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Traveling Outlanders Post 2/8: Gyre Islanders

Statistics and Marks

Name: Gyre Islander

Preparing themselves to fish the sea-beasts, each Gyre Islander garbs themselves in shared uniform. The back and sides of each heads is shaved clean, a knot of hair above the crown free to frenzy in the salty wind. Each simply wears a pair of black pants, held up by wide belt etched with their Clan symbols. They show their chests bare to the sea, simply binding their arms in bands of black and blue. They wear the same garb when they go to war, avoiding armor which would obscure their form. They believe their thews are enough to terrify their enemies.

HD: 3+2
Def: 3
Dam: 1d10
Move: 12 or 9 swimming
Save: 9
Morale: 12

Stronger: In any physical confrontation between a Gyre Islander and a character. The character treats their strength score as 4 points lower for purposes of grappling and the like.

Lair: A wide ship with a cruel figurehead sits before you
Spoor: A bitter smell lingers in the air
Tracks: Boot-prints have left strong impressions here long past
Traces1: A faint stain of luminescent powder can be seen here
Traces2: A massive stone here has been lifted out of the ground here and placed a few feet over

Well known information about the Gyre Islanders

Each Gyre Islander is valued only by the strength of his flesh. They produce neither art nor song save for funeral statues, instead struggling to grow bigger and stronger than those around them. There is no culture, instead there is a cycle of struggle, feast, sleep, all in preparation for the struggle which overwhelms them. They have no gods among them, instead venerating only their strongest as living hero-saints.

Rumors about the Gyre Islanders

1 When one dies, he is simply flayed and his strength put on display, his musculature contorted to raise a standing stone in his honor
2  Many keep hounds each also a massive beast, fighting alongside their masters 
3 Rather than farm, they harpoon massive whales out of the sea feasting on their flesh
4 Many hold a  general disdain for magic as an inability to take action by ones own hands
5 An ancient pharmacist made his home among the Gyre Islanders, using his knowledge they refined many bitter herbs into a potent powders
6 Their bodies ripple with muscles as they mock foreigners for being disfigured and small
7 Few walk with a flame burning inside their bodies, smoke billowing out of their mouth when they speak
8 Often they enter gargantuan Sea-Beasts plundering their bowels for treasure long swallowed

Gyre Islander Clan Table

1 Has their dogs with them (Deal 1d10 on bite rather than 1d6)
2  Ghastly Pale (+1 to all saves)
3 Bounty Hunters (each has 1d6 worth of HD in bounties with them)
4 Seek to engage you in contests of strength and brawn

Gyre Powder

Every Gyre Islander has and will sell you Gyre Powder. Every Gyre Islander has 1d2 jars on their person. Gyre Powder is sold jars containing 5 units and one such jar takes up a point of inventory space. Gyre Powder can be used to give anyone a new save against any disease or poison your are suffering from. Alternatively, it can be ingested to increase your Initiative score by 1d4 for 1 hour. Each jar costs some absurd price like 150 silver.

Gyre Islander Racial Class

In order for a character to play as a Gyre Islander they must start with a  minimum of 16 in Strength.

Gyre Islanders start with the following conviction: I believe in my own strength

Gyre Islander
For gain +1 HP for every Gyre Islander template you possess.
Starting Equipment: Gyre Powder, Harpoon, 

A Proud, Bigger and Stronger, Ignore Encumbrance
B Powder studies
C Press into Aid

You refuse to wear armor and you must save in order to let any challenge go uncontested

Bigger and Stronger
Your strength score increases by 1 for every Gyre Islander Template you have

Ignore Encumbrance
You do not gain encumbrance conditions like Cold or Tired

Powder Studies
In town and cities you can always find ingredients in order to make Gyre Powder. (The sum of these ingredients cost 25 silver)

Press into Aid
You may use the modifier of your strength score in place of your charisma modifier to recruit hirelings and retainers.

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