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Wizard Class


You gain +1 Save vs Magic for every Wizard template you possess. Further each additional wizard template increases the number of Spell Capacity you have by 4 and Casting Dice by 1
Starting Equipment: cloak and hat, dagger, spellbook, 1 random spell scroll

A Spell Casting + Spell Capacity
B Book Casting
C Vancian Casting
D Spell Research

Spell Casting
See the rules below about wizard magic system and their spells.

Spell Capacity
You start with two spells known, rolled randomly from the Starting Wizard Spell list. Your spell capacity refers to the maximum amount of spells you can learn and you start with a Spell Capacity of 2. You can learn new spells from scrolls. It takes an hour for a Wizard level in 6 to learn chance to learn the spell.

Book Casting
You may cast a spell out of a book without using any magic dice. This happens as if casting a spell from a scroll.

Vancian Casting
You may prepare a single spell to be cast without a spell dice. The spell is lost after it has been cast and is treated as if it came up as a 5.

Spell Research
A Wizard may spend 2 weeks and 200sp for and Intelligence+Level% chance to construct a custom spell. Every 100sp further increases the percentile roll by 1. Custom spells must have a specific purpose when researched.

Wizard Magic System and Spells

If you choose to play a wizard, you use casting dice as a measure of how many spells you may cast per day and how strong they are.

You may prepare a number of spells each morning equal to your level. You cast by investing your casting dice in a spell and then rolling them. The more dice, the stronger the spell. Each die that you invest has a 50% chance, returning on a 1-3, of being refunded back into your casting pool. The more casting dice you roll, the more powerful the spell. Some spells have an effect based on the total number of dice you roll (listed as [dice] in spell descriptions) while others have an effect based on the sum of those dice (listed as [sum] in spell descriptions).

Casting a Spell From Memory

Step 1: Pick one of the spells you have memorized.
Step 2: Chose how many casting dice you want to invest in the spell, and remove them from your casting pool.
Step 3: Roll however the invested dice. The spell takes effect.
Step 4: Dice that show a result of 1-3 are returned to your casting pool

Wizard Magic 

Starting Wizard Spell List
1. Animate Arms
2. Candlemass
3. Skywalk
4. Horrible Glyph
5. Capture
6. Magic Mouth
7. Black Sabbath
8. Forevermore
9. Empty Socket
10.  Deadly Queen’s Kiss

Animate Arms
R:Caster T:1 Weapon D:[dice] turns
One weapon in the possession of the caster becomes vigilant in their defense. It floats at their side and if anyone attempts to strike the caster it attacks them as if wielded by the caster. The weapon deals damage without a Strength modifier and after it deals [sum] damage it ceases to be animate.

R:10'  D:[sum] minutes
[dice] lit candles appear inside the caster's hand. Each sheds light as a regular candle would but may be attached to any surface the caster wishes. Unlike rather candles, these do not go out if wet.

R:Touch T:1 creature D:[dice] rounds
The creature touched is imbued with magical energy allowing it to move up to [sum] feet per round as if walking on air.

Horrible Glyph 
R:Touch T:1 surface D: [sum] rounds
The area touched is marked by a glyph so horrible that those who come within 20' must roll morale or save versus fear or otherwise become overcome with disgust and move away.

R:30' T:1 creature of up to [dice] HD  D:[sum] minutes
A creature you point at is pulled into a bottle where it is trapped for a brief period. You may release the creature from the bottle at any time you wish. If the bottle breaks the creature is freed.

Magic Mouth
D:[sum] hours
The caster creates [dice] inventory slots within their body that only they can access. These take up inventory as they normally would. These are only detectable to the caster. At the end of the spell's duration they are expelled forcefully.

Black Sabbath
R:30' T:1 creature  D: [sum]/2 rounds
The caster of this spell selects a target which now takes damage as if being caught unaware if it's shadow is attacked.

R:Touch T:1 object  D:[sum] minutes
One object touched is kept in place where it was when it was touched.

Empty Socket
R:Touch T:1 [dice]eyes  D:[sum] minutes
The eyes you touch is incased in a thin mantle of magical energy and falls out of the head of its owner. It still provides sight and at the end of the spell’s duration magically returns to it’s original cavity. By making a successful attack roll you may use this spell to pop out the eyes of unwilling targets. If an eye is left unattended and damage comes to it, it is destroyed.

Spit to Scythe
R:[sum]' T:spit  D:Instantaneous
The caster can convert their spit into a blade by spitting it out creating a light weapon for [dice] minutes alternatively the caster may target the spit inside another's mouth dealing [dice]d4 damage to them as their spit turns to blades.

Deadly Queen’s Kiss
R:Touch T:1 object  D:[dice] hours
One object is imbued with incendiary devastation and may be commanded to explode dealing [sum]/2 damage to those within 2'. Alternatively it may be left to detonate to another's touch dealing [sum] damage to them.

Wood items have a 5in6 chance of being destroyed per casting  dice
Iron items have a 3in6 chance of being destroyed per casting dice
Magic items have a 1in6 chance of being destroyed per casting dice

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