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Plains Wilderness Encounters and Bestiary

Author's Notes: Monster Statistics are given in the following notation:
HD – This refers to how many Hit Dice a monster possess and accordingly it’s bonus to hit
Def – This refers to the bonus a monster receives to its base armor class or defense rating 
Dam – This refers to how much damage a monster deals with one of its attacks
Movement – This refers to the distance/speed with which a monster moves a score of 12 being equal to an unencumbered man
Save – This refers to a monster’s chance to ignore magical or mundane effects out of 20. This would be ignorable if your system of choice does not give monster saves if not for a Save statistic of 20 meaning a monster is immune to magic.
Morale – This refers to a monster’s likelihood to flee from combat in 20. Monsters who are able to roll below their morale value remain in combat after first blood drawn, one of their number slain, and the tide turning against them. Adjust accordingly if your system of choice uses a 2d6 roll for morale.
Art by Steven Belledin.

When you're traveling through the wilderness of the plains you may encounter many dangerous and weird things. When ever you travel through a hex there is a 1 in 6 chance of encountering a monster but for each other possibility you either find a lair, spoor, tracks, or traces of a monster as shown in the Wilderness Anecdote Table below.

Wilderness Anecdote Table

1Lair of something
2Spoor of something
3Tracks from something
4Traces 1 of something
5Traces 2 of something
6Monster encounter

Wilderness Plains Terrain Encounter Table

13d6 Bandits
2As Plains Terrain Polite Lands Encounter
32d6 Wolves
4 2d4 Tribal Horsemen
5Derelict Ironsmoker
6 Atavist Moth
71d4 Spirits of the Plains
91d2 Cockatrices
10Carin Carrier
112d4 Giant Spiders
121d4 Giant Birds
131d8 Harpies
15 Prismatic Owl
172d4 Carapaces
19The corpse of a (Roll Again)
20Conflict of two (Roll Twice)

Plains Wilderness Bestiary

Name: Bandit

HD: 1
Def: 2
Dam: 1d6 or 1d6 ranged
Move: 12
Save: 6
Morale: 6

Lair: Crude encampment inside of a cave lit by few torches
Spoor: Poorly made traps now broken
Tracks:  Bootprints leading deeper into the woods
Traces1: Corpse with it's throat split, long since looted and now tucked behind a tree
Traces2: Trees with broken arrows embedded in their trunks
Name: Wolf

HD: 2
Def: 2
Dam: 1d6
Move: 18
Save: 7
Morale: 6

Lair: Wolf's den
Spoor: Loud howling at night
Tracks:  Numerous paw prints
Traces1: Wolfsbane growing in many places
Traces2: A Wolf carcass with it's throat torn out
Name: Tribal Horsemen

HD: 2
Def: 2
Dam: 1d8 or 1d6 ranged
Move: 16
Save: 7
Morale: 8

Rider: The stats above represent a Tribesman on a Horse. Anytime a horse man takes damage there is a 50% of it harming the horse and a 50% chance of it harming the rider. The rolled HP is split between the horse and the rider. If the rider reaches 0 HP then he dies atop his horse, if the horse reaches 0 HP then the Tribal horseman falls of his horse and is treated as a Bandit.

Lair: Numerous yurts billow smoke, a few horses are tethered to the ground between them
Spoor: A yipping yell is heard in the distance
Tracks:  Numerous horse tracks
Traces1: A strap of leather embroidered with a few beads lies forgotten
Traces2: The ground here bears sign of a campfire burning here a long time ago
Name: Derelict Ironsmoker

Looking like a metal mockery of a man, a smoking train-thing stands on a pair of blades. Two gangly arms are set into motion by gears and pistons. A trio of chimneys rise along the spine of the contraption, meekly billowing clouds of smog.

HD: 5
Def: 6
Dam: 1d12
Move: 10
Save: 20
Morale: 10

Faster Burn: A Derelict Ironsmoker can burn the fuel within itself to go faster. By dealing 1d6 points of damage to itself, it can increase it's Move score by the same amount. When a Derelict Ironsmoker does so it begins spewing thick black smoke for 1d6 rounds which acts as darkness for all those within 10 feet of it. It can see through this darkness.

