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Mechanism for Casually Introducting NPC's and 20 NPC's to Befriend on Your Travels

Author's Note: I believe that much like a chance of encountering wandering monsters within a dungeon or a wilderness encounter while traveling allows narrative for both the players and referee to emerge from dice, a chance to encounter a NPC emerging from a dice roll allows narrative for both the players and referee to emerge spontaneously and procedurally. 

Mechanism for NPC Encounters

Every time the party arrives at a safe location (in terms of my procedurally generated hex-crawl system these will be Towns, Cities, Fortified Keeps, and Natural Landmarks) there is a 25% chance of a talkative NPC being there. Depending on the number of such NPC's you have prepared beforehand, it will either be a random new NPC or a random NPC that they have met already. After 20% of the NPC's have been met, there is a 50% chance that the NPC they meet here, they have met before.

List of NPC's

1. Silbergeld

Appearance: Massive sword, many silver rings, flowing red hair, expensive clothing
Temperament: Haughty and Cruel, Thinks of himself as better then others
Goals: Amuse himself with the comedies and tragedies of others
Abilities/Statistics: As Level 4 Acrobat + Massive Sword dealing 1d10+3 damage

2. The Destroyer Stroya

Appearance: Hair full of heavy braids, androgynous, numerous scars visible, a cornucopia of small knives visible on a belt at her waist
Temperament: Wrathful and Sudden
Goals: Find peace from and let go of her great rage
Abilities/Statistics: As Level 4 Barbarian, her daggers explode on a 6

3. Ken Heavyheart

Appearance: Single spear, chain mail and red cloak, hair cut short and clean shaven
Temperament: Humble and persistant
Goals: Prove himself by dueling other great warriors
Abilities/Statistics: As Level 4 Fighter with 30 notches on his spear

4. Nikola

Appearance: Red robes, white scarf, thick beard and mane of dark hair
Temperament: Bellicose and easy to anger
Goals: Recover the relics of St. Klaus
Abilities/Statistics: As Level 3 Hierophant

5. Isabella Nightengale

Appearance: Urami sword at waist, Dress entirely made of massive blue feathers, left hand is made out of gold, Numerous tattoos of snakes cover her body
Temperament: Manic and obsessive
Goals: Find a left hand pretty enough to replace her golden prosthetic
Abilities/Statistics: As Level 3 Knight of Fairie plus may use sword to attack all within 10 feet in single strike

6. Thorfinn

Appearance: Grim scowl, heavy hammer, bone white great coat, numerous charms hang from his body
Temperament: Vengeful and furious
Goals: Slay each foul beast which haunts these lands
Abilities/Statistics: As Level 3 Monster Hunter

7. Keldon the Hawk

Appearance: Bald head tattooed with a great hawk across the back, scar across his right eye, clad in dark clothes
Temperament: Callous and Pretentious
Goals: Find out who stole twenty years of memories and age from him
Abilities/Statistics: As Level 3 Occultist plus 3 bottle ghosts and Dance of Change ability

8. Giovanni "Tombstone" Digornio

Appearance: Long flowing blond hair, shirtless, back is covered in runes of protection and safety
Temperament: Foolhardy and rash, believes nothing can stop him
Goals: Find the man who murdered his two brothers
Abilities/Statistics: As Level 4 Thief

9. In'exist

Appearance: Short hair, fat face, backpack full of numerous books
Temperament: Socially awkward and jovial
Goals: Recover artifacts of magical prowess and importance from out of dungeons
Abilities/Statistics: As Level 4 Wizard with 8 random spells

10. Heinrich

Appearance: Somber clothing and short brown hair, well made recurve bow upon his back
Temperament: Ruthless desire for wealth and power, will gladly screw people over if he thinks he can get away with it
Goals: Wealth and Power
Abilities/Statistics: As Level 4 Woodsman

11. Ferrante

Appearance: Stout and girthy body, beard and hair expertly cut and maintained, snakeskin boots, large belt buckle
Temperament: Optimistic and welcoming
Goals: Make a profit selling  rifles, powder, and bullets
Abilities/Statistics: As Level 3 Son of Nalil

12. Silla

Appearance: Looks like every other Gyre Islander, calm gaze,
Temperament: Drunk wrecking ball
Goals: Find a wife that he may take home to the Gyre Islands
Abilities/Statistics: As Level 3 Gyre Islander

13. Anguil Odei

Appearance: Pristine black suit and white gloves
Temperament: Gregarious and seeks to make friends, calls everyone "my friend"
Goals: Sell as many Elixirs of Virtue as he can
Abilities/Statistics: As Level 3 Hallamite Unlander

