Friday, November 10, 2017

Thief Class


You gain +1 Stealth for every Thief template you possess.
Starting Equipment: leather armor, set of lock-picks, dagger

A Always Prepared, Brigandry
B Opportunist
C Lucky
D Walk off Screen

Always Prepared
When in town, you may spend any amount of money to buy an Unlabeled Package. When the package is unwrapped, you declare what it contains, as long as the contents comprise the appropriate number of Inventory Slots, doesn't cost more than you originally paid, and are available in the town you bought the Unlabeled Package. You can even put multiple items inside a large Unlabled Package (including smaller Unlabeled Packages). This is basically retroactive shopping. You can have no more than two Unlabeled Packages at a time.

Your base chance of picking locks is equal to the number of Thief Templates you possess rather than 1. Further you only have a 1 in 6 chance to set off traps rather than a 2 in 6.

Whenever you get a situational bonus on an attack roll (surprise, elevation, etc) you deal an additional 1d6 Damage.

Once per day, you can reroll one of your d20 rolls or a d6 rolls.

Walk off Screen
At any time, you may declare that you are walking off-screen. Later on in the session, you may reveal yourself to have been a minor NPC in the background of the scene “all along” as long as there actually are minor NPCs in the background of the scene. You can always walk back on stage at any time, even climbing in a window. This ability is limited by plausibility.

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