Punchcard Innards: There is a 1 in 6 chance that a Derelict Ironsmoker still has the ancient punch-card used to code it's intelligence intact. This gives them 2d6 words they can use to communicate with others to explain their intentions. These punch-cards are made of electrum, are worth 450 silver, and if extracted can be inserted into other Derelicts converting them to the purpose of the Ironsmoker

Lair: A depression in the earth can be seen here as if burned into the ground
Spoor: Billowing black smoke rises from something in the distance
Tracks: A trail has been blazed here, long gashes cover the ground
Traces1: A few coals lie forgotten on the ground here
Traces2: The remains of a wild-fire stain the ground black here.
Name: Atavist Moth

HD: 4
Def: 2
Dam: 1d6 + effects of dust
Move: 5 or 13 flying
Save: 13
Morale: 9

Lethian Dust: Every 1d4+1 rounds a Atavist Moth may convulse it's body and let lose the dust which covers itself. Those who are within 15 feet, must save or lose all of their memories for 1d6 minutes. Anyone memory less must then save in order to take an action other than ask questions like: Who am I? Where am I? Why is there a massive angry moth in front of me?

Lair: A few rocks here are covered in fine white filaments and pale dust
Spoor: Pale dust churns on the wind
Tracks: A thin trail of pale dust can be seen in sporadic traces
Traces1: A tree's branches have been haphazardly torn off
Traces2: A massive cocoon lies in shambles, it's occupant long gone
Name: Spirit of the Plains

A shimmering hexagon fades in and out of view out of the corner of your eye. Small white hands extend from it as you see it rummage through your companions bag and steal an iron object. You blink and the spirit is there no longer.

HD: n/a
Def: n/a
Dam: 0
Move: 20
Save: 16
Morale: 10

Sidereal: These spirits are intangible and almost invisible. They occasionally emerge from the dreams of the soil, rocks, and trees seeking to observe new and novel things. Rather than ever trying to deal harm to characters, there is a 1 in 6 chance that when encountered the Spirit of the Plains will replace a manufactured item in a random characters inventory with a beautiful polished stone.

Lair: The wind howls strongly here, stirring sparse vegetation into a tumult
Spoor: Light is scattered off of a cloud in the sky
Tracks: None
Traces1: A singular ray of the sun hangs heavy amid the upturned dust
Traces2: Numerous polished stones lay here arranged in a hexagonal pattern
Name: Krovkulak

A nearly emaciated figure reeks of rotting flesh. It stands on two legs each bent backwards rising up on it's toes like a dog.  It's two hands end in massive claws that dragging it's knuckles on the ground. Two small yellow eyes rise atop it's bald leathery skull as it snorts from it's distended snout. Saliva falls from between it's irregular teeth as it's maw spills open unleashing a wild howl.

HD: 6
Def: 4
Dam: 1d8/1d8
Move: 13
Save: 11
Morale: 14

Regeneration: Krovkulak's regenerate 1hp/round of combat unless damage is dealt by silver.

Degenerative Infection: Anyone fighting a Krovkulak in melee must save or disease 1 point of intelligence (at 0 points turns into a Krovkulak)

Lair: Deep, dark hole in the ground from which a rotting stench eminiates
Spoor: Trees seemingly ripped out of the ground and eaten
Tracks:  Trail of two foot prints and a long drag mark on either side of the prints
Traces1: A pile of broken bones drenched in noxious bile
Traces2: Numerous tall trees pulled over at a weird angle
Name: Cockatrice

HD: 5
Def: 4
Dam: 1d6 + save for poison 1d6
Move: 6 or 12 flying
Save: 8
Morale: 8

Lair: Poorly constructed caricature of a bird's nest twice the size of a man.
Spoor: Petrified remains of a horse seemingly torn in half
Tracks:  Claw prints of two claws followed by a thick tail
Traces1: A rock with chunks seemingly bitten out
Traces2: A few ragged, black feathers too frail to be a crow's liter the path ahead
Name: Carin Carrier

A grey skinned giant thrice the size of man looms ahead. Dark vapors seep from his skin and a massive stone rises high in his grasp. Upon this carin are written dark and foul sigils and words of power.

HD: 4, ATK:1
Def: 3
Dam: 1d10
Move: 12
Save: 9
Morale: 14

Lair: Massive carin stone on top of a hill. Beneath it sits the Carrier
Spoor: No sound save for the wind. A desolate hill in the distance
Tracks:  A mangled canopy of trees as if something twice their size passed through
Traces1: The remains of a man seemingly crushed by a massive hammer
Traces2: A resounding crack emanates from beyond the horizon
Name: Giant Bird

HD: 3
Def: 2
Dam: 1d6
Move: 8 or 14 flying
Save: 8
Morale: 7

Lair: A nest twice the size of a man is made up of tree branches here
Spoor: A shrill cawing is heard from above
Tracks: None
Traces1: A large feather sits underneath a shrub
Traces2: A single heavy brach hangs broken off a tall tree
Name: Giant Spider

HD: 2+2
Def: 4
Dam: 1d6 + save for poison 1d4 points of damage
Move: 18
Save: 4
Morale: 6

Lair: Massive funnel web amid a pair of trees
Spoor: Webs cover the trees. Webs cover the ground.
Tracks:  Many holes in the ground
Traces1: Dead fox inside of a massive web three feet above the ground
Traces2: Whisps of spider's silk hang on a tree
Name: Harpy

