Monday, March 5, 2018

Wandering Dungeons Part 2 of 3: Into the Belly of the Beast (Leviathan Dungeons)

In a previous post the following monster was described.

Name: Whirling Straight Leviathan

A great shudder echoes beneath the waves as the hair on the back of your neck stands tall. The waters around your ship suddenly spill outwards as you being to sink. An antediluvian caricature of a whale, more reminiscent of a mingling of a snake and a fish or an offspring of eel and a frog breaks the water's surface. It's distended maw spreads wider and wider, the numerous teeth within reminiscent of cracked tomb stones.

This is a swimming Dungeon.

HD: 13
Def: 0
Dam: Swallows 1d4 Sailors (hirelings first) per turn
Move: 9 or 12 swimming
Save: 13
Morale: 20

Primordial: Whirling Straight Leviathans regenerate 1d8 hp/round, until they reach -10 hit points.

Pinochean Anatomy: Anyone swallowed must save or die, those who successfully save end up inside a Whirling-Straight Dungeon. If a character wishes to be swallowed they do not need to make a save.

Lair: A great whirlpool roars amid the foam tipped waves.
Spoor: The waves here flow unnaturally, some vast beast moves below the surface here
Tracks: None
Traces1: A ship floats across in many ruined pieces
Traces2: A low rumble echoes from beneath the wave

Leviathan Dungeon Layout

Leviathan Dungeons are the organs of the Whirling-Straight Leviathan but many magnitudes larger on the inside that the outside. The dungeon is a combination of two organ chains which intersect with one another. The Bloody Path is a loop of Gills, Lungs, Heart, and Veins which allow one directional travel from one to another. The Bile Path is a linear series of organs which allow passage both forwards and backwards. Referees familiar with a pointcrawl will immediately grasp the similarities of the basic dungeon layout below.

As shown above, there are a few set connections between the Bloody and Bile Paths. The Gills and Throat are always connected and the Veins are always connected to the Stomach and Bowels. The Leviathan Dungeon is this diagram of 8 rooms alongside another 1d10 extra organs as rolled on the table below.

Leviathan Dungeon Extra Organ Table (1d10)

1-5Extra Bowels
6Spare Heart
7Extra Gills
8Extra Veins
9Egg Cavity
10Air Bladder

*Extra Bowels are attached to other Bowels, otherwise rooms are attached to an organ at random.

In the example shown below, 5 extra organs were rolled: 3 Extra Bowels, 1 Spare Heart, and 1 Extra Gills. The rooms have also been numbered to keep better track of them.

Organ Rooms are filled by the following table.
8Guarded Treasure
*If at the end of filling each room, there are more than 5 empty room, re-roll each empty room filling.

Movement Through The Rooms

Bile Path Organs, Egg Cavities, and Air Bladders are Large and Gaping: Travel across one of these rooms takes two exploration turns and through one of these rooms to another takes one exploration turn.

Bloody Path Organs are Tight and Rigid: Travel across one of these rooms takes one exploration turn and through one of these rooms takes barely any time. Blood flows through these rooms and can be floated through safely if desired.

Veins are Oppressive and Claustrophobic: Rather than rooms these are tunnels which must be crawled through. Each line drawn from the veins "room" is 1d6*10'+10' long. For example, in the diagram above the distance from Room 10 to Room 3 is 30' and the distance from Room 10 to Room 5 is 50' long.

Organ Room Effects

Organs filled with Oxygen: Throat, Lungs, Air Bladder
Air easily breathable, Torches burn bright

Organs with with faint Oxygen: Mouth, Stomach, Bowels, Gills, Heart, Egg Cavity
Air is thin so torches here snuff out in 1d4 minutes and every 2 rounds of combat the ability of terrestrial characters to hit decreases by 2 and their defensive ability decreases by 1

Organs without Oxygen: Veins
Filled with blood, torches become wet, and characters become waterlogged. Characters have enough breath for constitution rounds of air. Any additional round requires a roll under their constitution score to not begin drowning.

Specific Organ Effects

Mouth: Massive teeth and inflamed gums can be seen in a singular line here. Numerous cavities reek of decomposing flesh. A large swollen tongue that covers half of the floor occasionally lurches around 2 in 6 chance of moving while character's are nearby dealing 1d4 damage and knocking them prone.

Throat: Howling wind moves around here and slime drips from the ceiling. A massive tumor of an epiglottis hangs from the ceiling. There is a 25% chance that the Leviathan is sentient and will communicate to the characters here with statements of their inferiority and coming doom.

Stomach: A lake of corrosive stomach acid alongside bone columns that circumference the sides. 25% chance of a Ship here.

Bowels: Innumerable filaments each 6 inches long cover each surface here and random spurts of ichor burst from the ceiling. 33% chance of a Ruined Ship here.

