Friday, November 10, 2017

Archaist Class


You gain +2 Save vs Fear for every Archaist template you possess.
Starting Equipment: Holy symbol, Sword, Wide-brimmed hat

A Well Prepared, Fated Foe
B Abjuration
C Rebuke Evil

Well Prepared
For every fact that you know about a monster, you treat your save as 1 point higher against any effect they would incur upon you, to a maximum bonus of +5. These don't have to be major facts, but they cannot be trivial. If you could learn it by looking at a snapshot of the current scene, it's trivial. Your base chance of picking locks is equal to the number of Archaist Templates you possess rather than 1

Fated Foe
Pick a specific named monster at the start of each day, you treat your attack and defense higher equal to the number of Archaist templates you have when confronting it.

Either through his faith or through
knowledge (or both) the Archaist can force undead, devils, spirits, faeries and demonic monsters to back away. The Archaist attempts to roll under their wisdom score with a penalty of the HD of the monster in question. If successful the monster cannot confront the Archaist and his companions for 1d6+1 rounds. The Archaist may do this any number of times against any monster, but if they fail the monster ignores all further abjuration attempts.

Rebuke Evil
Once per day, you may attempt to rebuke evil with a normal melee attack. Adding your wisdom modifier to the attack and dealing 1 extra point of damage per level. This can damage monsters that are normally only damaged with silvered or magical weapons.

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