Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Traveling Outlanders Post 0/8: Statistics, Known Information, and Rumors.

So the next 8ish posts will detail the Outlanders mentioned in the Wilderness Anecdotes and Encounters but not detailed in the Polite Lands Bestiary. They will contain mechanical statistics, known information about the Outlanders that each character would know, and rumors one can hear about them. Sometimes they will also have extra tables per Outlander. These 8 posts are less setting and system agnostic than most other posts as the set pieces from which each Outlander is from has yet to be detailed. These posts include the Outlanders as a Racial Class, below are links.

Wanna scream about how great you are and ignore magic because you're drunk?

Wanna have more muscles than everyone else and make caffeine powder?

Wanna pretend to not be a freaky eel-person who doesn't worships an eel god?

Wanna fail out of wizard college but wear jewelry and sucker punch people?

Wanna eat people and have to save to not eat your fellow party?

Wanna petrify things that offend your sensibilities and bleed snakes?

Wanna be paranoid of your bosses and dispel other magic?

Wanna play as princess peach mermaid edition?

Here are 6 more Outlanders to be encountered, but not to be played as.

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