Friday, November 10, 2017

Hierophant Class


Your faith points double and your communion score increases by 1 for every additional Heirophant template you possess.
Starting Equipment: dagger, leather armor, holy symbol

A Faith and Communion
B Invoke Blessings
C Double Prayer

Faith and Communion
You start with 2 Faith points and a Communion score of 9. The mechanism of these are explain on the next page

Invoke Blessings
By spending a Faith Point you may allow a companion or yourself to reroll a save

Double Prayer
Double the effects of a prayer at the cost of 2 faith points

Faith points (FP) represent how certain you are that you deserve the miracles you pray for. They are spent when you request a small miracle of your deity, but they are immediately refunded if your prayer is answered (since that reinforces your faith). Your FP maximum is modified by your Wisdom bonus. FP don't return every day. Instead, they regenerate only if:

You do some great deed in the direct interests of your faith (e.g. triumphing over an enemy cleric). Smaller deeds (e.g. finding a minor holy relic) might return 1 or 2 FP.

Spend (at least) 4 hours praying in a major site of worship, or get blessed by a high-ranking member of your faith.

Spend (at least) 4 hours praying in a minor site of worship. You can build these with time and resources (e.g. raising a monolith in a clearing), but these cannot raise your FP higher than half of its normal maximum.

Very powerful ceremonies (e.g. the pope presiding over a gigantic ceremony to sanctify your mission) may raise your FP up to double its normal maximum.

Your communion rank represents the Strength of your connection to your deity. You get +1 communion while in a minor holy site and +2 communion while in a major holy site, while unholy sites (such as an opposing church) give equivalent penalties. By spending a turn and 100 silver on incense and holy oil you may gain a temporary +1 communion for a single prayer. When you pray, roll a d20 and test under your Communion. If the rolls is successful, your prayer is answered AND your point is refunded.You cannot pray for the same thing twice. If your god doesn't want to cleanse the leprosy from the nonbeliever, it would be insulting to ask again. Your god is more likely to answer some sorts of prayers than others, depending on your deity's portfolio. A sample prayer portfolio for a generic god is given on the next page, although technically you can pray for anything.

If you pray for something that is:

perfectly aligned with your god's portfolio (such as asking a sun god to fill a dark cave with light), but not listed, it is just as likely to happen as your other requests. Test under your communion, as normal.

sort of aligned (such as asking a sun god to dispel a spellcaster's invisibility), your REFEREE may ask you to test under your Communion -4.

not aligned (such as asking a sun god to unlock a door), it has no chance of success, and your spent FP are wasted. However, there are exceptions based on the god's interests (such as asking the sun god to unlock the the back door to the moon god's temple so the party can raid it).

against the god's interests, it will never be answered.



Commune Receive ambiguous omens/visions/warnings.
2x                    Receive slightly less ambiguous omens/visions/warnings.

Bless Target gets +1 to attacks and saves for an hour.
2x            Target gets +2 to attacks and saves for an hour.

Heal Touched creature gains 5 HP or recovers injury as if rested for a week.
2x                    Touched creature gains 10 HP or recovers injury as if rested for 2 weeks.

Purify Remove a level 1 curse (or enchantment).
2x            Remove a level 1 or 2 curse (or enchantment).

Cure Target gets a new saving throw against a poison or disease.
2x                    Cure a poison or a disease.

Turn 1d6 nearby undead must save or flee, beginning with the weakest.
                         Undead with more HD than the cleric get +4 on their save.
2x                     2d6 nearby undead must save or flee, as above.

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