Friday, November 10, 2017

Occultist Class


You gain +1 save for every Occultist template you possess after the first.
Starting Equipment: Dark Clothes, 3 Bottles, Sword

A Speak with the Dead, Bottled Ghosts
B Necroscope
C Haunting

Speak with the Dead
You can cast speak with dead a number of times per day equal to your level.

Bottled Ghosts
Bottled ghosts are the source of your power. You start with two bottled ghosts. You let them out of their bottles to use them, and they return at the witching hour.

Ghost Uses
Analyze - Learn the power, weakness, and desire of a known target in a structure you are inside of
Clairvoyance - Create a astral construct which lets you remotely view a known room in a structure that you are inside of
Control - A corporeal undead must save or your ghost may enter it possessing it into your command. Each HD of undead requires a ghost. Alternatively you may use a ghost to banish an incorporeal undead.
Illumination - You may either extinguish all of the lights within a known room in a structure that you are inside of or fully illuminate a known room in a structure that you are inside of with magical light
Key - A singular known door in a structure that you are inside of becomes possessed by the ghost and will always be unlocked for you and locked for those who would do you harm
Map - You may invoke ink to map out three rooms on a paper past a single known doorway inside of a structure that you are in, this also reveals any secret doors in those three rooms
Retreat - Teleports you and those accompanying you out of a structure, each other target other than you requires another ghost

Finding Ghosts
You encounter 1 bottleable ghost when you get to a location where someone has died (Dungeon, graveyard, Old Battleground, City) in order to be bottle a ghost will demand a service.

Ghost Services

1Vengeance - Kill my killer (Random monster in location where ghost is found)
2Barter - Offering of 4d10 Silver + 1 HD of Sacrifice
3Lament - Bury Weapon stained with your blood + spirits worth 1d20+10 silver
4 Rites - Perform find my body and perform proper burial rites

You may spend a turn to determine how a corpse died

You may attach a ghost to a target for 1d6 days

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