Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Ruins of the Barrow Builders: Procedural Tiny Dungeon Generator 1

Below is a generator for some small dungeons which can be used to construct barrows and temples of an ancient civilization. These will result in little treasure* and are more of a place to show and foreshadow real dungeons or ancient civilizations. These dungeons are created procedurally and can be rolled for as the party enters them.

*my games are on a 1sp:1xp basis. Adjust the treasure found within to fit your games.

Barrow Generator


1. Roll for number of rooms 1d6+1 Locked Door to Tomb Room

2. Roll for layout of rooms 1d4 and arrange rooms
1Straight line leading away from entrance room
2 T shape with entrance room at base
3Multiple floors of equal size connected by stairs
4All rooms connected in a loop

3. Roll for each room contents (twice) on the table below.

Barrow Room Contents 1d6 + 1d8
1Mummified skeleton set in wicker coffin in center of the room
2Clay urns and sacks of stones
3Eroded masonry on the walls depicting war
4Stone statue of man with shield alongside mummified skeleton in fetal position at his feet
5Rusted spears and swords as well as rotted and splintered shields
6Three mummified skeletons all arranged lying down with rusted axes in hand on a single stone slab in the floor
7Mummified skeleton with a crown on their head on a stone throne as well as two mummified skeletons at their feet kneeling
8Mummified skeleton of a child in a smaller wicker coffin

1-2Unrusted sword in scabbard
3-41d6 amber ingots
each worth 12 silver
5-6Armband crafted from iron and silver 
worth 10+1d20 silver
7Bag of cracked and blackened silver coins 
 worth 3d20 silver
8Ancient armor crafted from iron plates and segments
Grants a 1d6-1d4 for armor bonus worth 225 silver

1-41d4 Skeletons: Either animating or bursting from the crack in walls
5-71d2 Wights: Black Smoke wrapping itself around a skeleton
Draugr: Dead armored man arising from a stone sarcophagus 
Stats as 6 HD Ghoul Wearing Chain Armor and +1 Iron Sword

1-6Tile in the floor sinks and stone falls from above (1d8+1)
7-8False floor collapses into spiked pit 15' below

Tomb Room

Connects to room furthest from the entrance via locked door and contains all possible results from the Treasure Table worn by skeleton. There is a 1 in 6 chance that the sword is magical.

Wandering Monsters in Barrow

1d3 Skeletons

Ruined Temple Generator


1. Roll for number of rooms 1d4+2(Temple) and 1d4(Undercroft)

2. Arrange Rooms
Both floors are straight lines, the undercroft is beneath room 3 of the temple and reached by descending stairs.

3. Roll for each room contents (twice) on the table below.

Temple Room Contents: 1d6+1d8
1Large stone statue of diety in center of the room
2Stone pillars holding up cracked stone roof
3Stone tunnel extending forward
4Collapsed stone pillar in the center of the room, and a sagging roof of masonry above
5Three stone pews shoved towards one side of the room and a single stone pulpit
6Broken stone statue now cracked stones all throughout the room
7Wooden desk and the remains of dozens of now rotted scrolls
8Clay pots each rising up to your waist, inside are mummified skeletons

6Treasure (1 in 12 chance of cursing first person to touch it)*
1-4Wooden Chest of 1d20+6 silver coins (1 in 4 chance of being locked)
5-6Silver embedded in a large stone slab glorifying diety
worth 50 silver but cumbersome
7Skeleton clad in 2d4 silver bangles
each worth 10 silver
8Stone statue holding silver spear
worth 40 silver

*Consult Curse Trap subtable below

Undercroft Room Contents: 1d6+1d4

1-3Monster + Roll on Treasure subtable below
1-22d4 Skeletons encumbered by treasure
31d4 Wights looming above treasure
4Draugur materializes if treasure is touched

1-21d6 Iron weapons etched with old runes 
32d6 pieces of silver jewelry
worth 20+1d10 silver each
4Silver statue of deity (1 in 6 chance of being cursed as by Curse Trap below)
worth 175 silver

6Curse Trap
1If you were to roll vs poison, instead roll twice vs poison and take worse roll
2-2 to Reaction Rolls and prioritized by enemies in combat
3Must save vs stealing if opportunity of theft is present
4After rolling for the number of encountered monsters, multiply value by 1.5x

Wandering Monsters in Ruined Temple 

1d3 Wights


  1. Love it. Are you doing more of these?

    1. Yes, I have a draft of another few and really like making this type of generator.