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Perishing and Perdition Table

Below is a table to add gruesome effects and a death spiral for when characters reach 0 hp. Rather than dying, they see what horrible effects happen upon their character. Mechanically this characters a greater chance of surviving combat, but still discentivizes getting into combat recklessly.

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Hit Points are not "meat points" instead they represent your ability to survive blows that are potentially lethal through luck, skill, or toughness. When your HP reaches 0, you are unable to defend yourself properly, and any blow is a potentially lethal one. There are no mechanical effects for being reduced to 0 HP.  However, any damage in excess of this is potentially lethal and incurs a Severity Roll on the Perishing and Perdition  Table and may result in you gaining Fatal Wounds. Fatal Wounds are what kill a character. Unless you can get rid of one, a fatal wound kills you three rounds after you receive it. 

If you have a Fatal Wound your character is still conscious but is moments away from death and is likely screaming as they bleed out. You may continue taking actions as normal or you can instead attempt to remove a fatal wound. If you choose to get rid of a Fatal Wound you have a 1 in 6 chance of removing it, succeeding on a roll of 1. The only other way of losing a Fatal Wound is having other characters performing surgery (see Author's Note) or receiving magical healing which removes 1 Fatal Wound for every 2 points of damage healed. 

Author's Notes: In my games there is a surgery skill which works on the basis of a X in 6 chance of success. If you roll greater than your X in 6 when attempting surgery you deal that much damage to some one, but if you roll equal or less to your X in 6 chance you heal that much damage.

Perishing and Perdition Table

Severity Roll: 1d12 + Damage Taken

If the damage source is not from Burns, Eldritch Effects, or Surgery you must roll a 1d10 for hit location. Each severity scale is cumulative so if you roll a 13 on a severity roll you'd gain both the effects of the 11+ and the 1+ Severity Roll.

Value RolledHit Location
Severity Roll of 1+Effects
SkullAutomatically lose initiative for a number of combat rounds equal to Severity Roll
NeckMust spend a round to recover yourself before you can perform any other actions
ArmsDrop weapon/shield held in hand and cannot use that arm for a number of turns equal to Severity Roll
Torso-2 to Attack and Defense Scores / To Hit and AC until you spend a round recovering your breath
LegsFall prone and cannot use the leg to support your weight for a number of turns equal to Severity Roll (reduce movement score by 6 / base movement speed by half)
BurnsGain only half the Defense /AC bonus from your armor for a number of days equal to Severity Roll
Eldritch Effects-4 to Saves for a number of combat rounds equal to Severity Roll
SurgeryHalf Maximum HP for a number of days equal to Severity Roll
Severity Roll of 11+Effects + 1 Fatal Wound
SkullSave else randomly lose 1 point of intelligence, wisdom, charisma, or an eye (roll a 1d4) permanently
NeckLose 1d10 teeth and Save else mute permanently
ArmsSave else lose either the left or right arm
TorsoSave else randomly lose 1 point of strength, dexterity, or constituion permanently
LegsSave else lose either the left or right leg (reduce movement by 6 permanently / base movement speed by half)
BurnsSave else permanently lose 1d6 points of charisma and 1d2 points of dexterity
Eldritch EffectsSave else gain a curse
SurgerySave else permanent +4 bonus on all further severity rolls
Severity Roll of 16+Effects
Any SourceGain Severity Roll - 15 Fatal Wounds

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