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Traveling Outlanders Post 3/8: Hallamite Unlanders

Statistics and Marks

Name: Hallamite Unlander

Clad in solemn black cloth, they parade bearing symbols of the church. Men's heads shaved clean and women's hair hidden under a tight bonnet they speak in low tones with polite words. Their eyes are dark their entire sclera pitch black.

HD: 1
Def: 0
Dam: 1d6
Move: 12
Save: 6
Morale: 8

Curse of Eel Death: Anyone who kills a Hallamite automatically loses their next save against an eel and takes maximum damage from the next eel's attack.

Lair: An upturned boat is elevated by several pillars of stone, beneath it sit a few sparse bags and the remnants of a fire
Spoor: An anxious air hangs over this place as the soft scent of lemon lingers
Tracks:  Slow and steady boot prints lead a solemn trail
Traces1: The ground is sodden and clings to your feet here
Traces2: A wide puddle spreads out and reflects the sky above

Well known information about the Hallamite Unlanders

They keep to themselves and cause little trouble. They live within houses raised on stilts dining on thin eels. There is little dryness in their sodden homeland though they produce much fine glass. They refuse to drink or smoke, living calm lives.

Rumors about the Hallamite Unlanders

1 There exists a vast distillery in their land which distills virtue which can change the temperament of a man
2 It is said they can speak with Eels and have a pact to have their bidding done by them 
3 They do not conform to teachings of the church instead holding a heresy of god communing with man by means of waters. 
4 Hallamites cannot commit sins or foul acts
5 Few practice terrible mysteries within their vast marshes 
6 Within their sodden homeland few travel under the waters of the wetlands in constructed suits of brass
7 A small network of Hallamite priests controls a vast deal of the church
8 They can control the rains, bringing an end to many droughts

Hallamite Unlander Virtous Elixir Table

1 Once drunk, it binds to the tongue and prevent lies (save or can not lie for 1d6+1 days)
2 Once drunk, it binds to the spine removing laziness (save or can not relax for 1d4+2 days)
3 Once drunk, it binds to the brain abjuring impure and immodest thoughts (save or act as complete prude for 1d8 days)
4 Once drunk, it suffocates any vile spirits within removing disease (new save against any disease or poison)
5 Once drunk, it soothes the spirit (save or -2 to initative for 1d4 days but it removes 1d4 points of trauma)
6 Once drunk, it widens the depths of your lungs (save or an eel moves in your lungs. After it has been there for 1 week it gives you +1 HP per HD and lets you breathe underwater for 2 hours a day. After it has been there for 3 weeks it will begin to lay eggs which hatch in 1d4 days and you are devoured from the inside out by tiny cute eels adorbaly soaked in your blood. This process acts as a poison dealing 1d4 points of Constitution Damage except you have no way to save naturally. Antidotes and the like do allow you to save against it.)

Hallamite Unlander Racial Class

In order for a character to play as a Hallamite Unlander they must start with a maximum of 10 in every score except Wisdom.

Hallamite Unlanders start with the following conviction: I will not besmirch the Hallamites

Hallamite Unlander
Your faith points double and your communion score increases by 1 for every additional Hallamite Unlander template you possess.
Starting Equipment: Dark Clothing, Sword, Holy Book

A Faith and Communion, Swampversed
B Command Eels
C Double Prayer

Faith and Communion
As Hierophant Class except you start with only 1 faith point and you use the deity detailed below.

Hallamite Unlanders reduce the chance of getting lost in swamps by a 2 in 6

Command Eels
By spending 1 faith point you can reroll the reaction roll of eels treating rolls of 6-12 as the Eels serving you for 1 turn.

Double Prayer
Double the effects of a prayer at the cost of 2 faith points


Prayers and Portfolio
Every deity grants Commune and Bless as aligned prayers.

Commune Receive ambiguous omens/visions/warnings.
Commune 2x = Receive slightly less ambiguous omens/visions/warnings.

Bless Target gets +1 to attacks and saves for an hour.
Bless 2x = Target gets +2 to attacks and saves for an hour.

This deity has a portfolio that includes Eels, Wetlands, and Purity thus it gets 4 further aligned prayers suitable to the portfolio:

Bring Rain 3 in 6 chance of rain falling down in 1d4 minutes lasting 1 day
Bring Rain 2x = 6 in 6 chance of rain falling down in 1d4 minutes lasting 1d4 days

Remove Imperfection Target gains 1d4 HP and removes 1d4 trauma points
Remove Imperfection 2x = Target gains 2d4 HP, removes 2d4 trauma points, and 1 mutation

Sink Down 1d6 HD of Targets must save or the swamp underneath them collapses and they begin suffocating each had a HD-1 in 6 chance of pulling itself out of the ground each round (minimum 1)
Sink Down 2x = 2d6 HD of Targets

Summon Eel Summons a Monstrous Eel to your location
Summon Eels 2x = Summons 1d3+1 Monstrous Eels to your location

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  1. This is good. Eels are cool, and we need more cults that are like real cults, and not cartoon villain cults.