Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Session Report 3 to 6: A Great Slam and Then Some!

The Party:

Tony the level 2 Wizard
Often casts spells and loses her horses often.

Mark Doe the level 2 Thief
Wields the blade Claritin, whose edge makes all clear. 

Melvin the level 1 Fighter
Met his end in a wizard's tower

Rob the level 1 Errant
Met his end under hail to foul beasts

Tower of Almagest the Platinum Rider

(Session 3)

Arriving at the base of the Caged Keep the party attempts to rest and recover. Tony spies Hera upon the ramparts and manages entry to the keep by claiming that they know Hera. Hera meets with the trio and their hirelings and they learn she had plans to enter an abandoned tower of a wizard but can no longer do so. The party decides that such a tower is likely to be full of treasure and thinks that as Hera is unable to explore it they should. They spend the night at the Keep as John the Hireling suffers from sickness.

They leave the Keep and decide to meet up with Hera in nearby New Rind after they explore the tower. They make their way to the ruined tower and keep John on the outside. Alongside Jane they travel inside. They find cats full of naked figures barely clinging to life but press on and suffer curses from rifling through some ancient tomes. Melvin suffers the Curse of Death by Blades and the Curse of Hatred. This means that monsters will now prefer to target him and any damage from blades is doubled. They then encounter multihued tentacled beings which float upon the air and shine like torches. Tony and Mark gain mutations. Tony lowers their dexterity by one point while Mark's left eye turns red and he feels greatly powerful. Jane's morale fails and she runs elsewhere. Following their hireling they encounter two armored men and a individual who appears to be wielded of magic. Instead of talking they decide the best choice of action is to attack the  magic user and tony turns him into a rat. They then kill one of the armored men while the other begs for mercy and they take him on as a hireling. As Mark dismembered his brother after his death this man (Eric of Skyferra) gets his alignment rolled for and results in a chaotic one. The party fails to make proper oaths with him. The referee marks down that he will betray the party given the chance.

The party then finds a few scrolls and continues upwards not finding much treasure. They find a room filled with a platinum centaur with lances for hands and a single red eye in the center of his feature less face. The party sees that there is a grimoire before him and decides to confront him instead of stealing it. As battle rages Melvin is slain, Eric of Skyferra steals a scroll and runs away, and Tony and Mark are heavily wounded. Mark is struck by a spell which will make him explode if he touches anything. Tony and Mark decide to run away and leave Melvin's body, a delicious pie, and the grimoire behind. They find the murdered body of John the hireling and their last horse stolen and price together that Eric of Skyferra betrayed them. They bury John as Mark tries to not detonate himself.

Miserable they travel to New Rind

Fimbulwinter Tournament

(Session 4)

The duo and a grieving Jane meet a merchant caravan on their way to New Rind and sell some of the things they found in the ruined tower. They then enter New Rind and find that the Merchant payed them about 1/5 of the actual price. Upset they decide to spend a week in town to participate and enjoy the tournament starting soon. During this time Tony and Hera reunite and become closer as Tony almost dies in a bar fight and Hera must save them. Mark finds another hireling (Thomas) to join him and they are joined by Rob the Errant (the new PC). Mark buys himself a large monocle to distract from his red eye. They meet Salivar a blind beggar who Mark learns is not quite human.

Rob and Mark decide to enter the tournament while Tony decides to help Hera win. In an early round Rob and Mark are fated to fight and Mark throws the fight. Mark then fights a knight who is questing for unrequited love and afterwards makes him his friend. Mark learns his name is Duran and suggests that he wear a mask. Mark explains how his mask gives him confidence and how Duran should also hide his face. Duran agrees. Meanwhile, Hera wins her fights.

Mark then learns he is to face Eric of Skyferra in a following round and plans to kill him for vengeance. Mark then wins the next round as Eric of Skyferra doesn't show up. Tony is furious. Mark then faces Hera and forces her to reveal her ability to cast magic in an attempt to win. Tony castigates Mark's poor combat ability and Hera then wins. Hera is later defeated.

The party makes a good amount of wealth by betting and some new friends. They then decide to rob a house and later meet up with Hera in the Dark city of Ozborn.

Art by Hendrik Goltzius

House of the Clothmaker

(Session 5)

The party finds a house to rob and then decides to do so at night. They make a great deal of noise but eventually enter through the roof and steal medicine, fine silks, 500 silver coins, 2 chests, and 812 buttons. They encounter no inhabitants and demonstrate lots of planning and forethought. They then leave town after Mark sends Aldo a letter.

Mark and Tony level up! Mark is now a competent lock-picker and can now cast spit to scythe through his eye. Tony now knows the spell Alter Local Gravity.

Betrayal Under Heavy Hail

(Session 6)

The party spends their wealth of a wagon and horses planning to traverse to Hringepi and then take a ship to Ozborn. The weather system and the wilderness encounters have drastically different ideas.

On their first day of travels the weather turns to snow as they amble through the forest before encountering 6 figures shivering (bandits) and invite them onto their wagon for a price of 50 silver to take them to the next town. Stormwulfs (dire wolfs) begin stalking the party that night and are rolled to attack in 1 night. The bandits alignment is rolled for and is found to be chaotic. The party fails to make proper oaths with them. The referee marks down that they will rob the party given the chance.

The 2nd day of travel things get much worse. First it hails and all must save or take damage. This kills Jane the hireling. Unhappy and upset they travel further and find a boar and bear dueling. Previously the bandits claimed they were hunting bears so Rob distributes their weapons back to them telling them to fight the bear. Tony casts Black Sabbath on the boar as Mark casts Spit to Scythe on the bear. Rob then charges to face the beasts.

The bandits then decide now is an appropriate time to rob the party's wagon as they have a numerical advantage. Tony tries to slay their fat leader but the magic blade is ineffective. The bandits then decide to leave failing their morale check. They do manage to randomly grab 2 items with them. These items happen to be rations and a chest which had 500 silver inside of it. Due to the commotion the horses morale is tested and fails. The boar greatly wounds Rob and the bear charges the fearful horses.

Thomas the hireling jumps out of the wagon the face the bear and is quickly struck down by a brutal blow. As there is a corpse spreading blood the Referee rules there is a 1 in 6 chance of the Stormwulfs appearing to attack in 1d6 rounds. The dice are rolled and the gods decide that now is the fated hour of the Stormwulfs to appear in 3 rounds. Howling is heard nearby.

Rob fights the boar as the bear charges a horse. That bear then slays the horse as well and the howling increases. Mark and Tony decide to abandon Rob for his poor choices and ride the last remaining horse away. As they ride off the number of Stormwulfs is rolled and the maximum (6) appears. Two chase the horse and the other four travel to the site of murders.

Mark and Tony are able to escape by clever use of the Alter Local Gravity spell but unfortunately end up lost as a result. They travel south to the hills instead of northwest back to New Rind. Rob meets his end to the Stormwulfs gnashing teeth.

The duo rides their sole steed into the hills as the weather worsens to a blizzard. They find shelter in a ruined village and attempt to wait out the storm. They do not freeze to death but do hear something massive head towards them. They confide their deepest secret to each other and prepare to meet their ends. Tony reveals that he is a eunuch and Mark reveals that his mother is in fact not dead and he reason he wears his mask is so that he can hide from her vengeance. They draw their swords and await their doom.


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