HD: 3
Def: 3
Dam: 1d6
Move: 6 or 18 flying
Save: 6
Morale: 10

Lair: Ragged Cliff face full of man size holes
Spoor: Resounding scream of WELL, WELL, WELL from the sky nearby
Tracks:  None
Traces1: Deer with its eyes clawed out stumbling around
Traces2: A pile of bones, picked clean by thin teeth
Name: Psuedogiant

HD: 7+2
Def: 5
Dam: 2d8
Move: 6
Save: 12
Morale: 14

Heavy Gait: Anyone within 10 feet of a Pseudogiant must save or otherwise fall over whenever the Psuedogiant moves

Lair: A fetid pit lingers before you, a yearning wound in the earth
Spoor: Crashes of what sounds like thunder steadily approach
Tracks:  Gashes in the soil from heavy hammers lead in singular direction
Traces1: Trees cracked and broken litter the road
Traces2: There are no cliffs or rocks here, only pebbles and shards
Name: Prismatic Owl

HD: 3
Def: 4
Dam: 1d3/1d3
Move: 16 flying
Save: 15
Morale: 12

Blinding Flash: Everyone within 25 feet of a Prismatic Owl must make a save. Those that fail their save are blinded for 1d3 rounds. A successful save does not make the target immune to future uses of this ability.

Strobing Flash: Everyone within 25 feet of a Prismatic Owl must make a save. Those that fail their save fall to the ground and are incapable of any action for 1d3+1 rounds. Those that succeed at their save are completely immune to future uses of this ability by the same Sigil Bird.

Lair: Shimmering and glistening scraps are piled all around a nest twice the width of a man's height. Silver tipped feathers lie scattered around.
Spoor: A cry like breaking glass falls from the sky
Tracks:  None
Traces1: A momentary flash of light is seen in the distance
Traces2: A large rock was once here, now it is simply shattered
Name: Khimera

This mockery of a lion wanders forwards. A second head slumps from it's neck as blue lightning flickers across it's fur-less skin. Powerful thews force it forward on vicious black claws.

HD: 4
Def: 3
Dam: 2d6
Move: 15
Save: 12
Morale: 16

Internal Dynamo: A crackling coat of electricity covers the body of a Khimera dealing 1d10 to any that attempt to attack the Khimera in melee with a metal weapon and 1d6 otherwise.

Lair: A ossuary covered in black bile sits before you in an open pit
Spoor: A thin hum vibrates in the air alongside the scent of ozone
Tracks:  An uneven stagger of clawed paw prints repeats
Traces1: Three gashes scar the trunk of an aged tree
Traces2: A snake with two heads slithers by before it hides itself in taller grass
Name: Carapace

Covered in a chitinous shell and a mane of yellow filament this creature rises out of a hole in the ground on 3 pairs of appendages. Numerous black segmented eyes stare at you.

HD: 3
Def: 7
Dam: 1d6+2
Move: 9 or 6 burrowing underground
Save: 9
Morale: 8

Lair: A massive hole gapes before you, a faint glimmer in the dark shines
Spoor: Numerous gaping holes reach deep into the bowels of the earth
Tracks:  A series of hole gape before you, numerous claw marks leading out of each
Traces1: A thin yellow filament lies covered in recently exposed dirt
Traces2: You stumble and fall, finding your left foot deep in a small pothole
Name: Nergal

Known as those who bathe in the sun, they come forth, spilling fire and leaving white ash in their wake. Wreathed by smokeless flame they float through the air much as serpents glide upon land. Each wields a golden sword.

HD: 9
Def: 8
Dam: 2d12 + save or catch fire taking 1d6 damage every round
Move: 15 (flying)
Save: 15
Morale: 20

Invoke Plague: Every 1d4+1 rounds a Nergal may curse all within 40' with a plague who must save else gain a disease dealing 1d6 damage to a random Attribute

Smite: Every 1d4+1 rounds a Nergal may deal smite a target, the target takes a cumulative 1d6 damage from fires for 1d6+1 rounds. (1st round is 1d6 fire, 2nd round is 2d6, and so on)

Golden Sword: If a Nergal is slain, it's sword may be taken as a trophy of combat. It deals 1d12 damage and those striken by it must save or catch fire taking 1d4 damage every round

Lair: A throne stands elevated before you, seemingly instantly cast from stone. It sits high upon the barren hill before you.
Spoor: Your skin now wet with sweat, your breathing grows more labored under the oppressive heat
Tracks:  None
Traces1: The remains of a great bolt of flame stain the surrounding area black with ash
Traces2: The sun shines it's oppressive rays directly at your eyes

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