Tuesday, June 27, 2017

36 Hidden Hex Landmarks

Instructions: Roll 2 d6's each a different color. Set 1 dice to be the first value and the other to be the second value. Their combinations determines what is hidden inside a hex as described below.

Art by Sam Bosma

1,1 Sunken ruins of a once great castle now fallen, many small and shivering crabs now loot the rubble to decorate their shells. There is a 1 in 6 chance of a crab crawling into a character's pack and wanting to be adopted as a pet.
1,2 A thin membrane of glowing translucent ruby spreads out from a black ring grown from several thick roots emerging, steam rises from the membrane. Anything put through the membrane disintegrates.
1,3 An emaciated corpse is hung high from a web of gold, both eyes gouged out long ago a vicious smile emerges from parted lips. If any characters have booze it animates and begs them for a taste. If offered booze it will offer to answer questions about a characters enemies,
1,4 A singular relic statue of a hooded figure stands above a thick ring of flame, half lit by the dancing fire in front of it. Anyone trying to cross the ring of flame has to save or catch fire.
1,5 A staggering brass automaton sits bowed low by time, empty green glass jars are embedded in the carapace of its back. No monsters will approach within 10 feet of the automaton. Anyone spending over a turn near the automaton must save or disease taking 1d4 points of constitution damage.
1,6 A withered and gaunt figure clad in a black cloak sits upon a hill of skulls. Fragile fingers embrace one such skull and the figure peers deep inside as if searching for something. He offers to teach spells out of the skull of wizards.
2,1 A red skinned giant with white flowing hair, a tree rising merely to his knee searches the land bestowing the title of coward and warrior to those he meets. If a character is dubbed a coward he loses 1d4 points of charisma permanently while if a character is dubbed a warrior he gains the ability to parry as a fighter.
2,2 A singular floating person, surrounded by a circle of white salt and melted wax glowing softly. If  the circle is disturbed then the person falls to the ground and immediately ages hundreds of years turning to dust.
2,3 A segmented and dry plain of rocks is littered with fissures and concentric pools of azure water. water within these pools acts as holy water.
2,4 A half-horse half-man omen reader sits high upon a snowy peak a staff in hand, icicles in her hair. She offers to tell the fortune to any character. If they accept the next 100 times they would roll a d20 they instead go through the numbers on this list. (They can see the list and cross the top one out instead of rolling using that number as if they had rolled it)
2,5 A sleeping man sits in an alcove proximal to many hourglasses. He will speak to characters who wake him saying "In my dreams I hear the voices of my future selves who have died in times yet to come. I use that knowledge to avoid those dark futures and continue my search for peace. Please join me in slumber" Characters who sleep nearby each lose a point of trauma.
2,6 A simple silver key with a blue and white bauble in it's hilt. It can be turned to fly into the sky. If a character turns it they disappear.
3,1 A giant wicker-man constructed from dead wood and clad in moss, electricity crackles at it's joints. Anyone touching the wicker-man takes 1d6 points of damage as electricity enters their body and they have a points taken from the damage in 6 chance of automatically reducing the enxt lethal wound they take.
3,2 A cloaked figure with a wooden face and small burning eyes of white flame opens his cloak and offers knives made out of mirrors for sale for 1d4 points of wisdom. If such a knife is used to kill someone, their corpse disappears into the blade and it shatters.
3,3 Vast skeletons of monstrous serpents each now petrified are part of the landscape.
3,4 The shadows of a council on angels mark this place, the shadows remain but there are no figures to cast them.
3,5 The remains of a large ship lies broken upon the rocks here. Skeletons of sailors lie undisturbed
3,6 A leaf twice the size of a man lies here, slowly rotting.
4,1 A vast floating eye appears to hover in the distance, bloodshot and unblinking it simply watches from the sky. Characters who stare at it take 1d6 points of trauma and they have a trauma points taken from the eye in 6 chance of removing one of their own eyes and still seeing out of it.
4,2 A great flame burns here unending, a conflagration of heat rather than smoke. Anything that is lit by this fire continues to burn and is unable to be put out until it turns to ash.
4,3 A series of free standing planes of stones along a windswept plain, the air here seems dismal and sad.
4,4 A carved totem of two heads joined at the neck rises high, carved out of red stone it contrasts will all else nearby.
4,5 17 Pillars with a tapered base rise above the fungal fields here, it slowly rise high upon each pillar
4,6 Large carved heads of granite menace from the cliff-face, each has a maw of many teeth and what looks as blood spills from their maw.
5,1 A vast tree in the shape of a crossed-legged man sits and waits, it opens it's mouth and speaks slowly repeating a slow chant in an ancient language.
5,2 A gold and lead sundial stands massive in this valley. The shadow casting pyramid razor sharp.
5,3 The remains of a automaton once used for warfare lies in a state of disrepair, it's many limbs once eager to rend and ruin.
5,4 A field of wheat grows here, fair and pure and untouched from all else.
5,5 The clouds above here form spirals and sigils as it a great maze rises above here. If one studies the sigils in the clouds here (taking 20-intelligence score days) they take 1d8+1 points of trauma and gain the ability to climb rain as if it were a ladder.
5,6 The crater of a massive meteor is here still steaming a shining stone rests in it's center. Any weapon forged from the shining stone in it's center can be commanded to emit light to a 10 foot radius.
6,1 A vast and towering mushroom stands above the trees here, a series of many spore-mounds and wide caps rising above the ground.
6,2 What was once a man lies in the ground the entire left side turned to a black oil, half of a face locked in a scream. Anyone touching the oil must save or die.
6,3 Upon the ruined tower lies the massive corpse of a giant spider, it's swollen abdomen as wide as the tower itself.
6,4 A long abandoned blazing fire roars next to a anvil, three spears stand embedded in the earth next to it. If one is taken it deals 1d6 damage but if a 6 is rolled the target catches on fire.
6,5 A great iron wrought portal stands long abandoned here, the ripples of the power it once contained etched in the nearby landscape.
6,6 Two massive white wings are encased in a massive amber ingot. The amber ingot takes up 300 inventory slots and can be sold for 2000 silver in any city. 1 week after the the amber ingot is sold it is broken down to unleash the wings and now someone somewhere can fly. This displeases those above the clouds and there is a 1 in 6 chance of them declaring war on that city.


  1. 1,1, 2,5, and 4,3 seem very interesting. 3,3 is too damn spooky for me.

  2. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing!