Saturday, November 11, 2017

Blackguard Class


You get +3 Barechested HP for every Blackguard template you possess. You get +1 Stealth for every two Blackguard templates you possess.
Starting Equipment: battleaxe, ugly scars

A Rage, Demoralizing
B Feat of Strength
C Wicked
D Cleave

Barechested HP
This increases your maximum HP, but only if you are unarmored. If you are only wearing light armor (+2 bonus or less), then 1/3 of your Blackguard  HP applies. Shields don't count as armor.

Anytime you take damage in combat you enter a rage. While in a rage, you have +1 Attack, +1 Damage, and are immune to pain and fear. While raging, you cannot do anything defensive, curative, tactical, or cooperate with your allies. All you can do is attempt to kill things. You cannot stop fighting until you kill, subdue, or drive off all enemies. Alternatively, you can will yourself to stop raging with a 1-in-6 chance of success, once per round. If one of your allies has injured you this fight, they count as an enemy. (The numerical bonus from this ability doubles at lvl 4)

Enemies who have a morale score of anything other than 20, gain a penalty to their morale rolls equal to the number of Blackguard templates you possess.

Feat of Strength
You may treat your Strength score as 20 for 1 round a number of times per day equal to the number of Blackguard templates you possess.

You treat your attack score as two points higher when attacking a target who has  HD less than or equal to your level -2.

Whenever you reduce a creature to 0 HP with an attack, you can make another attack with the same weapon.

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  1. Good remix.

    A bit of a digression, but I never liked how paladins and blackguards frequently get magic horses (because it's hard to bring magic horses into dungeons). Maybe if they could turn into magic horses, I would like them better.