Friday, November 10, 2017

Fighter Class


You gain +1 HP for every Fighter template you possess.
Starting Equipment: chainmail, spear, shield, bow, 20 arrows

A Parry, Expertise
B Notches
C Field Medic
D Tough

You can reduce incoming damage to a target by 1d12 points a number of times per day equal to the number of Fighter Templates you possess. If you choose to sunder your shield to reduce the amount of damage you take, you may give up one of these parries to instead reduce the damage by 12 points.

At every odd-numbered Fighter template increase your Attack score by 1.

Each time you attain a total of 10, 20, 30, and 50 kills with a weapon type (such as 10 kills with a dagger), roll a 1d4 and you gain the effects described. Keep track of your kills and special abilities on the back of your character sheet.

Notch Effects Table
1+1 Damage
2Critical Range increases by 1 point
3Passive Weapon Ability (see below)
4Special Attack (see below)

Field Medic
The base chance of your Chirurgeon Skill is 2 in 6.

Reduce all incoming damage by 1 point.

Passive Ability: Roll a 1d8
1+1 Initiative
2+1 to hit humanoid opponents who are wearing armor or using shields.
3Deal 1 damage on a miss, but this damage can never kill a creature.
4+1 to hit humanoid opponents who are unarmed or fighting with familiar weapons
5Deal x2 damage to prone targets
6Gives +1 to Defense
7Use Dexterity to calculate damage
8As light weapon in close quarters and grapples

Special Attack: Roll a 1d8
1Great Slice: Attack two adjacent targets. Each attack has a -4 penalty to hit
2Flurry: Attack the same target twice with a penalty of -4 on each attack
3Wild Swing: +2 to hit, but take 1d6 damage if you miss
4Power Attack: -2 to hit and +2 to damage
5Skullcrusher: x2 damage on a hit. Spend your next round recovering.
6Lunge: +2 Initiative and -1 damage (minimum 1)
7Rend Flesh: -2 to hit. Target bleeds 1 HP each turn until it spends a turn attending the wound
8Sure Strike: +2 to hit and -2 damage (minimum 1)

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