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Traveling Outlanders Post 4/8: Sorcerers of Ozborn

Statistics and Marks

Name: Sorcerers of Ozborn

Clad in black cloth and adorned with chains of gold and silver they laugh among themselves. White and pale blue sigils are inscribed along their clothes and thin red scripts repeat words of power and protection in their skin. Most wear gold in their ears and few have pierced their lips and noses with shining studs.

HD: 2
Def: 0
Dam: 1d6
Move: 12
Save: 8
Morale: 9

Invoke Distant Doom: Instead of attacking a Sorcerer of Ozborn may simply choose to inflict 1d6+1 damage on a target within 100 feet, this process is done as a character reading a scroll.

Lair: Smoke lingers in the air proximal to a black carriage
Spoor: The air around here hums with arcane power
Tracks: Impossibly thin lines in the earth follow a series of hoof-prints
Traces1: A broken pipe lies on the ground
Traces2: A now empty snuff box litters the ground

Well known information about the Sorcerers of Ozborn

Originating from a vast dark city upon the coast, clad in audacious wealth few leave their city to pursue mysteries elsewhere.  Many seek to travel to the city to learn magics from their institutes but few return knowing much other than ruin and misery. Many seek to maintain an altered state in order to better utilize their magic.

Rumors about the City of Ozborn

1 The city is built upon a massive keep where even shadows and the darkness seek the demise of man
2  The magical powers of the sorcerers are derived from vile fruits grown in goblin blood
3  Cruel mockeries of man patrol the streets enforcing order 
4 Their greatest sorcerer has transcended death an all seek to emulate him
5 Within the markets few sell elixirs which allow one to converse with snakes or birds 
6  A single goblin remains within the city, the last of his kind
7  All who arrive at the city do so at night and none remember the sun being in the sky
8 Gangs of men in fine suits wielding hatchets menace the streets

Ozborn Sorceror Title Table (Roll for both Prefix and Suffix)

1Iceberg Black
2 EdenIvy
3 GhostMane
4 EthylWolf
5 SlugCross
6 SmokePurple
7 WhiteFuneral
8 OmenThirteen
9 TripleOne
10 UglyBo Weep

Sorcerer of Ozborn Racial Class

In order for a character to play as a Name they must start with a minimum of 12 in Intelligence, and a minimum of 10 in Dexterity and Charisma.

Sorcerers of Ozborn start with the following conviction: I don't wanna die, I just wanna feel alive.

Sorcerer of Ozborn
You gain +1 Save vs Magic for every Sorcerer of Ozborn template you possess. Further each additional Sorcerer of Ozborn template increases the number of Casting Dice you possess by 1.
Starting Equipment: Ivory Spectacles, Dagger, Porcelain Mask, Fake Gold Chain

A Spell Casting, Limited Spell Capacity, Ozborn Origin
B Fashionable
C Sucker-Punch

Spell Casting
As wizard except Casting Dice return on a 1-4 rather than a 1-3.

Limited Spell Capacity
You can only know a number of wizard spells equal to your level + your intelligence modifier. You can learn any wizard spells you encounter from scrolls.

Ozborn Origin
You start with one spell Invoke Distant Doom written on your skin as a series of numerous tattoos.

Invoke Distant Doom
R: 200'
T: Creature
D: 0

Target takes [sum] + [dice] damage, no save

You can wear fashionable clothing instead of armor. Fashionable clothing costs 1.5x the cost of equivalent armor but takes up no Inventory Slots. Fashionable clothing is Fragile, and gains a Break (-1 Def) each time you take fire damage, acid damage, get really wet, or get really dirty.

Sucker Punch
You can expend a magic dice (roll a magic dice as if you just cast a spell on a roll of 5-6 you lose it) in order substitute your initiative roll with a value of 2. Further you deal an additional +1d6 Damage with an melee attack this round.

Ozbornian Dooms

1st Doom - You lose the ability to speak all but 1d10 words for 3 days (No magic casting)
2nd Doom - You lose the ability to speak all but 1d6 words for 3 days (No magic casting)
3rd Doom - Your tongue tears itself from your mouth and it turns into a sprawling construct of dark magic [HD Level+2, def 4, Dam via Invoke Distant Doom, Move 15, Save as 15, knows all spells you know]

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