat

R:30' T:being  D: Instantaneous
Target must save or attempt to comply with a [dice] word command for their next round. If sum is 12 or greater no save allowed

Town of New Rind:

Vast towers of stone rise above wooden buildings each bearing a different banner. A thin rampart of stone surrounds the towns and various men clad in armor walk weapons upon their back. A vast arena filled by wooden seats is adjacent to the road flowing into town

Notable Features
What was once a large castle is now know as the Academy of Knighthood where many a sons of nobility are sent to learn the finer arts of chivalry. While the majority of those granted titles of nobility follow these traditions the older generations of men who earned titles of nobility did so by valor in combat. A contingent of them still linger in town decrying "polite warfare waged by a man clad in steel upon the back of a horse" and advocate a return to the time where "slaughter wrought by a man naked save for the blood splattered across his brow was a measure of his worth".  A vast Cathedral named after the Angelic Winged Mirage ushers benedictions to those who pass through.

The arena outside of town hosts jousting and melee tournaments every first of the month, many squires and many passing knights seek to earn valor and fame there. Crippling alcoholism grips the town and many of the men passed out drunk in alleys are in fact prolific combatants regardless of age.

Unique Purchase
Edict of Chivalry - This is essentially an insurance policy purchased from the Academy of Knighthood offering a ransom to those who would instead kill you. Costs any amount of silver and offers ten times that in ransom to those who hold your prisoner and takes up 1 inventory slot.
Journal of Aged Berserker - Reading this memoir takes a month and offers advice on how to slay your foes. After reading it make an Attack Roll and if it would miss then you gain a permanent +1 to your attack score. Costs 250 silver, takes up 1 inventory slot, and is easily ruined.

Powerful Figures in New Rind-
1 - Kruvar, Jarl of New Rind. Has widespread contacts throughout the Kingdom of Hringepi. Wishes to again wage was as in the past and is restless for action instead of overseeing his land.

2 - Adsen, Minor Jarl of New Rind, Commissar of the Academy of Knighthood, has dozens of knights loyal to his aim, Fanatic in raising martial might using modern technology and weapons within New Rind instead of the brute warfare of the past age. Beset with this goal and will not cease. Wishes to turn town to teetotalism.

3 - Olav, Owner of six of the largest wineries in New Rind, has network of people watching and waiting recording information for him. Seeks to maintain liquor flowing in the streets and wealth into his pockets.

Village of Skyfrela:

A wedding occurs in a few days, woman to be married has many suitors who seek to ruin it (1d4+2 Stats as Bandits). Further, men from New Rind seek to press youth here to join the Academy of Knighthood.

Powerful Figures in Skyferla-
Mikhael, the village elder.

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