Thursday, February 8, 2018

Wandering Dungeons Part 1 of 3: Signs of Dungeons Nearby

So in my Sky/Clouds and Waters terrain encounter tables I have two entries which are not stated out. The first is a Kheldonian Dirigible and the second is a Whirling Straight Leviathan. These are actually dungeons which travel through out the land and are full of more monsters, treasures, and traps.

Name: Kheldonian Dirigible

This is a flying Dungeon.

A vast ship of glistening iron, held aloft by numerous propellers and a gross bloated canvas sails through the air. Ugly sigils of red and black repeat along the balloon and the face of some gruesome doglike lizard intermittently spews flames outward. Numerous cannons menace from the decks, the light of the storm shining on both them and the numerous glass windows along the sides of the ship.

HD: 7
Def: 6
Dam: 3d10/3d10/3d10
Move: 9 flying
Save: 20
Morale: 12

Artillery: A Khldonian Dirigible may fire a salvo of cannon balls every 1d4+1 rounds

Floating Doom: At half hp and 0 hp the Kheldonian Dirigible makes a morale check or else the crew decides to land it nearby and engage in combat. At 0 hp, reroll the Dirigible's with 1 less HD and reduce the hp of each monster encountered inside by 1.

Lair: Thick iron slabs half buried in the earth lie scattered as if remnants from some heavy rain
Spoor: The repeated clicking of steel on brass varies in sinister tempos
Tracks: A trail of dark smoke lingers in the sky
Traces1: A kaleidoscope of oil glistens in the ground
Traces2: A thick iron slab sits long embedded in the cliff side, an errant rib sticking upward at the sky

Name: Whirling Straight Leviathan

A great shudder echoes beneath the waves as the hair on the back of your neck stands tall. The waters around your ship suddenly spill outwards as you being to sink. An antediluvian caricature of a whale, more reminiscent of a mingling of a snake and a fish or an offspring of eel and a frog breaks the water's surface. It's distended maw spreads wider and wider, the numerous teeth within reminiscent of cracked tomb stones.

This is a swimming Dungeon.

HD: 13
Def: 0
Dam: Swallows 1d4 Sailors (hirelings first) per turn
Move: 9 or 12 swimming
Save: 13
Morale: 20

Primordial: Whirling Straight Leviathans regenerate 1d8 hp/round, until they reach -10 hit points.

Pinochean Anatomy: Characters swallowed end up inside a Whirling-Straight Dungeon. If a Whirling Straight Leviathan is killed, the treasure inside is lost but all those swallowed within 1 week are able to be recovered.

Lair: A great whirlpool roars amid the foam tipped waves.
Spoor: The waves here flow unnaturally, some vast beast moves below the surface here
Tracks: None
Traces1: A ship floats across in many ruined pieces
Traces2: A low rumble echoes from beneath the wave

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