14. The Stars At Night

Appearance: High Mohawk of black hair kept up with lye, Numerous leather straps covering his pale flesh, followed by a retinue of patsies and yes-men (1d6+3)
Temperament: Brash and loud, throws away money like it hurts him
Goals: Amass more renown
Abilities/Statistics: As Level 3 Sorcerer of Ozborn

15. Syringe

Appearance: Angelic Beauty upon armor made up of multiple weeping faces
Temperament: Calm yet unnerving
Goals: Give tokens of a brass centipede to offer protection to fellow travelers
Abilities/Statistics: As Level 3 Knight of Lymos plus magic sword: ANTI-WORLD

ANTI-WORLD: Sword which can be swung to deal damage at a target 10* charisma feet away. Deals 2d8 damage to target 1d4 rounds after it has hit a target. 

16. Silodar

Appearance: Wears blindfold and the robes of a beggar
Temperament: Acts to be a traveling beggar and avoids women
Goals: Help others when he can and undo some great crime he commited
Abilities/Statistics: As Level 3 Ophidian

17. Uldar

Appearance: Clad in a ruined great coat and messy hair, appears to be confused by many things
Temperament: Poorly pretends to be a criminal
Goals: Wants to know rumors about mysterious artifacts and the like
Abilities/Statistics: As Level 3 Agent of the Empire of the Alabaster Crown

18. Hera Pesithanatos

Appearance: Beautiful, clad in iridescent armor, and a luxurious cloak
Temperament: Imperious and haughty
Goals: Unknown, she refuses to shed much information about herself
Abilities/Statistics: As Level 4 Fighter plus see in darkness plus 4 Magic Dice and the following three spells:

Steal Soul
R: Corpse Touched
T: Dead Creature
D: 0

You pull the soul out of [dice] corpses, preventing their spirits from ever being contacted again or resurrected.

Fish Horrible Thing Out From Shadows
R: 50'
T: Shadow
D: [sum] turns

A wretched shambling creature of abject darkness spills out of a nearby shadow screaming. It has [dice] HD and deals 1d6+ [dice] damage on a hit, Movement and Save equal to [sum]. This creature is mindless and simply attacks those nearest to a source of light.

Putrified Benediction
R: 50'
T: Creature
D: 0

The aetheric nature of a creature is ruined [dice] adjacent creatures are filled with utter disgust for [sum] rounds and instead believe the target creature to be a traitor

19. Malina Chorna

Appearance: Rugged grin, always smoking, short black hair and dark eye shadow, leather armor
Temperament: Completely reckless
Goals: Find pleasure and comfort 
Abilities/Statistics: As Level 3 Fighter plus may breath fire every 1d4+1 turns dealing 3d6 damage in a 5 foot cone.

20. Ultraviolet

Appearance: Lilac Colored Lampfolk
Temperament: Always excited to be a part of things
Goals: Learn about the world and have novel experiences
Abilities/Statistics: HD 2, Def 2, Dam 1d6, Move 12, Save 9 plus the abilities below

Iron Body
Ultraviolet does not have a corporeal body but instead is holy oil lit and stuffed in an iron lamp. This lantern extends downwards into a thin skeleton of iron. While the lamp light burns, she moves her skeleton like a man might move their body. If she reaches 0 HP, her iron skeleton breaks and her oil can no longer stay inside, it spills outwards and she can no longer do anything but burn. Unless someone is able to scoop her burning oil into a non-flammable container of some kind, her oil burns out. She snuffs out in 1 turn. Any competent metal worker can restore the iron suit for a price of 1d20+10 silver. Her iron suit can be picked up by anyone taking up 4 points of inventory.

Burning Soul
Ultraviolet's face shines (and functions) as a lantern. She does not need to eat, sleep, or drink. She only needs to buy lantern oil to keep herself burning (these function like rations). She can inflict 1d6 points of damage to herself to create a shimmering light which is  twice as bright as a torch (shedding light for 30 ft). She can also choose to throw this flame as a ranged attack which deals 6 - the number of turns the light has been burning points of damage. She have range of 10 feet for this throw.

Corpse Fill
Ultraviolet can shove her burning fuel body down the throat of a corpse and wear it like a costume. Her only limit on the kind of corpse you can wear like a costume is the original HD of the corpse. If there are more than 3 HD in a corpse then her essence is unable to coordinate itself successfully. While she is inside a corpse she still burns, fire emanates from every orifice and wound of the corpse. A corpse burns for 1 day per HD. The clumsiness of a corpse gives her a penalty of 2 to her defense score. A corpse worn in such a way has 1d8 HP per HD and any damage done to her is split between the corpse and her essence. Once a corpse has 0 hp it falls into pieces and cannot be worn any longer.

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