Ships: Micro-dungeon filled with 1d2+1 Treasures and are a set of linear rooms equal to the number of treasures+1.

Ruined-Ships: Micro-dungeon filled with 1d4+1 Guarded Treasures and 1 Monster from the Monsters in a Room of a Sea-Beast Table and are a set of linear rooms equal to the number of treasures+1.

Gills: Massive bleeding slits which intermittently swell with sea water. Escape is possible from the leviathan here if one is able to deal over 10 damage to the walls. Characters who escape this way emerge 1d20*10' below the surface of the water.

Lungs: Great Bulbous protrusions fill these expanded sacks. White mucus covers every surface and is sticky to the touch. For every minute a torch burns here there is a 1 in 6 chance of the Leviathan coughing and spasming. Characters within the lungs must then save or become shunted to the throat room.

Veins: As described above.

Heart: Beating irregularly this amalgam of misshapen tumors sends out a pressure wave to those who stand nearby. All those in a heart room take 1d6 damage every 3 rounds.

Egg Cavity: Filled with a orange yolk-like fluid which reeks of sour sweat. The fluid is flammable and burns for 1d4 turns dealing 1d10 damage to those within.

Air Bladder: White tendons secure the dimensions of this room by stretching it outwards. Torches in this room have a 1 in 6 chance of bursting into a gout of flame from all the excess oxygen when someone enters this organ.


Monsters in a Room of a Leviathan Dungeon

12d6 Crazed Sailors/Pirates
21d4 Giant Tapeworms
31d6 Spider/Crab/Crustaceans
43d10 Giant Isopods
5 Half-Dead Berserk Whale
6Dead version of one of the above

Wandering Monsters of a Leviathan Dungeon

1Crawling Mechanized Shark
2Crazed Gyre Islander Trapped
3Marauding Party of 1d8 Atavistic Merfolk Raiders
4Swarm of 1d4 Winged Squids
52d4 Echindaspawn
6 Ningen Wanderer Trapped Inside

Types of Guarded Treasure in a Leviathan Dungeon

1-3Monster Squatting above the Treasure
4Treasure is CURSED!!! (use your favorite curse table)
5Treasure is trapped (save or damage/poison)
6Treasure is wanted by someone else 

Types of Monster Squatting above the Treasure

1Giant Sea Snake/Eel/Lamprey
23d4 Undead Sailors
3Treasure Chest Mimic
4Half-Dead Giant Squid
54d8 Giant Isopods

Treasure Within a Leviathan Dungeon

1-4Bullion + Jewelry
8Historic Artifacts

Leviathan Bestiary

Crazed Sailors/Pirates
HD 1, Def 2, MV 12, Dam 1d6, SV 6, Mo 13

Giant Tapeworms
HD 3, Def 3, MV 6, Dam 1d6+Suction, SV 8, Mo 10

HD 2, Def 5, MV 10, Dam 1d6 x2, SV 6, Mo 8

Giant Isopods
HD 0, Def 1, MV 8, Dam 1d4(as group), SV 5, Mo 12

Half-Dead Berserk Whale
HD 8, Def 4, MV 7, Dam 2d6, SV 10, Mo 12

Crawling Mechanized Shark
HD 3, Def 3, MV 15, Dam 1d10, SV 11, Mo 20

Crazed Gyre Islander
HD 2d3, Def 3, MV 12, Dam 1d10, SV 9, Mo 18

Atavistic Merfolk Raiders
HD 2, Def 2, MV 10, Dam 1d6, SV 8, Mo 14

Winged Squids
HD 1, Def 2, MV 16, Dam 1d6, SV 6, Mo 10

HD 2, Def 5, MV 5, Dam 1d6, SV 11, Mo 12

Ningen Wanderer
HD 4, Def 1, MV 12, Dam 1d4, SV 10, Mo 6 *pacifist and wants to get out

Giant Sea Snake/Eel/Lamprey
HD 4, Def 2, MV 12, Dam 1d8+Grapple, SV 6, Mo 12

Undead Sailors
HD 1, Def 2, MV 12, Dam 1d6, SV 6, Mo 20

Treasure Chest Mimic
HD 4, Def 4, MV 12, Dam 1d8, SV 8, Mo 20

Half-Dead Giant Squid
HD 8, Def 2, MV 3, Dam 1d6 x8, SV 7, Mo 6

HD 2, Def 0, MV 0, Dam 1d4+100xp drain, SV 9, Mo 20

Fetal Sea-Beast
HD 8, Def 3, MV 9, Dam 1d8, SV 6, Mo 20

Sea-Beast Heart
HD 5, Def 1, MV 0, Dam 0, SV 12, Mo 20 *if a Sea-Beast has no heart it begins to sink to the bottom of the ocean at a rate of 100 ft/minute