Friday, November 10, 2017

Woodsman Class


For gain +1 Stealth for every two Woodsman templates you possess.
Starting Equipment: leather armor, sword, bow, 20 arrows, animal companion

A Outdoorsman, Advantageous Terrain
B Traps
C Trophies

Rather than requiring 1d4(exploding) turns to follow the tracks of a wandering monster. A Ranger simply rolls a 1d4 for the number of turns required to follow tracks. Further a Woodsman's has a base 4 in 6 for the Journey skill and rolls under wisdom for foraging, hunting, and herbalism instead of half wisdom.

Advantageous Terrain
When rolling for random encounters outdoors, your chance of surprising the enemy increases to 2-in-6. Further party members and yourself gain a bonus equal to your Woodsman templates to their movement scores when fleeing a wandering monster encounter outside.

You can manufacture and set traps. It takes 10 minutes to manufacture a trap in natural terrain. Traps can be set immediately or carried around (they take up 1 Inventory Slot). Enemies that walk into your trap must make a Dex check with a -4 penalty or suffer its effects. You can choose a reasonable effect, such as: 1d6 damage, an immobilizing snare, or noisemakers. You can add additional effects, but each one beyond the first gives your target a +2 bonus on their Dexterity check. If you have additional resources (poisons, flammable oils) you can create more types of traps.

You can collect trophies from the corpses of tracked wandering monsters while traveling across the wilderness. Each trophy gives you either a +1 to defense, attack, or save score in regards to that type of creature.

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