Wednesday, July 19, 2017

20 Villages and What Goes On Within Them

Art by Randy Asplund

A village appears on the hex-map as either being procedurally generated or when a lair encounter is rolled for a peasants wilderness encounter. Each village is a small sprawl of wooden buildings, rarely is there more than a single two story structure and it's either the village chieftain's house or a large church. A character may spend the night in a village for a rate of 5 silver per night.

1. Sloan - Rebellion against cruel deputies and sheriffs as well as a beauty pageant, the leader of the rebels is the one running the pageant.
2. Brusi - Amnesic Outlander (As encountering one in the Polite Lands).
3. Sandir - Complex of standing stones outside of town, runes upon them teach a spell (Solstafir on the bottom of the page).
4. Myrkir - Fishing contest in nearby lake (A random character who takes part must succeed a strength check of be pulled into the waters by a Giant Frog [Stats as Boar but can swim]{The giant frog is secretly a transformed noble maiden and simply wants to have company, can be dispelled with a kiss}).
5. Kveda - A gang of brigands has descended into the town and seeks to tax it (3d6+10 Bandits and 1 leader with 3 HD and plate armor).
6. Gaman - Village elders seek aide in ousting ruling chieftain by proving him senile.
7. Ellif - Hidden cult within the town worshiping She-Who-Hides-Behind-The-Stars. They are relatively nice people but the church would want them all dead if they have the chance.
8. Mein - Hermit on the outskirts hasn't been seen in weeks. He has been transformed into a tree in the nearby woods by an evil faerie and can only freed by offering a baby. The hermit's mind then enters the baby's.
9. Odasan - The vast majority of this town is deathly ill. They need medicine badly. Anyone spending the night here must save or contract a foul disease (Deals 1d2 damage to a randomly determined attribute).
10. Messa - Houses ruined and destroyed, no living soul left. Roll for a wilderness encounter check: that's what killed everyone.
11. Salem - From the nearby graveyard a corpse was stolen, instead it has animated to kill it's killers (1d4 men in the town).
12. Berborg - Bakery shop offers free pastries (They are delicious).
13. Skyrfela - Wedding occurs in a few days, woman to be married has many suitors who seek to ruin it (1d4+2 Stats as Bandits).
14. Wercheg - A mysterious man in a great coat of blue offers to sell you a "dragon's egg" for 300 silver. It's the size of a man's head, hatches in 1d20+10 days into a cockatrice.
15. Gamling - Numerous errant knights (1d6+3) have settled in here and are causing a great deal of trouble.
16. Skemtun - Fair is going on and many people frolic and enjoy themselves. Anyone who takes part loses 1d4 points of trauma and 1 random possession.
17. Veita - Brewery has been broken into and all of the beer has been drunk. Paranoia abounds.
18. Vald - Children keep going missing. 1 Hex away in a dark cave is the Child-Thief and 1d6 missing children and 1d4 sets of child bones.(Stats as Huldra plus children who hear his song must save or follow him into the woods.)
19. Ruvar - A bounty hunter (stats as Guard plus manacles) in this village begins pursuing a random character thinking they are the infamous blackguard Silbergeld.
20. Jayek - A sleeping bear, twice the size of other bears (Stats as Bear but with double the HP), lies slumbering in the center of the village. Villagers want it to leave so they can return to making loud sounds.

R: 50'
T: Area of [sum] by [sum] feet
D: [dice] + 1 rounds

Rays of soft light crystallize into a tangible fence which is transparent as glass but cannot be crossed through by living things.

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