Tuesday, July 11, 2017

4d10 + 2d8 Natural Landmarks for Each Terrain Type / 56 Cosmetic Hex Fillings


1. A forest of thorny cactus grows amid the dry and arid plains here
2. Little blue mushrooms grow every-where here, as common as thistles in all seasons
3. A bleak and ruined castle menaces the surrounding country side, raised upon a singular pernicious cliff
4. Ruins of a once vast citadel now lie half buried in the ground with few cyclopean stoneworks still visible
5. A series of concentric rings have been created from numerous flat stones embedded in the ground
6. A great depression of shimmering gems reflects the suns rays in a prismatic spray
7. A series of statues stand abandoned and over grown with moss, alongside the ordered botany implies this once may have been a sanctum
8. What was once a massive castle with numerous sprawling spires now lies jagged and weird as if it were torn apart by a great beast
9. A tall aqueduct casts long shadows from the pillars that keep the parts of it that are still standing upright
10. A vast meteor crater has left a depression greater than a mile in diameter deep into the ground


1. Hidden in this forest are stands of huge mushrooms, their stalks as tall and thick as tree-trunks
2. A few vast spires of pale wood rise upwards as if the tentacles of some great octopus below the earth
3. A singular massive tree stands high, numerous talismans and charms sit nailed into it's thick and gnarly bark
4. There‘s a clearing here where, every full moon, creatures flock and fight to the death, their spilled blood has stained the earth red
5. An ancient amphitheater stands, it's stones covered by moss and shrubbery
6. Huge stone monoliths, covered in moss, jutting out of the ground like grasping fingers, swirling carvings cover their surface
7. Tremendous vines each as thick as a man spiral upwards elevating a series of stones as large as a house above the trees
8. A monumental gravestone stands surrounded by numerous trees, a singular figure is etched in profile holding a great sword in one hand and a crown in the other
9. A vast helix of opalesque stone towers over the trees, reflecting the sun softly
10.  A looming phosphorescent fungal growth larger than most houses dwarves the surrounding foliage and trees


1. The remains of a once great lake lays now desiccated, an empty cauldron of dust
2. What was once a vast dam has degraded into a series of ordered and arranged waterfalls
3. What was once a great arena is visible from numerous jagged cracks in it's roof, a singular platform stands flanked by stone seats
4. The blasted landscape before you bears signs of numerous struggles, portions of the earth still bear signs of war
5. A large mesa rises, its jagged edges ending in a singular flat platform close to the horizon
6. The remains of a once significant ziggurat rises towards the sky, geometric sigils easily seen upon its surfaces
7. A singular pillar of stone rises upwards covered in petroglyphs, its base 20 feet in diameter its zenith 100 feet high
8. A series of arranged and ordered columns now lies forgotten and displaced
9. Numerous hot springs smoke and billow up out of the warm earth here
10. A great roar echoes and then a vast pillar of boiling water explodes upwards in a geyser


1. A series of massive stone shards hang in the air as if they were suspended by threads from the sky
2. A vast waterfall roars, water falling hundreds of feet leaving a vast tumult of liquid below
3. A series of stone isle sit within a lake itself born into a vast caldera
4. A singular peak here rises, its entirety made out of quartz, a singular pale geometry amidst the other crags
5. The massive rock face here show veins of glittering blue-green gems that glow faintly in the dark
6. The clouds swirl constantly around a singular mountain peak, flashes of lightning and rolling rumble of thunder emanate from this permanent storm.
7. A waterfall of smoking lava falls from this mountain's cliffs
8. Gigantic bones, far bigger than any you've ever seen jut out from the cliffs here, few look human even if many sizes too large
9. A singular cracked glass construct in the shape of an eye is embedded in the side of the mountain
10. Numerous gaping holes riddle the cliffs here, each triple the diameter of a man's height


1. A vast stone bridge rises up out the mire here, it's foundation sunken at irregular intervals into the earth
2. The mire here blossoms with impossible flowers each beautiful but reeking of death
3. Stonework of what once may have been a great castle rises out of the bog here
4. Below the still waters of the bog a vast sinkhole can be seen leading into the bowels of the earth
5. A vast tar pit bubbles before you, it's stench unmistakable
6. Beneath the dark waters of this fen, a whole town, now abandoned, can be faintly seen
7. A solemn bell-tower of  numerous granite stones lays half-sunken into the grimy waters
8. Arranged at odd intervals, a field of gossamer orbs of glass appear as an attempted reconstruction of the starry sky


1. A once tall lighthouse stood here in ages past, now abandoned it's lens occasionally shines when filled by the sun's rays
2. A reef of dark coral growing on numerous obsidian stones slashes upwards through the waves like a cruel blade
3. A massive ship made of iron and stone lies in ruins and disarray, a sad monument to ages past
4. Numerous cascades of sandstone menace with their height but spill downwards into the sea which rages at them
5. The remains of what was once a great church lies half hidden by the waters here
6. A dormant volcano off the coast billows black smog upwards into the sky
7. The skeletons of over a dozen ships lie undisturbed underneath the waters here, the remains of a great naval battle
8. The beach here is incredibly pleasant, the sun shines warmly and the waters are crystal clear

Authors Note: These are more Coastal Landmarks than "Waters"

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